Beautiful women in the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms seduce heroes to seize the spoils of war

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Three Kingdoms

During this period, the only woman who could compete with men was a minority. She was Meng Huo’s barbarous wife zhurong. The female general with the same name as the God of fire was not influenced by the traditional culture of the Han nationality. She didn’t take public appearances seriously. She was also a good fighter in fighting. She not only moved a huge spear fourorfive meters long, but also had the level of Xiao Li’s throwing dagger in her concealed weapons. She shot hundreds of times. Meng Huo has been defeated repeatedly and captured several times. He has been beaten and lost his confidence. Although Zhu Rong looks down on this incompetent husband, he is, after all, a one-day husband and wife. He has to help his family at the critical moment. As soon as she came out, she captured Zhang Yi and Mazhong alive. Wei Yan and Zhao Yun, two powerful generals, came out. They didn’t take advantage of her. In the end, she had to rely on


The little girl was captured by the usual trick. Zhurong, who must have been captured, must be unconvinced by you smelly men. This is not how the war is fought.

Women under the Eastern Han government did not have such a broad living space. It was their duty to educate their husbands and children and serve their in laws. However, outstanding women have the opportunity to perform in any age. Compared with the outlaws of the marsh, the women in the romance of the three kingdoms are mostly the mothers of positive characters who have a deep understanding of the great cause, such as taishici, Xu Shu, Jiang Xu, Wang Jing, etc., who are as faithful as xiahouling, the wife of Cao Wenshu, as resourceful and calm as Xu, the wife of Sun Yi, the governor of Danyang, and xinxianying, the daughter of Xinpi. These women deserve more respect than men who are addicted to political struggle.

In addition to these women who make men obsessed with fame and wealth ashamed, the Three Kingdoms attract men’s attention


Not a few.

No matter what age, beauty is the goal of men. In the Taiping era, everything had to be done according to the rules, including marrying beautiful women. There were always a few forced marriages of civilian women. Troubled times are different. Men have too much pressure to survive and too many busy things, so it is impossible for them to have the patience to perform lingering and gentle


Stories are mostly “fast food” culture, which does not need emotional investment to pave the way. Beautiful women are the most attractive trophies. If you have strength, you can grab them. Whoever gets them belongs to you. If Li Zicheng had not entered Beijing, who would know Chen Yuanyuan now? Among the beauties of the Three Kingdoms, Diao Chan, caiwenji and Zhen have all experienced being robbed.

Since ancient times, heroes have been sad at the beauty pass. In troubled times“


Most of the “men” think of themselves as heroes. Of course, they are accompanied by beautiful women. Cao Cao must have been one of the successful men in the Three Kingdoms period. Although he is short and unsightly, he is tireless in his pursuit of beautiful women. For this reason, he has also suffered many setbacks.

The first time Cao Cao fell for a woman was because he had taken over someone else’s widow. At that time, Zhang Xiu had just been forced to surrender. Cao Cao, who was content with his ambition, drank two more cups. Under the influence of alcohol, he asked if there were any beautiful women in the city. His nephew caoanmin recommended Zhang Xiu’s aunt Zou. Cao Cao was very satisfied. Zhang Xiu had just taken over from her dead uncle. Seeing that Cao Cao had grown up his own generation since he came, she couldn’t keep her face, and immediately turned against him. This time, Cao Cao not only lost his general Dian Wei and his son Cao ang, but almost lost his own life.

Although Cao Cao is famous for his emphasis on talents in history, compared with beautiful women, talents have to stand aside. The annals of the Three Kingdoms records a story: when Cao Cao and his brothers Liu Bei besieged Lv Bu in xiapi, Guan Yu asked Cao Cao for instructions. After the battle was won, he rewarded Du, the wife of Qin Yilu, a subordinate of Lv Bu, as his wife. At the beginning, Cao Cao promised happily that he was just a woman! But Guan Yu was worried. He was afraid that Cao Cao would forget about it. He reminded Cao Cao many times that I had ordered Du. Don’t let others get involved. When Cao Cao saw that Guan Yu was so obsessed with him, he had an eye for it. After the city fell, Cao Cao first called du to have a look at it. He found that Du was indeed a national beauty. He ignored his promise to Guan Yu and took Du for his own use.

