BBQ incident 2 | in the face of black and evil forces, it is shameless to accuse the people of inaction!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

Behind the beating incident at Tangshan barbecue shop, among the principal criminals, Liu Tao and Chen Jizhi, for example, had a foot thick case record.

For example, Liu Tao and Chen Jizhi deliberately injured and illegally detained on December 12, 2015, until Liu Tao was arrested in March 2018, and Chen Jizhi fled again; For another three years, the two men were still happy in Tangshan.

On february4,2017, Liu Tao drove Chen Jizhi’s car, creating a record of one car hitting eight cars in Tangshan City, and abandoned the car after the accident.

Later, Chen Jizhi, who was on the run, swaggered into the traffic control team and Tangshan intermediate court to deal with traffic accidents as a wanted person.

On March 31, 2019, the Tangshan intermediate people’s court made a judgment. Liu Tao voluntarily pleaded guilty in court and was given a lighter punishment. He was sentenced to two years and another month of fixed-term imprisonment, that is, he could be released from prison after serving another year at most.

Moreover, with Liu Tao taking the blame, Chen Jizhi will not be punished

After reading this, you can understand why the black and evil forces said so arrogantly in the materials reported by the cake shop owner yesterday:

You can find a lawyer, a court, or a newspaper

I’ll see you again and hit you again.

So, after reading these, you can see why the five tigers of Tangshan were so ruthless that they ran to death when they attacked people.

In such a state, many people accuse the common people of inaction and dare not stand up?

Can such remarks be more shameless?

Will the common people organize the anti – Mafia and anti – evil work in Tangshan?

Why do people dare not stand up?

I made it very clear yesterday that according to the current law, the consequences of stepping forward are likely to be to win in prison and lose in hospital.

Don’t come forward because the cost of being a good person is too high.

So high that many people dare not bear it!

The corresponding, very helpless, is that the cost of being a bad person is too low;

The police told the cake shop owner that there was nothing they could do

no way out?

Is it the inaction of the relevant departments, or is it possible that there is an umbrella, and in this case, you blame the people?

Why are the people who are victims unwilling to take risks and costs when they do not do what they should?


The black and evil forces have committed many crimes, but they can be unscrupulous;

If the common people step forward, they will pay a heavy price

In the face of the organized crime committed by 9 people, if I want to win them, I also want to organize a group of people. If I do, will I also become a black and evil force?

Just as I wrote about the American shootings, especially the recent Texas shootings, so many American people gathered at the gate of the campus and dared not go in, would I write:

There is no man in America!

American men are all counsellors!

I won’t write because the source of this matter is that the American Rifle Association collaborated with relevant departments for the sake of interests, which led to repeated prohibition of guns in the United States, and finally formed such soil.

What’s more, dozens of heavily armed American policemen strolled around the gate of the campus and watched the thugs massacre primary school students without doing anything. In such a state, who would be stupid enough not to blame the American police for blaming the masses?

On our side, the cost of being courageous is very high, or the relevant departments do not encourage it.

That is to say, the common people have given up their right to act courageously, which requires relevant departments to take responsibility

Alas, the common people dare not act bravely. If some local departments do not take responsibility, the consequences will be very serious.

In yesterday’s article, many people accused me of teaching the readers badly. Let me ask you something:

In the case of Tangshan barbecue shop, will you encourage your children to come forward and fight the black and evil forces at the risk of imprisonment, hospitalization or even death?

Touch your heart and ask if you can, dare you?

I don’t know if you will, but I won’t. since I can’t teach my children to stand up, I have no face to ask my readers to stand up.

If I did, I would not be stupid, but pure bad.

Although I’m not a good person, I can’t be a bad person.

I have seen some people say that Chinese men have no blood. I am very angry. I never doubt that the Chinese nation is a fighting nation. No one will advise on the battlefield.

What is the root cause of such a thing? Do you not understand, or do you pretend to be confused?

But I have also written that it is easy to oppose the United States, and it is really difficult to oppose the Mafia.

I may not dare to fight against the black and evil forces. I dare not. I will write my true thoughts.

But if one day the country is faced with war, such as the war between China and the United States, I will certainly go to the battlefield and will not counsele. I believe that the vast majority of Chinese men are the same;

But why do you dare not fight against the black and evil forces when you are not afraid of death on the battlefield?

Because if you are a hero on the battlefield, the country will protect you and recognize your courage and glory.

Who will protect you against the evil forces?

Or who does it protect?

I won’t say more, but the article will disappear

I often write at the end of my articles:

I am a bad potato. Although I am not a good person, I will try to be a good person

In fact, everyone wants to be a good person, but often, the cost of being a good person is relatively high. Just as you want to pay the old lady for your kindness, you must be mentally prepared to pay the cost of kindness.

Why is the cost high?

I don’t know either……..

One day when I am willing to pay this cost, I will say that I am a good man.

But although I am not a good person, I will never be a bad person.

Finally, for the barbecue shop incident, we not only need to see the mob subdue the law, but also need an answer:

Why can these evil forces run rampant? Why can bad people drive luxury cars to get rich unscrupulously?

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