Bai Yu, Liu Mengmeng breaks up with Bai Yu, why does Liu Mengmeng break up

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When it comes to long-distance running relationships in the entertainment industry, many people think of Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng. The two people have been dating for a long time. I thought they would get married, but I didn’t expect to break up. Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng broke up with each other. Everyone was also curious about the lovers who had been dating for so long. Why did they break up? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Bai Yu, Liu Mengmeng, breaking up with the hammer

Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng met in 2014 because of their cooperation in diaosi diary, and they had a relationship in 2016. It was not until 2017 that Bai Yu was photographed sleeping at Liu Mengmeng’s house that this love affair was regarded as a stone hammer. It’s a pity that the two have not responded positively to the relationship, and they have always been very low-key. But the gourd eaters all know that Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng are communicating.

However, last year, it was reported that Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng had broken up. It was even said that Liu Mengmeng had left Bai Yu’s house with her luggage. The two broke up completely this time. Later, the media broke the news that liumengmeng had already dated a new boyfriend, and they had a very good relationship with the new boyfriend and were likely to get married, so it was impossible for liumengmeng and Bai Yu to get back together. Therefore, everyone feels that Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng have been hammered by a stone. It’s just a pity that this relationship, which has lasted for seven years, has not spent the past seven-year itch after all.

Why did Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng break up

As for the reason why Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng broke up, it is said that Liu Mengmeng wanted to get married. After all, she is not young. Liumengmeng was born in 1990. She was 31 years old last year. Her acting career has not developed very well. She must get married and have children with Bai Yu as soon as possible and grasp the marriage. However, Bai Yu, who was also born in 1990, is still in the period of career rise and transformation. He still hopes to put aside the marriage first. But liumengmeng didn’t want to wait any longer, so she chose to break up.

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