This matter was not written in the romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong, presumably for fear of damaging Guan Yu’s heroic image. However, Guan Yu said that he was unwilling to join Cao Cao’s sect. I’m afraid it has something to do with this matter. It’s not manly to rob the woman you like and kowtow to him. This is not in line with Guan Yu’s character.

A red rabbit horse can make Lv Bu betray his adoptive father Ding Yuan and worship at Dong Zhuo’s knees, but the beautiful Diao Chan let Lv Bu kill Dong Zhuo himself. It can be seen how destructive the beautiful woman is to the hero. If Cao Cao were a little generous, Du Shi would be an important pawn for him to control Guan Yu. In order to compensate Guan Yu, Cao Cao gave him ten beautiful women at one time, but he failed to eliminate Guan Yu’s hatred.

It’s OK to rob a woman under the same family, but it’s unreasonable to argue with your own son. In the face of Zhen, the most attractive woman in the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao fully reflected his generosity as a father.

Cao Cao had heard about Zhen’s beauty for a long time. The first thing he did to break into Jizhou was to order his cronies to protect her. This time, his wishful thinking was broken by his son Cao Pi. At this time, Cao Pi was eighteen years old, which was the age of vigorous and vigorous. He should have entered the city with his father as a conqueror. Moreover, the battle has just ended, and there are still many destabilizing factors. Cao Pi, a half grown boy, obviously should not be too far away from Cao Cao. But when he saw the gate open, he immediately got rid of his father and went straight to yuanshao’s house. The people sent by Cao Cao naturally did not dare to offend the eldest young master, so he had to let go of the “performance”.

When Cao Pi entered yuan’s residence, he drew his sword and shouted to destroy the family. This was actually a bluff. Cao Pi and yuan family had no deep hatred. On the contrary, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were “young” and their personal feelings were quite good. However, the situation later led them to become competitors. Cao Pi, a younger generation, how could he have killed his father’s old friend on his own regardless of his father’s face?

Cao Pi could not have been unaware of Cao Cao’s consistent style of “giving preferential treatment to prisoners”. But when he entered the door, he pretended to be ferocious, intimidated the weak women with violence, and forced the other party to take the initiative to promise each other, so as not to fall behind the truth, saying that he had stolen his father’s love with a knife.

When Cao Cao met Zhen, the beauty had already made an oral engagement with the eldest son of Cao. No matter how thick skinned Cao Cao was and how interested he was in beautiful women, he could not easily rob his son’s daughter-in-law, so he had to withdraw from the competition. However, Cao Cao was still somewhat unwilling and complained: “Alas, it is she that I fought this battle for!”

After years of collection, Cao Cao’s harem is already overcrowded and needs more space to accommodate Jiali. Cao Cao still has a lot of personality. He doesn’t care what others say. He has built a bronze sparrow platform with great fanfare and placed the beautiful women he has collected among them.

Cao Cao’s beautiful women must have high taste. All the beautiful women in his collection must be superb. Otherwise, after many years, Cao Pi would not be interested in taking over the half old Xu Niang left by Lao Tzu.

Cao Cao’s lecherous reputation spread along with his bronze sparrow terrace. It is no wonder that Zhugeliang’s lies in front of Zhou Yu look like the truth. Zhou Yu’s wife was a famous beauty at that time, and sun CE’s wife was known as “Jiangdong Erqiao”. In order to stimulate Zhou Yu, Zhugeliang rewrites the two sentences in Cao Zhi’s Ode to the bronze sparrow terrace, “connecting the two bridges to the East and the west, if the insects in the sky lead the insects to the East” into “embracing two Qiao in the southeast, and enjoying the day and night together”. Zhou Yu immediately jumped up when he heard someone’s idea of his wife, as if he really had a hatred for taking his wife with Cao Cao. Cao Cao’s great cause of reunification was thus ruined by his lecherous reputation.

Sun Quan and Liu Bei, who share the world with Cao Cao, are not as domineering as Cao Cao in their treatment of women, but they do not have the slightest respect.

