Before the political assassination, the crisis had already begun!

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Source: dashuxiangzhang (id:dashuxiangzhang)

On July 8, 2022, Shinzo Abe, the longest serving prime minister in Japanese history, was assassinated.


Death should be nothing, but the death of a politician sometimes has a greater impact than when he was alive.

And Abe’s death, important, is not important.

The important reason is that Abe’s assassination told the world in the cruelest way that the world game began to turn white hot.

I thought that there was a great talent named Zhou Yu in the Three Kingdoms. He also died strangely and suddenly.

In history, Zhou Yu was a strategist who rivaled Zhugeliang. Zhuge Wolong had a long-term match, and Meizhou Lang had a strategy of dividing the world.

In Zhou Yu’s vision, after Taking Jingzhou, it was not the Liu Han regime but the Sun Wu regime that made progress in Yizhou, occupied Hanzhong, and then allied with machao in the west to jointly fight against Cao Cao. Then, as you are familiar with, “when the world changes”, you can send troops to the Northern Expedition and challenge the Central Plains.

Is this strategy good? Very good. There are directions and steps. More importantly, the goal of this plan is the world.

But the bad thing is that the goal of this plan is the world.

The essence of the Sunwu regime is the alliance between the huaisi Wuren group from the north and the local Jiangdong Han nationality. Therefore, fighting Chibi and even later Taking Jingzhou to take Yizhou will be monopolized by the Wuren group. The victory and expansion of Sunwu means that the Jiangdong Han nationality is weak.

There are differences in the internal line of the alliance.

Therefore, after the victory of Chibi, Zhou Yu, who achieved great prestige, suddenly fell ill and died at the age of 36 After Sun Quan approved his plan to invade Yizhou.

Before that, sun CE, Zhou Yu’s golden partner, died plainly of assassination. The reason given in the history book is to offend local forces.

Later things are familiar to everyone. After Lu Su’s death, the local faction gradually gained the upper hand, and the uniformer was Lu Meng, a plain man with no background. Sun Quan, Lu Meng and Jiangdong scholars hit it off immediately and chose to stab Guan Yu when he fought against Cao Cao. From then on, there was no possibility for sun Liu to compete for the world, and the eastern Wu was completely in a corner.

The death of Zhou Yu and Lu Su represents the collapse of the core of the outsiders; With the change of core personnel, the opposition naturally has room to promote the strategic shift.

After Sun Quan became emperor, sun CE, who played a vital role in laying the foundation of the Sunwu regime, only got a posthumous title of “King Huan of Changsha”. Zhou Yu simply did not have a posthumous title.

This is certainly not Sun Quan’s meanness. To belittle them is a compromise to the current political environment.

In politics, the dead are far less important than the living.

Let’s go back to the present.

Abe is the president of the “Qinghe Association”, the largest faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, and the Liberal Democratic Party is the largest party in Japan’s parliament. At the same time, the Abe family has “four generations and three public officials” and “all over the world”. It can be said that even though Abe has “abdicated”, he is a more powerful “governor” than Zhou Yu.

Abe is not only powerful, but also a politician with a very big picture and strategic awareness.

The 2020 U.S. election is pending, and Abe’s mouth is against China, but when trump wants to pull him to make trouble with China to improve his support rate, he retreats bravely and directly accuses himself of illness, which will not offend trump or Biden, who may win, but also avoid direct confrontation between China and Japan.

This series of operations reflects his maturity as a politician: seeking Japan’s independence as much as possible without engaging in all in and gambling on the National Games.

But this does not mean that Abe’s existence is good for us.

A mature politician only means that his behavior is relatively rational. It is true that we have room for prediction and face less uncertainty, but such a person will cause us no less threats and losses.

This is like, if a gun is lost, it is sometimes more terrible to fall into the hands of monkeys than to fall into the hands of people. Abe is not a monkey at least.

