Behind the beautiful non farm data of the United States!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

On the 3rd, U.S. stocks retook their gains on Thursday, startling the small partners who watched the periphery on Friday.

Why did U.S. stocks fall? Because the US nonfarm payrolls data released on Friday looks very beautiful:

The US added 390000 non-agricultural jobs in May, higher than the 325000 expected by the market, with the previous value of 428000. The unemployment rate was 3.6% and the employment participation rate was 62.3%.

Mr. trump has a very pertinent comment on the data: make news.

To put it bluntly, it means falsification. The United States has long systematically falsified all kinds of data, because the data is used to manipulate the market. Can you refute the fact that the U.S. government has falsified the data?

It’s like the United States has systematically created viruses and launched them all over the world. The rampant new crowns were created from the U.S. military laboratory. But who really dares to come to the door and ask questions?

Musk, the most famous capitalist in the United States, was quick to face the data:


Boss Ma, who is now full of orders, announced a 10% layoff, but the fact is that musk laid off regular employees. In order to fill the vacancy, he increased the recruitment of hourly workers in the market.

Go to Silicon Valley in the United States. In fact, most of the technology giants are trying to reduce the cost of employees. Of course, not everyone is as honest as boss ma. Many enterprises use home telecommuting, but they give you a way to cut wages and control the overall labor expenditure.


Most of the so-called strong labor demand are relatively cheap odd jobs.

American capitalists are very resourceful and know how to deal with expensive overtime pay, so they prefer to split a job for several groups of workers. Everyone’s work is within the legal time, which can greatly reduce expenses.

For many low-income people, this kind of low-end time work is simply impossible to support themselves. Most of them need to work more than two jobs. You know the public transport in the United States, so most of them have to drive back and forth. When the oil price soars, some people find that working two jobs is tiring and uneconomical. They might as well lie flat and pull down, so they simply choose to quit the labor market, The advantage is that the Biden government is more left-wing and likes to give benefits. In this way, the income is similar to that of working hard.

So now this strange phenomenon has appeared in the labor market in the United States. The low-end jobs are extremely short of people. Because workers are extremely dissatisfied with the labor payment and return, they change jobs frequently, which makes it difficult for employers to find enough labor.

And some of the promising and dignified long-term jobs have disappeared forever. The middle class has lost their jobs. Will they return to the labor market to do odd jobs?

Looking at the number of street tramps, we can see what lies behind the so-called labor shortage.

But every data put into the market by the U.S. government is not for nothing. The data is to achieve a certain purpose. Just as Powell once said, we will manage the market with expectations.

4? In May, the US stock market plummeted for a period of time, which scared Powell. Therefore, the Federal Reserve issued various dove voices, and even gave an early warning to terminate the interest rate hike in September.

The market has been flooded with short-term liquidity. Twotrillion yuan are playing overnight on the accounts of the Federal Reserve. Is it for that little overnight interest?

Some time ago, it was very popular in the Gaohua circle in the United States. A group of people gathered at the gate of Chase Bank and scolded chase for cheating money. All their wealth was hacked by chase.

JP Morgan Chase Bank is not an inferior small bank. It is the well-known JP Morgan Chase Bank, abbreviated as Xiao Mo or Xi mo.

There are not many fools among these high China Resources people. They are all monkey spirits. However, they have made up their minds to rob directly. This is called breaking ten tricks with one force.

It must be that the famous Seymour will not make such a large-scale fraud without any reason. If there is no insider collusion, it is not so easy to take the lead on a large scale.

In fact, in my opinion, making a big deal is more likely to be a kind of knocking on the mountain to shock the tiger. Let those people who particularly like deposits see how stupid it is to deposit large amounts of money in banks in the United States.

The smart way is to manage money, buy stocks or bonds, and just leave some pocket money.

