Beat a drowning dog!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

In 1588, the British Royal Navy defeated the Spanish invincible fleet, shared the sea with the Netherlands, and towered over the four oceans.

In 1674, Britain defeated the Netherlands, and no one dared to question the status of the sun never set empire. From then on, the land overlord came and went, and there was only one sea overlord.

In 1815, the United continental countries of Britain defeated France. Napoleon’s dream of Waterloo was shattered. The Empire was completed and was dogmatic.

Starting from a small island country, Britain took 70 years to lay a foundation, another 40 years to become king, and finally enjoyed 100 years of national sovereignty until the outbreak of World War I in 1914.

Compared with the Roman Empire in western history, the rise of the Italian peninsula corresponds to 1588-1674, the conquest of Caesar corresponds to 1647-1815, and the period from the Regency of Octavian to the division of eastern and Western Rome corresponds to 1815-1914.

Rome is dead, Constantine is gone, there is no immortal country, there is no immortal Dynasty. This is the truth that history tells us.

After the first World War, the strength of the British army was greatly weakened. It was suspended for 20 years. The final result was Dunkirk.

After the Second World War, the British army could no longer control the colonies. The sun never set empire collapsed and became a vassal of the rising American Empire.

The five eye alliance is the most core ally of the U.S. imperialists. It would be better to defeat one of the five eye alliances once.

Who are you going to hit?

Only Australia, Australia is still painless, Morrison as a British dog, he has no way. Australia is supported by Britain and America.

Only Canada, the mountains are high and the emperor is far away, but it is close to the United States, so it is difficult to start.

Facing the United States head-on, it is the American trap. Antony Blinken wanted to use all means of demilitarization to compete, rely on other places to consolidate internal affairs and forge consensus. No.

Then there is only one optional object left.

Australia has blocked our way on the only way to the south. It is better to beat the owner than to beat the dog.

Against Britain, we have mature experience that has proved successful. For example, if Scotland wants independence, that’s what Scotland does. If Argentina wants to recover the Falklands, that’s what Argentina does. But once Scotland wants independence, Northern Ireland wants independence and Argentina wants to recover the Falklands, even if it just shows its trend, the coincidence period will happen.

Morrison stepped down.

The problems in Britain have nothing to do with us. They are all coincidence. Coincidence is that there will be such a coincidence. Morrison wants to step down by coincidence.

In the past, there were British people engaged in scenic spots in Hong Kong. We remember that there were British people who hyped the Xinjiang issue. We remember that the British people jumped the highest on the Tibet issue. We still remember that.

The British made the white helmet in Syria, which was the first provocation against Russia. The massacre in Bucha was the second provocation against Russia.

Russia also remembers that recently, Russia also severely judged the risk of three wars. Russia

The Rossi people are straightforward, straightforward and do not know how to beat around the bush. They say that once the Third World War begins, they will directly bomb London.

New and old enmities should be settled directly, and no twists and turns should be made.

How long can Constantine of the British Empire stay under Russian missiles? Russia has just sentenced two British men who fought in Ukraine to death. What can the British say besides condemning them?

It is better to break one finger than to hurt ten fingers. It seems that only one of the five eye alliance can fight, and only one has committed public anger.

What is more terrifying is that this man who has committed public anger has lost his strength and glory. There are always people who dream of being a chieftain. They are very much like the flag men in Beijing after the fall of the Qing Dynasty. How did we do when we entered the customs from the dragon.

At least the flag man only walks the birds, raises flowers and fights crickets. The British people are different. They are still fanning the flames as before. The public anger made the US imperialists want to kick him out as a mop when something really happened to him, so as to restore global political credibility.

They themselves are just a drowning dog with Ah Q spirit. The domestic railway strike has begun again. The drowning dogs are going to beat them up. We must not give them any chance to breathe. We have not forgotten the events of 1840.

Ah Q, who is dreaming of being a chief, is still dreaming. However, the overseers outside have already changed the world. The red flags are waving on Jinggang Mountain, and the five stars of Yan’an are already out in the East.

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