Bao Zhongtang’s “doomsday”!

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Original: Shen Peng source official account: heihara childe has been authorized to reprint

Boris Not long ago, Johnson had to compete with Putin in chest muscles at the G7 summit.

Not long ago, he was shouting “never give up Hong Kong”.

Now, he will soon be abandoned by the British government and the opposition.

On July 7, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed to resign as prime minister.


I still remember those guys who blew the golden hair into Churchill in the previous paragraph.

What is the power to resist Russia, rush to Ukraine, deter East Asia, manoeuvre, magic tricks Just like the leader of the free world, his charm is far better than that of old Bden. As a result, old Bden is still performing on the stage. The big one is coming, and the golden hair is going to go away. This is not abandoned by the British people, and the British people have no right to choose politicians. It is actually the entire British bureaucracy that abandons him.


This product is so stupid that none of us can see it anymore.

The trigger for this was Johnson’s appointment of Christopher As a vice whip, since Ping Che molested two men, everyone found that Johnson and his friends were scum level In fact, his bad conduct, bad morality and improper employment are not big problems. His biggest problem is that he is not suitable to be prime minister and to run this crumbling “empire”. The zhengmi flag has been fed up with this stupid X. within one day, at least 16 ministers announced their resignations, setting a new record in British history, and all the ministers of health and finance in key positions were put down Not only the ministers quit, but also many vice ministers and senior officials have left, with a total of more than 40. Do you think this is a “personal grudge”? This is a long planned “coup”.


In fact, Britain has its own political logic, which is written as “offshore balance” and read as “excrement stirring stick”. In the history of Britain, no matter strong or weak, it has never been firmly bound to the chariot of a certain camp. In the history of the real Britain, it is not just the running dog of the North American villain. Britain can collude with the Nazis, or give Stalin a sword, shout “My Hero”, or turn its face and deliver an iron curtain speech ruthlessly, Start the “cold war” directly This is the style of shit stirring stick.


The above kind is called “politician”, and the Johnson kind is called performance art silly X!

In the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Britain’s assistance to Ukraine is second only to the United States At present, the UK has provided Ukraine with a total value of $1.5 billion in aid and more than £ 100million (about $120million) in direct support through multilateral loan guarantees. Before May, Britain had provided 450million pounds of military assistance to Ukraine, including thousands of light anti tank missiles, five air defense missile systems with more than 100 missiles and 4.5 tons of explosives. Recently, Britain also promised to provide Ukraine with transfer armored vehicles, anti-ship missiles and air defense systems. On July 4, Britain will also support the “Ukrainian reconstruction package”.

Just when Johnson visited Ukraine and made love with Zelensky, it was the time when the epidemic situation in Britain was once again serious. As a result, this golden hair attended Whitehall cocktail parties for many times, openly opposed the prevention and control measures, and said, “I would rather see a mountain of corpses than block it again!”

Britain’s own economy is in a mess, and it has to sell its kidney to help Ukraine. Since 2022, the inflation level in Britain has been rising, reaching 9%, the highest level in 40 years. Rising prices have led to a serious cost of living crisis. At present, British inflation is very serious, and the prices of cheap goods in many supermarkets have soared by 50%. In particular, the price of spaghetti, the favorite food of the British, has also increased by 50%. In addition, the prices of bread, beef, rice and French fries also soared by 15%. According to the statistics of relevant departments, in May, the price of British retail goods rose by 2.8% year-on-year, the highest record since 2011; Food prices in Britain have risen to the highest level in 30 years, which is more serious than some countries in the European continent. So Johnson called on the British people to “eat less meat to lose weight”.

Britain is also facing the separation of the Commonwealth and its own secession crisis. Scotland is about to hold its second independence referendum next year to break away from British rule. In fact, in May last year, the National Party, which advocated independence, won the Scottish parliamentary election. After winning the position of chief minister of Scotland, the National Party announced that it would promote the “Scottish independence referendum” in the next two years Under such circumstances, Johnson also boasted that “Britain will not give up Hong Kong”.


What “the British Empire” has long been a historical term. You know, Britain doesn’t even have a fleet that can be used. Since 2016, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force have not been equipped with even one anti-ship missile. Because the old missiles have been retired and the new ones have not been equipped, the missile empty window period was originally expected to end in 2022, but due to insufficient funds, it will continue until 2025 To put it mildly, now a 055 can destroy all British fleets. At this level, it dares to shout with China every day. Johnson has been in power for so many years, and the British Empire has not solved any industrial, food, energy and military problems. Instead, he is increasingly dependent on the United States. Can you say that he is a qualified politician?


Boris Johnson’s actions, the old aristocrats of the zhengmi banner, can’t stand it. In the past few years when he was in power, independent Britain almost didn’t exist, but completely became the echo of the United States, pawns, licking dogs. Domestic and diplomatic affairs are completely aesthetic and firm. The United States said to sanction China, the United States said to confront Russia, the United States said to aid Ukraine, and the British tightened their belts to help Ukraine Britain is an imperialist robber older than the United States. It is the ancestor of the “excrement stirring stick”. When did it become the licking dog, blood bag and big enemy of the United States?


Does he really think of himself as Churchill and want to start a “new cold war”? In fact, he didn’t even think about it, just fooling around.

Johnson seems to be the British Prime Minister, but he is actually the governor of the United States in Great Britain. When trump was in office, he was Trump’s younger brother. When Biden was president of the United States, he was Biden’s loyal servant



From the perspective of Britain, Britain could have become a bridge between the East and the West. As an offshore balancer and a dancer who coordinates all parties, Johnson’s Anglo Saxon bandits couldn’t help themselves. The Crusader spirit was on his mind. He had to tie his country to others’ wheels. If he bet the wrong money, it would be doomed.

Bao Zhongtang’s domestic and foreign affairs seem to be “tough”, but it is nothing more than measuring Britain’s material resources and pleasing the United States.

In this period, Japan can do it, South Korea can do it, and Britain can also do it with a shy face. When a dog, he has to squeeze his head and bleed. Isn’t it too curly?

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