Abe also came up with an “abenomics” when he was in office. In fact, currency depreciation stimulates the economy, but this “abenomics” has a far-reaching impact, and it is far from being as magical as some people boast. Moreover, the depreciation of the yen is actually not conducive to the domestic consortia of Japan. This is also a foreshadowing.

I will talk about the essence of “abenomics” in detail later.

Therefore, Abe is important.

Similarly, it is also important that there is no Abe. Without Abe, personnel changes, new will and new line can be implemented.

When Boris stepped down, he went to tea and was worthless; Abe’s retirement is still giving full play to the waste heat, which is so hot that some people think, how can Abe be completely worthless?

Two shots is the answer.

But Abe’s death is not important.

If we look beyond Japan itself, what is Japan’s position under the current international order? What is the focus of the struggle for the international order today?

The focus is on China and the United States. Japan is the pawn of the United States.

This is the essence.

The biggest change in the world today is the change of the international order. The biggest contradiction in the world today is the contradiction that the maintainer of the international order wants to eliminate the challenger, and the Challenger wants to change the order or seek a more reasonable order.

What is the purpose of maintaining the system?

In terms of countries, the third world provides markets, raw materials and sweatshops, the United States and its allies eat meat and soup, and “colonies” and “provinces” should provide for “Rome”.

In terms of groups, transnational capital is seeking value-added and profits by using various elements of the global market.

In this system, there can only be one center and one boss. When its position is stable, this system pursues efficiency; When there is another center and another challenger, the superior considers safety.

Therefore, we can see that the United States would rather endure inflation than reshape the supply chain, rather than do business in China, rather than discredit China’s market.

This is the change of the line between “efficiency” and “safety” in the system.

When talking about efficiency, people should talk about cooperation; When talking about safety, people will talk about standing in line. This contradictory change and route change will next affect the decision-making and behavior of many countries.

This is the most fundamental reason why Abe’s death is not important. As the running dog of the United States and the forefront of the confrontation between China and the United States, does Japan have a choice?


Many people worry that after Abe’s death, Japan’s domestic politics will lose checks and balances, and China, Japan and South Korea, Japan and North Korea, Japan and Russia have complex territorial and historical disputes in Northeast Asia. With the further rise of right-wing forces, Northeast Asia will become another Ukraine.

However, it is necessary for me to point out here that Japan’s overall turn to the right occurred before Abe, and Abe’s Taiwan related remarks and worship of ghosts were also common when he was alive, so the international geopolitical situation will not undergo accelerated fundamental changes in the short term.

The more direct impact lies in the present.

As the maintainer of the current order, the internal economy of the United States is facing huge problems – high inflation and the risk of economic hard landing. The United States urgently needs the tide of the dollar to harvest other countries.

Russia can’t harvest, it has been excluded from the tide of the dollar; China is resisting. If China let go as it used to, there might not be so much going on internationally.

Now, only Japan, South Korea and Europe can satisfy the appetite of the United States.

Thanks to Zelensky, Europe is bleeding; The president of South Korea directly came up with an Americanist; Now, a big man who seeks independence behind the scenes in Japanese politics is on the streets, and I’m afraid it’s more handy to harvest.

Kissinger himself said, “it is dangerous to be the enemy of the United States, but it is fatal to be an ally of the United States.”

Aunt Mo, who advocated Russia Europe cooperation, was warned of death, OPEC Secretary General valjindo, who advocated limiting production, died, and Shinzo Abe, who advocated Japan’s independence, also died.

The United States wants the security of status, while the leaders of other countries want the security of people. What is the price? It is sovereignty.

As a lackey of the United States, whether Abe is dead or alive, Japan basically cannot escape the fate of being slaughtered. In this sense, Abe’s life and death is not so important. Japan still has a destiny that it can’t get rid of.

Facing the hegemonic United States, there is and only one way to go, that is to win.

It is precious and priceless to live independently on this blue star, which is the precious heritage of our ancestors in exchange for their blood.

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