be struck dumb! The former director general of Yunnan education set up a party with the “purpose” of restoring the Republic of China and following the United States- What happened to our cultural front?

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Author: zhouxiaoping from official account: Pingju (zg5201949)

Preface: luochongmin, the former director of Education Department of Yunnan Province, became angry these days because he publicly insulted Quyuan on the Dragon Boat Festival and tried to separate the Dragon Boat Festival from the commemoration of Quyuan in culture, which aroused the anger of netizens. With the continuous digging of netizens, more and more problems of director Luo were exposed, including insulting revolutionary martyrs and stigmatizing martyrs as “instigating suicide”. Such people were promoted all the way to the position of chief Education officer, It’s really puzzling.

Moreover, luochongmin has also held important posts such as NPC deputy and state inspector (dismissed). What is even more astonishing is that director general Luo has also established another party on online social media, which is called symbiosis party, with the pursuit of restoring the Republic of China and following the United States as the party constitution. As a Communist Party member and state cadre at that time, this kind of behavior should be regarded as betrayal and crime, right? Today, luochongmin still enjoys the treatment of national retired cadres (department level), and continues to be active in the cultural and educational circles in the name of “national supervisor” in his own publicity materials. He can still continue to receive invitations and popularity from all over the world.

When luochongmin publicly founded the “symbiosis party” in 2020, he wrote down his “party constitution” symbiosis declaration. In this declaration, he clearly stated that nationalism and nationalism are wrong and the source of poison, dictatorship, tyranny, war, bloodshed and disaster. Therefore, it is necessary to educate young people to abandon nationalism, abandon nationalism, overthrow national heroes and overthrow patriotism. At the same time, in this declaration, He also made it clear that the United States is the one that truly owns the concepts of freedom, democracy, justice, peace and happiness. The period closest to freedom, democracy, justice, peace and happiness in China is the period of the Republic of China. Therefore, he regarded restoring the Republic of China and following the United States as his party’s goal and purpose.

His declaration clearly divides the world into three levels. The first is the “European and American countries” that have achieved “comprehensive people-oriented”, the second is the “capitalist countries” that are still in the state of free market competition, that is, most countries in the world, and the last is China, which is the most primitive and has “central and state-owned enterprises”. What will such people do to Chinese education? as one can imagine.

Director Luo’s confusion of thinking and wonderful logic are shocking. It’s hard to believe that this is a normal human being. However, such a person is not a mental illness, but a senior member of the party who holds educational resources. This is the most terrible. Director Luo’s logic and blind worship of Europe and the United States are not deep enough, even described as “kneeling and licking”. It is almost difficult for normal people to understand how his slave like personality and reverse thinking came into being.


However, as a professional who has long studied the struggle in the field of ideology, I still believe that this kind of thing is not surprising, and even inevitable. If you know what the CIA has been doing over the years, it is not difficult to understand why there are so many mindless colonists who worship the spirit of the Republic of China and Europe and the United States.

When did the United States launch the Cultural Cold War, launch the cultural colonization movement by controlling all media tools, and attack other countries’ “basic national policies” through ideology? The answer may be beyond many people’s imagination. It is not the 1990s, nor the 1980s, nor the 1970s, but April 16, 1945!

That is to say, on the day after the Soviet army invaded Germany, the national strategic organs of the United States began to operate at a high speed and put forward a new war mode under the balance of nuclear weapons. The predecessor of the organization responsible for implementing these “cold war plans” was the “Congress of cultural freedom” (the Congress was actually subordinate to OPC and was active from 1950 to 1967). Its direct leader was CIA agent Michael, Josson. They have carried out centralized packaging, award and platform support for the cultural and artistic people they have contacted since 1947, set up offices in 35 European and American countries, and controlled and operated many television stations, newspapers, magazines, music awards, Literature Awards and Art Awards that later resounded around the world with huge funds and information networks. And connect the outstanding among them directly with the “Ivy League” so as to form a good superior subordinate and subordinate service relationship. As for the inevitability of future war from conventional weapons war to ideological and cultural war, William, the supreme head of us wartime intelligence agency and the great master of American Cultural Cold War Donovan made an incisive statement:

“In the era of the atomic bomb, an all-out war is doomed to be difficult to carry out, so we and the enemy can only subdue the enemy through a peaceful” cold war. ” [America] William Donovan


These selected American cultural and artistic figures will no longer be cultural and artistic practitioners, but cold war weapons and cold war shells under the new American war mode, and human weapons in the field of culture and ideology. Later, this cold war organ continued to expand and develop, continuously established new NGOs, invested new national resources, and gradually developed into a transnational cultural colonial institution controlling global culture, art and ideology in the process of knocking down and devouring the Soviet Union. With its own comprador and agent for cultural colonization, the United States can launch a Cultural Cold War and thus subvert a country.

If we compare a country to a supercomputer, there are two ways to destroy the country (supercomputer). The first is physical destruction, using bombs, gasoline bombs and bullets, while the other is to destroy it through viruses and Trojans. There is no doubt that the latter method is not only cheaper, more hidden, but also more effective!


Frankly speaking, in the process of studying the cold war of American culture, I often feel very envious. I envy the United States for opening and building the largest and most terrifying cultural war machine in human history with amazing agility, unimaginable executive power and national machine mobilization ability so many years ago. Until 2022, the gap between countries like China and Russia in global cultural influence is still the difference between small wooden ships and aircraft carriers compared with the United States, whose industrial strength is declining rapidly.