There are already too many short-term positions in the U.S. financial sector. You don’t invest, don’t consume, and still save money. Isn’t that against the national policy? First, a targeted collective fraud will scare you, and then we will honestly run out to receive US debt and US stocks.

If the Bank of America really lacks short-term positions, and you are really cheated, you may carry forward the spirit of internationalism, first pay you with your own money, and then find the police to solve the case, so as to deceive runren to send a steady stream of cash.

There is no fraud in vain. There is no group of news without a story behind it. There is no data released by the U.S. government without the deepest thoughts.

As you can see, Biden’s predecessor, Barack Obama, put the water very freely, put it aside, raised the US stock market, but also put down inflation, and the US dollar index continued to rise.

Biden, like Obama, serves the financial capital of the United States without saying anything. How did Soros and Bloomberg spend money to support the election in those days? Who is the first eldest brother in the list who doesn’t want anything?

In my article yesterday, I said that the Fed’s scale reduction was originally a bit sluggish, with the wrong cycle and time. The key now is the two-year water release cycle. The liquidity is all in the United States, not in the world, and the dollar has not released water to the world.

Just think about the interest rate hike and contraction that stopped in 2019. After the US dollar index soared to a high level, emerging markets have not had time to welcome the US dollar irrigation because of the risk aversion of the epidemic. They are busy fighting the epidemic. Before the complete rectification is over, the loose expectations are gone.

Then a lot of dollars are harming prices in the United States.

To tell the truth, if the U.S. economy is not so good, people will predict that the U.S. dollar will fall again. The U.S. monetary policy will soon turn. Only at this time can we say that the U.S. economy is still doing well, only with a little setback, can we maintain the market’s prediction of the high level of the U.S. dollar index.

So the relatively expensive dollar, against the world’s weak currencies, is also a time when the world is relaxing epidemic prevention and encouraging mobility. Isn’t there a way to spend the extra high dollar?

If U.S. stocks fall for more than a few days, then find an excuse to appease the market. In short, a negative decline is OK, not a sharp decline.

In spite of Alzheimer’s disease, old man Biden ran around the world for a long time. Is it because he was tired of staying in the White House for several years?

People go abroad for various purposes.

Before the US dollar is released on a large scale, the US dollar index still has to try to maintain at a high level, but the Federal Reserve is unwilling to take measures with real money, so the US government has to use all kinds of muzzle to deceive.

What on earth do the local tyrants in the Middle East rely on to make the oil price so high?

Without the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, can it rise to its present position?

Who planned the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

In the dollar crisis of the 1970s, the Middle East relied on cooperation with the United States to engage in the oil crisis, which severely cut the wool of Europe. The American dollar stood up to its credit, and the private wallets of the Lords of the Middle East became a legend.

When you are in debt to a certain extent, it is not you who are afraid, but those creditors who are afraid of you.

Under the high US dollar index and high oil prices, no one can really get along with the immediate interests if we do more good offices.

However, for the global governance of the United States, bulk commodities tend to climb to a high level, so there are more and more thieves in the world. It is said that Qian Zhuang counsels people bravely. When the oil price is high, there are always many people who challenge the U.S. hegemony. When the oil price is low, it is nothing but the indignation of terrorists.

From another perspective, why can the United States become a consumer country? Everyone begged him to write a debit note for consumption?

Aren’t you even qualified to write an IOU?

If the price of resources rises, there will naturally be more people with spending power. Everyone has money. Why do you have to sell them to buyers who are only willing to write a blank note?

Only honest boy trump can not understand many twists and turns in American politics. Can Biden, an old politician, do that?

Do you think Biden really cares about global warming?

It’s just a tool to beat the Middle East oil barons.

Behind every published data, there is always a py transaction between the United States and the United States. However, you often don’t know who the trading party is in the end.

In fact, Biden most wants to pit big countries, but he can’t move his teeth. It is estimated that the group of Asian neighbors who are smiling and waiting for Biden to be lucky are the ones who have been fooled.

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