Bai JUGANG’s wife drives a luxury car and her abdomen bulges. She is suspected to be pregnant

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Bai Jigang received a lot of attention when he joined his brother who was cutting through difficulties. At that time, it was revealed that Bai Jigang had long been secretly married. After the end of the program, Bai Jigang also generously disclosed the fact that he was married to everyone, and also took a sweet back photo with his wife. Bai JUGANG’s wife drives a luxury car. The woman’s abdomen bulges and tastes pregnant. It is suspected that she is pregnant. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Bai JUGANG’s wife drives a luxury car

Recently, the gossip media photographed Bai Jigang’s wife. On that day, she dressed very low-key, wearing a very loose dress, wearing flat shoes and carrying a black bag. However, the woman did not wear makeup that day, and she was in a state of plain face. Bai JUGANG’s wife drove out in a luxury car and went to a beverage store to buy drinks. After that, I washed my mobile phone and drank a drink outside the store. It looked very comfortable.

However, Bai Jigang’s wife’s belly is obviously swollen. The whole person looks a little heavier than the body shape in the photos that Bai Jigang exposed at the beginning. When the woman was drinking outside the shop, a smoking man suddenly came to her. The woman immediately turned around and left. It seemed that she was afraid of smoking second-hand smoke. From the reaction of Bai Jigang’s wife and her figure, it should be that she is pregnant.

Bai Jigang’s wife is suspected to be pregnant

On January 8 this year, Bai Jigang issued a long official announcement that he was married. There had been no official announcement before. The sudden official announcement also made everyone guess whether the woman was pregnant. Although Bai did not admit that his wife was pregnant, many netizens have left messages to congratulate Bai on his social platform. I also hope to see the good news from Bai Jigang and his wife as soon as possible. If the woman is really pregnant, I really feel happy for them.

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