People like luochongmin are just one of the representative works of the cold war of American culture. People like luochongmin are just one of thousands of cultural colonists and compradors. Over the past decades, they have skillfully spread Western cultural colonial ideas, skillfully publicized the supremacy of foreigners, skillfully vilified and dwarfed the nation in literature, advertising, textbooks, youth books, films and newspapers Blackened, cleverly slandered national heroes, attacked patriotism, vilified nationalism, publicized contradictions between men and women, regional contradictions, provoked opposition among the masses, and always cooperated with the US and the West in their siege and suppression of China in the field of public opinion.

In fact, long before the United States, the late British writer Disraeli made an astonishing prediction about the terrible prospect of this new cultural cold war. He said: “the power of a book may be no less than a battle.”—— In the following days, the author will lead readers to witness with their own eyes the destructive power of a book, a newspaper, a play, a film and an Internet rumor, and even directly affect the rise and fall of the country and the survival of civilization.


One of the main designers of the Marshall Plan of the United States, diplomat George Cannan published a famous article called “X” in foreign affairs. He put forward: “we must have a permanent and absolute force to carry out political propaganda”. In 1947, Cannan formally put forward at the National Military Academy: “the necessary lies are an important part of the post-war diplomacy of the United States.” Then, on December 19, 1947, President Truman of the United States issued the supreme order code named nsc-4*, and George W Cannan’s amazing idea finally began to be officially launched. The United States, as the largest industrial country after the war, embarked on the road of dominating the commanding heights of global culture and ideology.

In 1948, George W Cannan personally led and wrote a top secret document (decrypted) code named nsc-10/2, which is a refinement of nsc-4* document. This document can be said to be a collection of vicious means such as lies and subversion. It has only one goal, that is, to eliminate all potential opponents of the United States in a peaceful way, all other cultures different from the American culture, and other civilizations different from the American civilization. Nsc-4* is the program of action and nsc-10/2 is the deployment of war. Since then, the Cultural Cold War of the United States against other civilizations in the world has been launched.

Nsc-4* documents include brainwashing, seduction, instigation and misleading of cultural, art and media practitioners in other cultures and other belief groups in other countries, so that they can act and spread ideology and cultural viruses according to the intentions and directions of the American Cold War designers. At the same time, they also include specific guidance for subordinate agencies and members on how to dismantle, slander, spread rumors, divide and overhead other countries and civilizations.


So today, the biggest crisis we are facing is that, under the cultural war conspiracy and trap carefully designed by the CIA, we are gradually losing the cultural bottom line. Not only do we begin to blur the boundaries in the fields of solar terms, textures, architecture and clothing, but also we begin to fall back in writing, pronunciation, customs and habits. This is a crisis that has never been faced by the inheritance of Chinese civilization for 5000 years. Even when Mobei cavalry went south to kill three people and kill ten people, we never faced such a cultural crisis of survival. Both the Yuan Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty came to convert and take over the inheritance and orthodoxy of the Chinese civilization that has spread for 5000 years, but the United States is here to destroy our essence of civilization.

In the past 5000 years, we have faced regime change and war crisis at most, but we have never faced threats in the fields of writing, culture and art.

However, this new threat is coming. The global cold war machine, which has been laid out and cultivated by the United States for 72 years, is already at the foot of the city, and it is rising in smoke on the invisible cultural battlefield. Have you found that there are more and more stories about western values in countless children’s and children’s books, and the foreign children in the stories of modern books are all positive images, while the Chinese children are all negative roles? Have you found that those who write the worst and stupidest about Chinese people can often be rewarded for their meritorious service in the west? Have you found that the things that convey our own values are always spoiled and suppressed? Have you ever found that the memorial stone tablets that appeared at the national memorial ceremony have no shape inherited for thousands of years, but are being changed more and more like a cross? Have you found that no country except China will let its children learn the mother tongue of other countries from dolls?


Have you found that more and more social groups are being incited by the extremes of “female fist”, “animal protection” and “environmental protection”? Have you found that Nestle is trying to control the production standards of agricultural products in China? This situation is also very common in other industries. The purpose of controlling standards is to suppress national brands and keep you at the lowest end of the cultural industry chain forever. Have you found that network resources are becoming more and more monopolized, and you can only see what others want you to see when you open a lot of software? Have you found that an independent social case has been amplified into a whole social phenomenon more and more frequently? Have you ever found that American automobile brands have chosen Luo Taijun, who kneels and licks the Japanese and curses that the Chinese are all inferior people from**? Have you found that the joint venture automobile brand company has also openly chosen the online public spokesperson based on the Anti China Meimei standard?

What is more frightening is that for those who have won such awards abroad, we have to follow suit and give them another round of awards at home? Have you found that Chinese men have disappeared from big brand advertisements. In more and more fashion, online advertisements and promotional films, it is basically white or even black men matching Chinese women. This is not a part of the plan to eliminate and change species. What is it? Have you found that many scholars and star artists who have won the western culture and art awards have something that makes you very disgusted and uncomfortable? They either illegally cut leeks through the rat barn in the stock market, or hand knives to the west, or become promoters of European and American brand IQ tax, or simply humiliate the Chinese people into the world’s most stupid and stupid race with a pen.


So the luochongmin problem and the black textbook problem are really just the tip of the iceberg. Any long-standing problem in the field of cultural colonization above will only be more serious than the black textbook and luochongmin. Please remember that the cold war is not an all-round confrontation, nor is it a geopolitical friction, nor is it an economic and trade dispute. The cold war is a cultural war. It is a naked new type of war. The cold war is a subversive war under the conditions of new weapons. The Cultural Cold War is a huge cultural war machine established, deployed and commanded by the CIA, supported by the national military academy, the Ivy League and the top academic institutions, and specifically planned and implemented by OPC. We must be soberly aware of this and respond and counterattack with the same war posture.

Only by building a modern army can we win a modern war, and only by establishing a modern cultural army can we win a modern cultural war. If China does not set up a special department of ideology, it will certainly be unable to cope with and win this new modern war.

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