Because of the abortion dispute, the United States shelved the Anti China chip bill!

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Author: north wind source: beifengxuelin (id:beifengxuelin)

During the U.S. presidential election a year and a half ago, there was a heated debate in our domestic public opinion field.

That is: democratic and Republican parties, which party is more beneficial to our country?

Through the many “tit for tat” policy programs put forward by Biden and trump on behalf of the two parties at that time, we can see that there are “obvious contradictions” between the two parties.

However, from the trump administration to the Biden administration, no matter how serious the internal strife over the proposal “involving the sharing of the interests of the people and capital” is, the unanimous approval of the “Anti China bill” by both parties is higher than the “internal contradictions”.

Seeing through that the two parties in the United States put “Anti China and Anti China” above “competition for domestic interests”, we came to the conclusion that “no party in power will change its containment of China”.

The Biden administration will “raise the flag” and “win over allies”. Therefore, over the past year and a half, the “Anti China encirclement” of the United States has been more ruthless than the previous administration.


However, this month, the “Anti China plan” of the United States was significantly delayed and shelved.

What’s wrong?

First, the dystocia “competition act” has been shelved again!

After the democratic government came to power, one of its skills was to “turn some commendatory words into derogatory words”.

For example, “bullying the weak”, the United States invented a new word called “starting from strength”.

The Biden administration, especially Antony Blinken, said on many international occasions that it was to “win the competition with China”.

The word “competition” is vigorous in China. Especially with the word “benign”, benign competition is the best driving force for development.


However, the “competition” of the United States is not to develop well compared with China, but to restrict the development of China’s high-end industries and force us to “compete poorly” with China by messing up the world.

So in the past two years, once the U.S. government mentioned which country, region and industry to “compete” with China, we would be disgusted.

Because we know that this does not represent a competition between “technology and industrial capacity”, but means destruction and subversion, disrupting regions and industries, and forcing us to “compete”.

In order to make “Anti China” and “containment of China’s high-end industries” more legal basis, the United States has been brewing the American Competition Act since last year.

The name is very big, but the main content of this bill is to formulate new standards for “chip and other high-end neck industries” and new market access thresholds, so as to form a high-tech “industrial isolation” in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

Since its formulation, this bill has been “extremely unfriendly” to China’s manufacturing capacity upgrading and chip and other high-tech industries, posing a great threat.

After the Democratic congressman team behind Biden Administration formulated the American competition act last year, it was voted by the Senate last August.

After the U.S. general election last year, the U.S. Senate has 100 seats, with 50 seats for Democrats and 50 seats for Republicans.

Under the background that the number of democratic and Republican members is equal and many domestic issues are torn against each other, the Democratic Party passed the innovation competition law last year with 68 votes in favor and 32 votes against.

This means that the Democratic bill has won the support of at least 18 Republicans, which is an extremely rare high vote in the Senate where the two parties are seriously split.

You should know that more than two-thirds of the votes were in favor of the constitutional amendment, which was enough to reach the threshold. It can be seen how strong the atmosphere of “bipartisan Anti China” was in the United States at that time.

However, after last August, the innovation competition act, which was passed by a large number of votes in the Senate, encountered great resistance in the US House of Representatives.

After another eight months of gaming, the US House of Representatives passed a new “competition bill” that was “beyond recognition” after the syndicates supported by the representatives of the US House of Representatives stuffed their own private goods.

According to the American system, the democratic and Republican parties in the United States should set up a committee to coordinate the different versions adopted by the Senate and the house of Representatives, and finally pass a “final version” to Biden for signature.

From April to now, Biden has been waiting for his mouth to drop again. He said many times in public: “pass that damn bill quickly and send it to me!”

While the two parties are playing a game on how the “Anti China Competition Act” balances the interests among many private goods, a dispute ruling on the “abolition of constitutional protection of the right to abortion” by the supreme law of the United States has emerged.

Originally, in the U.S. plan, the passage of the Anti China competition act in June was the limit, because the time was very tight in July. In August, the U.S. Congress would “routinely adjourn” and then enter the election campaign of “congressional mid-term elections”.

