Behind the bullies, there are bitter bullies

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Behind the bullies, there are bitter bullies

Wen / Luji


Amy shared her personal entrepreneurial experience on the podium, mainly about how she became the CEO of the event planning company from an ordinary advertising practitioner. At present, the company is very popular in Shanghai, undertaking major activities, and senior leaders of the city have also visited it. Because the company is doing well, Amy has been on the news network.

At the end of the speech, I heard a pair of men and women nearby talking. The man whispered: “ This kind of company is very easy to run. To engage in activities is to hire a few people and set up a few tables. Pigs can fly in the air& rdquo;

Hearing this, I really feel blocked because simple and rude comments can make people’s efforts worthless in an instant. As a former colleague of Amy, I know that she almost exhausted her efforts to make the company come to this point.

The initial business of the company began with holding small offline activities. Reading party, social dance, yoga class, flower art, tea ceremony All kinds of activities are connected. Amy has been doing everything by herself since then, and the partners depend on themselves. In the early, middle and late stages, every link should be checked and every detail should be done well.

Once, when I returned to the company in the early morning, I found that Amy was still changing her plan, with bags of instant coffee beside her. What’s more, she didn’t even have time to brew coffee, so she ate instant coffee directly. Later, I bought a sleeping bag directly from the Internet and slept in the company every day.

The drinks in the event should be confirmed with the supplier one by one. In order to improve the service details, she served tea and water as a waiter at each event without any ambiguity. The projector on site was broken. I read the manual and repaired it. The bulb was broken. I ran outside for 3 hours to find a suitable wick.

Later, her health naturally collapsed, she had a very serious stomach disease, and she had some problems with her eyes. I don’t think it’s necessary for her to fight like this. She told me that startups will die if they don’t fight. Otherwise, only 1% of startups will survive. Success requires hard work.

I have nothing to say against her. She knows too well what she wants.

Nevertheless, Amy never mentioned her hard work on any occasion. In front of me, I pretend to be a goddess and step on high heels. Behind me, there is a hot and angry woman who always lifts up her sleeve and rushes in front of me. She can’t hurt the line of fire.

This second, she stood on the podium and talked clearly. Everything in front of her seemed so beautiful. But no one thought that she had just finished the gastroscope from the hospital and took a taxi to the scene.

Many people remember Amy’s brilliance, but I only remember her working at her desk in the dark. I can’t even imagine how a person can survive the pain in the early days of entrepreneurship and get to the present.

The men and women who are talking about it may never know these stories. They always stubbornly believe that other people’s achievements are easy or have bad luck.

They never understand that those awesome people are people who climb out of the darkness.

Many people just work hard where you can’t see, and you don’t know.

Those forced past events that are not humane are the real reasons for their success.


Three months before the college entrance examination, the head of the grade group invited a senior who was admitted to the Chinese Department of Peking University last year to hold a mobilization meeting for the students. As soon as they heard that it was a god man who had been admitted to Peking University, people around them all tried their best to squeeze into the lecture hall. The senior student’s expression was indifferent, his smile was kind, and he was very confident. He calmly described the struggle history of the whole high school.

About how to get into Peking University from the original grade 200 to the first grade. After listening to the beginning, I knew that this might be an inspirational story loved by most people. It took him about half a year from falling behind the grade level to surpassing the grade level. Many people in the audience are listening carefully, like devout believers.

As a staff member, I can feel the excitement of the crowd.

The senior students’ narration is just like giving them a dose of stimulant, which is also the purpose of this mobilization meeting.

I was the only boy in the student team. After the speech, the head of the grade group sent me to take the seniors to the station. Because of this, we have the opportunity to communicate on the way. I didn’t enjoy the speech at all, because the fanatical atmosphere and crowd at the scene were difficult to calm people down.

Unexpectedly, during the chat with the seniors on the way, he said a lot to me that he didn’t say on the podium.

He said that he only said one third of the content on the podium, and the other two thirds didn’t say how to counter attack and get admitted to Peking University. He said that 184 days before the college entrance examination, his father suddenly died of a cerebral hemorrhage, leaving him and his mother alone. Mother was sick from head to toe and lost her ability to work. If he fails the college entrance examination again, he really doesn’t know how to live. At that time, he had an idea in his mind that he must be admitted to the best university in China. He spent the whole half year in pain and even had a tendency to be slightly depressed. In addition to the regular school hours during the day, he has to study at 3:30 in the morning at night. He didn’t get enough sleep, so he chose time the next day to make up his sleep with fragmented time. When studying at home, I will put a fruit knife beside my desk.

I was startled when I listened. He said that every time he felt tired, he would use a small knife to make a shallow cut in his right arm, so that he could refresh his spirit and study again.

Only stabbing pain can awaken a person.

The group leader of the grade group asked him to share his experience, but clearly told him that because it was a mobilization meeting, he should show the most sunny and confident side. So he had to put away all those dark experiences and could only show the warmest side.

