be vigilant! The United States is accelerating towards fascism!

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Author: Xia Feijun source: feijunsixianghui (ID: feijunsixianghui)

Today’s article corrects a cognitive misunderstanding. Many people think that the United States began to fascise only in recent years because of the impact of the epidemic, the economic downturn, and the decline of national fortune. In fact, it is not true. The United States has always been a fascist country, and even Hitler admired and worshipped it. The admiration of the Nazis for the United States is actually the admiration of fascist schoolchildren for fascist masters.

When did the United States become fascist? What are its fascist characteristics? What should we do in the face of such a country?


Let’s go back to the root first.

The word fascism originally refers to the instruments of torture carried by the law enforcement officers of the Senate in ancient Rome. The highest law enforcement officer in ancient Rome was accompanied by 12 guards, each holding a bundle of sticks. A battle axe was inserted in the middle of the bundle, which symbolized the supreme power of Rome. The stick is used to whip the prisoners, and the axe is used to carry out the death penalty. This kind of “bundle stick”, which is bound in a bundle, is read as “fascism” in Latin.

Its symbolic significance is very obvious, that is, a high degree of unified will and violent authority.

The statue of Washington in the U.S. Congress is also holding a fascist baton:

Lincoln Memorial Hall, the armrest of Lincoln’s seat, is also two bundles of fascist bars:

In the lobby of the US Congress, the right side of the national flag is also a fascist baton:

This is the badge of the United States Senate. In the red circle below is two crossed Fascists:

In fact, the accurate translation of the United States Senate should not be the Senate, but the Senate. The Senate is Senate, and the Senate in ancient Rome is senatus. The root of the word is exactly the same.

As the saying goes, the separation of powers is just a fairy tale. The bundle of fascist batons is the prototype of the United States.


The above pictures give us a preliminary understanding of the origin of American fascism. Let’s take a deeper look at the essence of American fascism.

When we understand the word fascism, we should jump out and look at it. We should not talk about vocabulary.

The so-called fascism is neither Nazi nor Mussolini. Fascism refers to a highly militarized state power and social organization, a highly tense and deliberately maintained quasi war state; Its internal consensus, economic development and benefit distribution all depend heavily on the dividends brought by the victory of foreign wars.

In fact, when facing conflicts and wars, most societies will change to militarization. This is very normal. After the war is over, they will return to normal and live a normal life. What should they do. Unlike the fascist regime, whether there is war or not, it keeps the whole society militarized. In order to maintain a high degree of militarization, it also forcibly seeks and even invents enemies. Militarization has become an end rather than a means.

The characteristic of fascist countries is to militarize general issues and all issues. They are extremely keen and good at simplifying complex political and economic issues into military issues. They want to fight if they have the conditions, and they want to fight if they do not have the conditions!

All of the above can be matched with the United States one by one.

From the very beginning, the United States was a fascist country, but after the cold war, it was whitewashed and erected a memorial archway. It became a universal empire, a lighthouse country, and a mountain country for the world to look up to.

The United States has always highly beautified, mythologized and fabricated its history of development and founding. The world’s understanding of the United States has been seriously brainwashed, so that many people are full of the separation of powers, freedom and democracy, and error correction mechanism of the United States. They forget that the United States is a country based on force. Foreign military actions run through the entire history of development of the United States.

Since the victory of the “war of independence” in 1783, the national history of the United States has only been more than 200 years. However, in this short period of more than 200 years, the United States has initiated and participated in more than 200 wars. Roughly speaking, the United States has to fight one war every year and one large-scale war every 10 years on average.

However, the militia tradition and war dividend of American society have led the American people to be warlike and happy when they hear of war. American society is essentially a highly militarized society.

Moreover, unlike the top-down military mobilization of other countries, the militarization of the United States is from the bottom up, spontaneously formed by the people, and has a broad and solid public opinion foundation. In addition, the founding and development of the United States is a history of war, which leads to militarization and war having an unquestionable supremacy and legitimacy in the United States.

In the United States, war can form consensus and win public opinion. The legal and political structure of the United States provides institutional guarantee for this militarization. Politicians also seek political capital by catering to the belligerent public opinion. Over time, this high degree of militarization has become an indestructible cultural gene of the United States.

In other words, American society is a highly militarized society from civil society to high-level, from social culture to political system, from economic foundation to ideology, and is deeply fascist because of this militarization.

Fascism is the natural background of the United States.


However, why do many people have the illusion that the United States only began to Fascism in recent years?

Because I can’t hide it. Here I would like to mention an institutional mechanism that supports the Fascism of the United States.

After more than 200 years of evolution since the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the Fascism of the United States has formed a mechanism of close cooperation and “good circulation”, that is, the trinity of “military industrial complex – media interest group – financial machine” is highly coordinated. The three are closely combined, divided and cooperated, and interdependent.

How do the three cooperate? By maintaining a high-intensity military organization and a quasi war state to attack the outside world, we can obtain victory dividends after winning the attack. We can monetize the victory dividends to make profits, and then put the profits into military reproduction, thus realizing a “virtuous circle” of supporting the war with war.

The military industrial complex provides violent means. The media is responsible for creating enemies, deceiving public opinion, and defending the war. The financial machine maximizes the victory dividend.

