Beauty is a curse: a conquered monarch with three beauties

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Zhou Gongwang

The strange event starts with an emperor, who is the son of King Mu of Zhou and the heir to the throne of the great Zhou Dynasty, the Duke of Zhou.

In history, the Duke of Zhou was a lord who was thrown into a corner, and not many people paid much attention to him. After all, he can’t be as popular as his father, and it’s natural that he can’t earn eyeballs.

However, living in such a family, it is also very difficult to be influenced by others and want to have no interest in tourism.

In his spare time, the Duke of Zhou also liked to travel around the country. Like his father, he also chose a good follower: Kang Gong, a vassal of the state of MI.

The king of the Zhou Dynasty hopes to have a romantic encounter like his father on his journey. Even if he is not a fairy, he can talk to a little beauty for comfort.

This wish was realized on the Bank of Jingshui river.

Three beautiful women appeared and came to him with a smile and shame. A burst of flowers blossomed in the heart of the king of Zhou, but soon his face became more ugly than a pig kidney.

Because these three beauties, without exception, fell in love with MI Kanggong, not him.

Duke mikang was so excited that he almost turned around. The king of the Communist Party of Zhou was so angry that he wanted to take an axe and kill Duke mikang on the spot.

However, he didn’t say anything, let alone do anything. He just returned to his bedroom coldly and without saying a word.

He lit a stick of red wax and looked absently at it and wept.

He was waiting. He hoped that Lord mikang would be more intelligent and let him suffer less.

Mi Kanggong was busy arranging the mandarin duck tent. He was also lighting red wax. Red wax was also crying, but he didn’t notice.

I feel good at happy events, not to mention spending a good night with three beautiful women tonight.

Duke mikang was impatient for the coming of night. However, when night really fell, the three beauties did not wait for him in their bridal chamber.

He was standing in his mother’s bedroom. The old lady looked at her son with dignity, and MI Kanggong looked at the old lady in bewilderment. He really wondered if his mother had forgotten what a late spring snack was worth?

The old lady suddenly said harshly, “don’t you know that great disaster is coming?”?

Duke mikang blinked and said: what does mother say?

The old lady said, “do you know that you took the three women home?”?

Duke mikang nodded.

The old lady said: will the Communist king be angry?

Duke mikang nodded again.

The leader was beaten badly by his subordinates when he was jealous. If he was not angry, he would be either a eunuch or a comrade, or the woman would be his immediate family member.

The old lady said: if the king of Zhou Gong is angry, can you still live?

Mikang shook his head.

The old lady continued: then don’t you think of a way to protect yourself?

Duke mikang was silent.

The old lady said: since you don’t want to say it, how can I say it for you?

Mikang pouted.

The old lady said: the key to life is not to be too greedy. Now you send two beauties to the Communist king, but you only keep one. Then the Communist king will see that he has the upper hand. He will no longer be held accountable to you, but you can still enjoy the beautiful things. Is that good?

Mr. Mi Kang first left his mouth and then nodded helplessly.

The old lady suddenly said angrily: how are you? You should give me a word.

Duke mikang finally said in a secluded way: what my mother said, my son doesn’t know? How dare my son not do what my mother has told me?

The old lady nodded, the anger on her face slowly faded away, and put on a satisfied smile.

Mi Kanggong returned to his bridal chamber listlessly. He chose between the left and the right. In any case, he didn’t know which two to send away.

Every woman is so enchanting that he really can’t favor one over the other. And every woman was crying bitterly. They all vowed to die and would not leave mikang.

Sitting on each knee, he poured a cup of wine for himself, and the third hugged his neck and kissed on his forehead. There was no shortage of them. A man who can’t defend love is worse than a pig or a dog even if he lives in the world. Mi Kang thought to himself.

So he made the stupidest decision in his life, leaving all three beautiful women for his own enjoyment.

It was a very cool night.

This night, mikang had no sleep. He really had no time.

The Duke of Zhou was also sleepless. He was really in no mood. For him, it was a night of sudden change and extreme shame.

A small secret country dares not to step down. How can I command all the heroes in the future?

Emperors can involve the rise and fall of the world before making any decision.

When the old lady saw her son’s tired and satisfied face the next day, she really wanted to smoke it to shreds.

All ancestors, I’m so sorry. The old woman was incompetent and gave birth to this unworthy son. She kowtowed sadly to the ancestral temple.

The next year, the state of Michigan was destroyed.

Old silk always wondered why she had to write such a story in the precious historical records. Later, it suddenly became clear that Mr. Sima Qian might want to explain an idiom.

— beauty is a curse. This should be the most powerful example.

Some people once took chenyuanyuan as an example, saying that wusangui became a beauty when he was angry at the crown. However, old silk always thought that there were too many political factors, and chenyuanyuan was just an incentive everyone saw.

As everyone has seen, it is often far from the truth. In this story, being defeated by a woman is so direct, pure, clear and spotless.

We had to shudder.

We have to think twice in the whirlpool of power society.

Have to hold a deep fear of love.

I have to review the little monk’s classic saying: a woman is a tiger; Or: women are more fierce than tigers.

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