However, the dispute over the “right to abortion” broke out at this time, and supporters of the US Democratic Party took to the streets to protest. Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Antony Blinken all made statements “against the Supreme Court ruling”.

The “U.S. Embassy in China” even publicly announced the “violation” of Biden, Harris and Antony Blinken with the Supreme Court on Chinese social platforms.

This obviously represents a public “break” between Biden’s white house system and the authority of the Supreme Court.

2. What good will the difficult birth of the “Anti China act” do to us?

When the “right to abortion” triggered a bitter struggle between the democratic and Republican parties, and the functional departments of the White House openly declared that they “violated the supreme law ruling”, we found that the “Anti China Competition Act” to contain China had been shelved in the United States.

We have found that the “contradictions between the two parties” and the “joint anti China” in the United States have shown a new trend of “the general trend of the world, where we must divide and divide for a long time”.

That is, the democratic and Republican parties originally “United against China” was higher than “sharing the interests of the two parties”.

But at this time, we found that when designing the “basic plate of party struggle” and “ruling votes” of the two parties, the contradiction between the survival of the two parties is higher than that of the “joint control of China”.

So we see that in recent months, the US government’s “Anti China proposals” and “headlines” have become gimmicks to attract the media, without any “dry goods”.

Because “Anti China” has become a symbolic work, “abortion, immigration, ethnic minorities and transgender” party disputes are the “matter of life and death”.

So we found that the “American Competition Act”, which poses a huge threat to our high-end industries, may continue to be shelved.

Once shelved in the mid-term elections, if the democratic party loses any control of the Senate and the house of Representatives, the Biden administration will become a “lame government”. It is difficult to say whether it can continue to promote this bill at that time.

It is no wonder that just three days ago, the US Secretary of Commerce, who held a big stick to Taiwan, Japan and South Korea chip consortia, desperately “begged grandpa and grandma” everywhere in China.


Because the “return of government funds from the satellite chip industry” was put on hold last year, Intel determined that the foundation laying ceremony of the new wafer factory would be postponed indefinitely.

The Asian giants who were forced by the United States last year to “commit to moving the chip manufacturing industry to the United States” have so far failed to implement any of them, but the expansion of chip production capacity in China has not been slow.

The chip consortia of the United States, Japan and South Korea have provided some help for the high growth of Applied Foreign Investment in China in the first five months.

Third, what other mines can detonate?

Many American experts analyzed the reasons for the delay in shelving the “Anti China competition bill” because of the “abortion dispute” between members of both parties in the United States.


David Ignatius, deputy editor in chief of the Washington Post, called this action of the US government and Congress a “system problem”. His original words were: “our broken political system makes it almost impossible for the United States to compete.”.

See you for a long time!

If you say that there is a national media person who will delay the domestic party struggle and the big country game, and eventually extend to the “drawbacks of the political system”, you can certainly think of many countries.

But in the list of regimes deliberately subverted by the “Color Revolution” of the United States, there must not be the United States itself.

Now, it is the turn of the United States to “know” that there is a “broken political system” in the United States, which is a drawback of not being able to compete with big countries. It is really new!

It can be seen that issues such as the “right to abortion”, which in our domestic view only involve women’s freedom and rights, have actually impacted the “political foundation” of the United States.

In fact, there are many similar “hidden mines” in the United States.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been 10 large-scale gun violence cases every week, with an average of dozens of deaths.

On the other hand, the dispute over the rights and interests of LGBT minorities has also become white hot.

In the United States, the dream of the women’s movement is “rights supported by the whole society”.

But at the New York skateboarding competition just held, the 13-year-old dream girl with outstanding talent only won the second place in the end.


The champion of this New York roller skating competition is a 29 year old rough man. He is already the father of three children, but now he only needs to “recognize himself as a woman” without surgery. Through drug control, he can participate in the women’s group competition, easily take away the champion of talented girls and kill the competitive dream of countless women.

When a man “recognizes himself as a woman” and his rights and interests protection is higher than that of the American “female fist”, how can this “contradiction be broken”?

As long as the “national disputes” such as abortion, minority groups, gun control and immigration in the United States continue, their anti China bills will also be shelved.

Of course, this is bad for the United States, but it is the greatest good for the world!

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