Compared with the deep division of labor, precise coordination, and bottom-up fascism in the United States, Mussolini and the Nazis were simply small-scale, simple and crude, without any technical level. Few people know that Hitler highly praised the United States, which is the worship of fascist pupils to fascist masters.

In fact, it is not only Italy, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries that admire fascism. The gene of fascism is deeply embedded in the blood of Western civilization. Because fascism is rooted in the Roman lineage of Western civilization, the Roman society itself is a society ruled by warlords, and its militarization characteristics are extremely distinct and have been inherited. This is why all the fascist countries from the United States to Italy are keen to regard themselves as Romans, and use a large number of Roman cultural symbols, from raising hands to tying sticks and axes to the Senate.


Let’s get to the point. It can be said that war is the just need of the United States, the instinct of the United States, the oxygen of the United States, and the rice bowl of the United States. Without war and victory dividends, the huge machine of the United States will malfunction and even collapse.

Each time they win, the “military industrial complex – media interest group – financial machine” is the common benefit of the three parties.

After the media groups have made profits, they need to defend and sing praises for the war acts of the United States. The media groups have a large number of employees, nearly 10 million people. They want to eat and take money. Where does the money come from? From the war dividends; When the bonus of the last victory is nearly finished and the next victory is far away, the resources and money that can be distributed to the media group will be less and less. In this way, the media group will not have the motivation and sufficient resources to whitewash and cheat. However, with the delay in getting the bonus of the next war, the United States will become more and more ugly, more and more ferocious, and undisguised ferocity.

In this way, the fascist nature of the United States could not be hidden and its true form was revealed.

In the final analysis, the reason why the United States is becoming more and more fascist is that the great powers in the East, which he regards as the main opponent, can do nothing. It is useless to exert extreme pressure, and it is difficult to cheat and cheat. It is not easy to fight, and it is not dare to fight. The war dividends are not eaten in the mouth for a long time. Naturally, it is extremely vicious.

This is the current dilemma of the United States. However, according to its survival logic and cultural temperament, it will not be willing, will not sit idly by, and will certainly take risks.


After sorting out and analyzing the evolution and operation mechanism of American fascism, let’s look at some historical evidences.

Before World War II, US President Roosevelt himself did not dislike the Nazis. He appreciated Mussolini very much. He wrote to a friend, “I have kept quite close contact with this honorable Italian gentleman.”

A group of people in the United States established the Nazi group “German American alliance” following Germany’s example. The German American alliance established as many as 69 different Nazi groups in various parts of the United States, and also formed an assault team of thousands of people.

On the wall behind the rostrum in the German American alliance, between the American flag and the Nazi flag, they will also hang a portrait of George Washington, the “father of the United States”. These people claimed that Washington was “the first fascist in the United States” because he did not believe in democracy from the bottom of his heart.

On February 20, 1939, the German American alliance held a grand rally in the garden of Madison Square in New York City. More than 20000 Nazis, wearing the Union’s iconic uniforms and holding high the banner of the ten thousand character flag, entered the conference hall. In the United States at that time, they became a unique “scenic spot” on the streets.

Kuhn, the leader of the German American alliance, made a speech at the rally and vigorously publicized his fascist ideas. Behind him, the flag of the German American alliance, the huge portrait of Washington and the Star Spangled Banner complement each other, which is a famous scene.

The hour hand goes back to the 21st century.

In the 2016 US general election, the Democratic Party wantonly attacked Wang as a “fascist”. At this time, there was only a smell of party struggle. However, a careful analysis of Wang’s rise to power is in fact very similar to Hitler’s election as head of state.

Hitler’s coming to power is the result of German populism. He told the Germans in a speech full of stirring power: we will tear up the “Treaty of Versailles” that pushed us to hell, we will stand on the world stage again, and we will make those bandits who oppressed us and divided our country regret

Knowing Wang used the tactics of pushing the world to promote public opinion, and blatantly shouted the slogans of “making America great again” and “giving priority to the United States” is tantamount to declaring that the United States is no longer a responsible power (formerly pretending to be responsible), but wants to grab the cake with the whole world. Its aggression is no different from that of fascism.

Retreating from the group, racial discrimination, advocating force, suppressing dissidents, crazy centralization of power, picking peaches from allies, setting up imaginary enemies, and so on, understand what Wang did, just like the former head of state.

After taking office, sleeping King seems to be different from the line of understanding the king. In fact, he also follows the line of understanding the king without understanding the king. He only slightly converges and hides it for a while, but his fascist nature remains unchanged. Moreover, with the deepening of the internal and external crisis in the United States, his fascist background will become more and more obvious.


In the final analysis, the reason why the United States is becoming more and more fascist is that the great powers in the East, which he regards as the main opponent, can do nothing. It is useless to exert extreme pressure, and it is difficult to cheat and cheat. It is not easy to fight, and it is not dare to fight. The war dividends are not eaten in the mouth for a long time. Naturally, it is extremely vicious. This is the current dilemma of the United States. However, according to its survival logic and cultural temperament, it will not be willing and will not sit idly by.

We must summon up the spirit of 120000, prepare our troops and wait for the day!

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