In order to expand his territory, Sun Quan used his own sister as a bait, but the result was not ideal. Liu Bei, who swallowed the bait, unhook and left. After compensating his sister’s Sun Quan, he became angry and wanted to conquer his brother-in-law by force. It can be seen that he did not take his sister’s lifelong happiness seriously at all. This is true for my sister, not to mention others!

It should have been a happy thing to be Liu Bei’s wife, but this is not the case. Compared with his ancestor Liu Bang, Liu Bei’s attitude towards women is no less than that. Married such a man, not only do not get respect, but also always fear, without the slightest sense of security.

Zhang Fei was attacked by Lv Bu, and Liu Bei’s wife was robbed. Zhang Fei pulled out his sword to commit suicide. Liu Bei said a famous saying that would make a woman feel cold all her life: “brothers are like brothers, and wives are like clothes. Clothes can be sewn if they are worn, and can be continued if they are broken?” Guan and Zhang Dawei were moved. Such a big brother is worth a lifetime!

Although Mrs. sun is more than 30 years younger than Liu Bei, she is still quite satisfied with her husband. On her wedding night, the two lovers had a happy relationship. However, Liu Bei did not take this love to heart. Mrs. sun would leave if she wanted, as long as she kept her son.

Some people say that Liu Bei was crying. This is not without reason. For those heroes who are full of compassion, crying is an excellent weapon. Liu Bei cried so much that Zhao Yun almost lost his life to save ah Dou. He didn’t invite Zhugeliang out of the mountain until he had a runny nose and tears. Crying is good for Liu Bei. In contrast, his double legged sword is of little use. It looks like an ornament.

Liu Bei is quite like Songjiang and Tang Seng, but Songjiang is a useful brother. Tang Seng uses this trick on his disciples. Liu Bei has a thicker skin and uses this trick on women.

Liu Bei is trapped in Jiangdong and cannot return to his own territory. For a long time, he is worried that his foundation will be accepted by others. He didn’t have the ability to make a living, so he had to pretend to be miserable, knelt down in front of his wife and said, “Madam knows that Bei’an dares to hide from her. If she doesn’t want to go, Jingzhou will lose and be laughed at by people all over the world; if she wants to go, she won’t let her go: so she’s worried.” As long as it is a woman, there is no one who is not moved by this, not to mention it is said by such a royal relative and a vassal. Mrs. sun is also a man of pursuit. If she stays in Jiangdong, she can only be sheltered under the eaves of her brothers. How can she be the “first lady”? Coaxed by Liu Bei’s sweet words, Mrs. sun secretly ran back to Liu Bei’s territory and started her own business with her husband without telling her mother and brother.

However, Mrs. sun, who abandoned her family for her husband, had a very sad ending. After her brother cheated her back to Soochow, she was in a bad mood. There was no detail in the book. It was impossible to be happy. Otherwise, she would not have fled with Liu Bei. It is impossible to return to Liu Bei. Sun Quan will certainly not let him go. It is impossible to remarry. No one dares to marry Liu Bei’s wife. When Liu Bei led a large army to attack Wu, Mrs. sun heard that Liu Bei was defeated and died in the army. She ran to the river and cried bitterly, and then threw herself into the river to die.

The woman with the most tragic fate in the romance of the Three Kingdoms is Liu An’s wife, an ordinary woman who doesn’t even have a name. When Liu Bei was defeated by Lv Bu and fled, he went to the hunter Liu’an’s house to lodge. Liu An heard that he was a big shot. He was afraid that he would not be well served. However, we don’t even have a meat dish at home. We can’t let the “governor” eat only green vegetables and leaves! Therefore, Liu an offered Liu Bei a big meal with his wife as food. Although he was hungry on the way to escape, Liu Bei still had a sensitive sense of taste. He felt that the taste of the food was different from the usual. When he left the next morning, Liu Bei found a dead woman in the kitchen. The meat on her arm was cut clean. Only then did Liu Bei know what the so-called game he had eaten the day before.

After knowing this, Cao Cao appreciated Liu Anshe’s wife’s behavior and rewarded him with 100 liang of gold.

Liu An is not a ferocious person. He is very filial. Although he wanted to keep up with Liu Bei, he missed the opportunity to make his fortune because his mother was in the hall.

It can be seen that women have no status in the eyes of social elites like Cao Cao or ordinary people like Liu An.

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