Barjindo’s death game!

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Author: ye Lihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Most comrades have only one way to get in touch with power struggle, that is, TV dramas. If they have to add one, it is popular novels. Therefore, the understanding of power struggle is often peaceful, childish and fantasy.

There are not many descriptions involving the real power struggle in popular novels. The typical one is “the Water Margin”, which is also labeled as a big hat, violent and bloody. If it is a TV series, it is basically peaceful to the end, or change the office politics in life into a big word. Just do it like this, and broadcast it as if it is a power struggle.

It’s not good. It’s not that such a peaceful approach is bad. It’s good. The problem is that if the real situation can be so, it’s better. But is the real situation so?

Not as good as this.

So TV dramas and popular novels make people lame.

That’s why I want to say that this is not good.

The first big problem in running a company and politics is the definition of victory and defeat

The power struggle is completely different.

Office politics defines victory or defeat, regardless of strategy and tactics. The party who makes money is victory, and failure is failure.

Power struggle defines victory or defeat. No matter how much money you make or lose, the party who achieves the strategic and tactical goals is victory, and failure to achieve it is failure.

There is no problem with different standards. The problem is that the standards have their own application. If they are used in the wrong place, they will win the economic account and finally lose the full set. To put it more recently, it is like the Americans withdrawing from Afghanistan, winning the economic account and giving up the geopolitical account.

Geography is still there. Although the United States loses its economic account, it wins its political account. With the U.S. military in Afghanistan, the five Central Asian countries can only rely on the protection of Russia, and China cannot go out of Central Asia. The purpose of containment is achieved.

Far away, the Ming Dynasty opened up the southwest and changed the land to flow. At that time, countless investments were made, and it was a loss to calculate the economic account. However, the geography of the southwest was in hand, and geographically won. Under the oppression of the southwest garrison of the Ming Dynasty, Southeast Asia could not have a unified dynasty, and the General Ledger was still profitable.

The second big problem of office politics is that neither party has any means other than legal means to solve the problem. Once it rises to the point of solving the problem by legal means, the face of several parties will be torn.

Office politics is mostly within the framework of the law, even within the framework of rules and regulations, mainly because each party counts one, and does not master the violence machine, so it is often possible to engage in a small circle and conspiracy. The cost is relatively small.

For example, in office politics, informants will not have a big problem. At most, they will be unemployed, but they can find a job after they are unemployed. Therefore, this is the root cause of the rampant small reports in the office.

When fighting for power, what will happen to informers? Cao Cao’s men wrote a letter to Yuan Shao. Cao Cao won the war, but he had to restrain the people’s hearts and set fire to the letter of goodwill. This is because Cao Cao also had to deal with the four prefectures of Hebei, so he couldn’t disperse his people’s hearts.

Once the final result is decided, if the informer’s original camp wins temporarily, such as Hongmen banquet, the original purpose of Xiangyu camp is to kill Liu Bang. Liu Bang is not dead, and runs back. This is that Xiangyu Group has not achieved its political purpose, and Liu Bang Group has achieved its political purpose. In Hongmen banquet, the informer Cao Wushang will die.

If the party who listened to the informant’s Secret won, such as the battle of Wu Chao, Yuan Shao’s purpose was to defeat Cao Cao. Instead, Cao Cao listened to the informant Xu you and burned Wu Chao and won Yuan Shao. Xu you is delicious and delicious.

It’s not enough to snitch in the power struggle, and there are few times to plot. You have a violent machine, so you don’t need to plot. You don’t have a violent machine, so what’s the use of plotting? Shi Changshi can kill He Jin, and then?

Did the eighth colonel of Xiyuan come in awe inspiring to talk about the law with them after he learned of the plot of Shi Changshi?

There are violent machines in hand, and direct action is the best.

Power struggle is rarely solved with legal weapons. How did Epstein die? What about Kennedy?

Do you think politicians will do business with you if you hold the rules?

Is not the Russian rich without the endorsement of the Russian army a dog who has lost his home on the streets of London?

Private property is sacred. Who told their Russian billionaires this? I don’t know what they are talking about. What is sacred?

The wind is too strong to hear.

Some people hold the rules, power shapes the rules, and hold the rules in their hands, which has affected the global geopolitical pattern. Once again, there is not even a division.

We have been living in the jungle world. We have never been far away from the jungle. Suddenly, someone jumped out and tried to add a little influence from the civilized world to the jungle.

Who gave him confidence?

All those who play with the jungle will end up being devoured by the jungle.

Naive baljindo, holding a book “social contract theory”, entered the jungle world of power.

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