But it is extremely ironic that all these confidence and sunshine on the table are false. Those anxious, dark and morbid efforts hiding in the corner are the reason for his real success.

What impressed me most was what the senior said:

??“ You go to see those who share successful experiences. What they share is not the real reason for their success. Just like the iceberg theory, you can never see the tip of the iceberg without seeing most of its truth. Successful people will not tell the whole process of their efforts, because those things are too dark and painful. At that time, I was the only one who knew how hard I was& rdquo;


After I was admitted to graduate school, many students joined me on wechat. I hope I can share some successful experience. At that time, I realized that what the seniors said to me was extremely correct.

As a passer-by, I can share very limited things with others. I can teach them fish and fish, but I can’t show them all the process of my efforts. I can’t go around preaching my pain and perseverance.

Many people smile at me, saying I’m awesome, saying I’m great, but they don’t know the price I paid for the exam. That kind of empathy and understanding is thin, they can not do empathy.

One of the things that impressed me most was that I got chickenpox about 20 days before the countdown to the exam.

People who know about this disease should all know that it is a very painful disease and infectious. I have worked hard for one year, but now I am going to play, so I have to play. Fortunately, one of my college friends accompanied me to the hospital. Otherwise, I would fall down every minute.

I went to the hospital and entered the consulting room. As soon as the doctor saw my illness, he immediately took out a red book, which said: the register of infectious sources of the people’s Republic of China.

The doctor told me that chickenpox is highly contagious. I should go home early and lie down and sleep for a week before coming out.

In order not to affect my roommates and family, I took some review materials and stayed in a negative star hotel outside the school for a week. Chickenpox, gastritis and high fever seem to have been arranged and will occur simultaneously in a short time.

When I went to bed in the middle of the night, my forehead burned badly and my stomach was uncomfortable. I had to roll in bed to relieve myself. I rolled from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Then there was endless vomiting. He quickly ran into the toilet, held the edge of the toilet with his hand, and his face was facing the toilet. He vomited endlessly.

I really felt like I was spitting out the whole world and all my organs. I vomited until 6 a.m. and fell asleep with my head directly on the toilet. I slept soundly.

If in reality, this kind of story would not be told, because it would be hypocritical to say it, so we can only write articles to recall this kind of forced past.

In front of my younger siblings, I smiled and told them to come on. But after laughing, I couldn’t go any further. Because such a thing as suffering, like drinking water, knows the cold and the warm.

Those endless and long pains are dimmed, and they have already turned into a smile in front of everyone.


It is precisely because the strong man works hard in an invisible place that others will say: “ You see, he’s just lucky. He just has good family conditions. He may have opened the back door. To put it bluntly, he is just a pig on the wind, that’s all& rdquo;

They don’t understand that the so-called “cow force” is bought by hard force.

The reason why they are still intoxicated in mediocrity is that they dare not exchange with bitter force. They are afraid to lose, they are afraid to choose the only way, and they are afraid to find that they are nothing after exhausting their strength.

Even when the wind came, they would not move forward.

They had killed all the possibilities before they tried.

I applauded Amy for showing the screenshot of the news broadcast on the company in her circle of friends.

Because I know she deserves it.

Because she knows a basic rule of success: barter. What did you want? OK, please change it with something.

You want to succeed? You want a cow? Very good. Change it with hard work, and change it with the determination to be a hard worker.


Qibo said that at the end of the third season, the last one-on-one debate was “ Is laziness the light of mankind& rdquo;

After Jiang Sida and Huang Zhizhong finished their argument, Guodegang made such a concluding statement: “ If all the actors work hard, they will become Hou Baolin. But in this cross talk, there are seven sections and seven houbaolin. How do we arrange who will be the first and who will be the last. That’s how the Lord designed it. Some are the beginning, some are the middle, and some are the bottom. Those who are diligent should be diligent, and those who are lazy should have a good rest. This is the way of heaven& rdquo;

The number of cattle will always account for 2, and the number of non cattle will always account for 8.

I have to admit that it’s too hard to be a bull or to succeed. But there are always 20% of people who are willing to go against humanity, to fight against humanity, and to exchange the price for a successful garland.

There are always 80% of people who conform to human nature and live a life without accidents. This is really a very natural thing. This is the real state of ordinary people.

As time goes on, the distance between these two kinds of people will become larger and larger.

The cause may just be that in those years, the lazy man did some ordinary things step by step.

As for the future bully, he began to be patient and accept to do something hard.

He began to understand that the glittering bullies had to be replaced with cold, painful and less dignified ones.

He began to understand that the birth of good things was based on some kind of sacrifice.

Because the existence of those bullies is by no means accidental.

Author: Lu Jiji, neurotic screenwriter, absurd writer, recommended author of brief book. Have more shortcomings than ordinary people, but try to give the beauty of poetry to others. Official account: personal experience

The gap between you and the bullies is not only in your ability. The so-called bullies are all fools who have been forced by hard work. You will see the effect of bullies

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