Behind the falsification of nucleic acid detection!

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After the Beijing police continuously investigated and dealt with the suspected crimes of the “Beijing Park Stone” and “Beijing jinzhun” medical laboratory, on May 28, according to the clues transmitted by the health department, the Beijing police filed a case against “Beijing Zhongtong LANBO medical laboratory Co., Ltd.”.

Compared with the problems exposed in primary and secondary school textbooks, the social harmfulness of false nucleic acid detection is no worse. The atrocity of the plot is equally heinous.

How can there be so no bottom line? In the face of this problem, I think many people, like me, think of Marx’s words in capital: if there is 50% profit, capital will take risks; 100% profit, it dares to trample all human laws; 300% of the profits, it dares to commit any crime. Although this passage is not original by Marx, it is consistent with the secret to be revealed in capital.

At this stage, we cannot oppose all capital indiscriminately. However, the falsification of nucleic acid detection has indeed raised several practical problems:

1. Where should the development boundary of non-public capital be drawn.

2. Is the field of national economy and people’s livelihood suitable for the existence of a large number of non-public capital?

3. If a large amount of capital is introduced into social public welfare undertakings, will the public welfare give way to the market? Will the internal impulse of capital profit interfere with and distort the nature of public welfare?



Marketization should also have boundaries, and so should the space of capital. This is especially true in special campaigns such as the fight against epidemics.

If we compare the fight against the COVID-19 to an extremely critical and particularly difficult war being waged in China. The role of nucleic acid detection is equivalent to the Reconnaissance Force in traditional war, that is, the reconnaissance radar in modern air war. Only when we find out where the enemy is in time and accurately can we deploy our forces, grasp the fighters and win the war.

What would happen if the Reconnaissance Force deliberately brought the troops into the ditch?

Moreover, the complexity of fighting against the new crown is not comparable to that of ordinary wars. In order to achieve rapid control and cut off the virus transmission chain, a large number of social resources need to be mobilized, which will affect the normal pace of study, work and life of many people.

The problem detected has the most direct impact on the decision-making. To fight against the new crown, we are afraid of “false negative” and “false positive”.

If an epidemic situation cannot be detected, it will quickly expand the transmission area with the high infectivity of novel coronavirus, and the difficulty and cost of epidemic prevention will increase exponentially.

The harm of “false positive” is not small. In order to quickly control the spread of the epidemic, closed management in small areas, communities or even larger areas is usually implemented, which will generate much social cost. If it is a larger range of “false positives”, it will directly mislead the decision-making body of epidemic prevention and include a larger range of urban areas in the static management state. This means that the normal operation of a large area of society has to be interrupted, children cannot go to school, and companies cannot operate normally. How much will the loss be?

In order to make more profits for the enterprise, falsifying the nucleic acid test results is really insane and heartless.

But the problem now is that one or two third-party testing agencies are not doing this. Beijing alone has identified three. Can the testing organizations in other places perform compliance testing? I dare not think more.

Some people have already mentioned the hidden rules of the industry. If this is true, it would be fatal. I hope it is not so serious.



Subjectively, we don’t want such a thing to happen again, but we can’t take chances. We need to find out the deep-seated causes of this situation first, and then find out targeted solutions.

As for the cause of the occurrence, Marx’s quotation in capital is already very explanatory.

At present, the third-party testing is mainly done by non-public enterprises. For the sake of higher profits, some of them “take risks in desperation”, dare to “trample on all human laws” and “dare to commit any crime” to make their country rich.

These responsible people are not born with moral problems. There is actually a question about the nature of capital.

Marx believed that the essence of capitalists is the personification of capital, and the purpose of capital is to earn profits; The capitalist himself becomes an entity controlled by the internal logic of capital. It seems that the capitalists are controlling the capital, but in fact, the capital is controlling the capitalists. Not only the laborers employed by capital are not free, but also the capitalists are not completely free. Without personal and external constraints, capitalists will not be able to control the internal impulse of capital and want to make more money after making a lot of money. Making money has become the only goal of life and the realization of value. In order to make money, it is possible to do anything by any means, as long as they believe that the income is greater than the cost and risk.

Of course, nothing can be generalized. Not all non-public enterprises will be the same as these testing institutions without a bottom line. After all, many enterprise controllers’ personal moral factors and reverence for the law can overcome the impulse of enterprises to obtain ill gotten gains and do not cross the legal red line.

For example, some entrepreneurs with the ambition of serving the country through industry and engaging in scientific and technological innovation, their goals are consistent with the grand theme of the country’s resurgence. I prefer to call them entrepreneurs. Huawei is not a state-owned enterprise, but it has won the respect of the society. They did not give up their basic position for the sake of profits, and made great contributions to breaking through the technical barriers of developed countries. China’s industrial upgrading is inseparable from the participation of a large number of private enterprises, who have made great contributions to breaking through the technological monopoly of developed countries.

However, in some public welfare fields related to people’s livelihood, the boundary of non-public capital is a problem that needs to be clarified.

The supervision of private enterprises in public welfare undertakings is a worldwide problem, and external supervision is very difficult. The enterprise controller should concentrate on some problems. He will have many ways to escape external supervision. Moreover, just like the problem teaching materials, whether the external supervision in the field of health care will fail is also a problem.

In the end, the police cracked down on the counterfeiting of nucleic acid detection institutions by filing a criminal case. It can be seen that the problem has been quite serious.

Up to now, China has become the largest “safety island” in the world. Hundreds of thousands or even millions of people have been spared the statistics of new crown deaths because of China’s institutional advantages and effective measures.

Because some non-public capital participated in a certain part of the fight against the epidemic, they made huge profits, which also brought uncertainties to our follow-up fight against the epidemic. The most vulnerable and possibly fatal link is actually detected by a third party.

First, the police in Xuchang, Henan Province reported that the majority of Internet users’ glasses were broken.


A community in Shanghai detected 13 new crown nucleic acid “positive” cases within one day. After review, they were all negative. After investigation, it was found that the false positives were all from the same institution. Although this institution has state-owned assets, the proportion of state-owned assets is very low, which reminds people of the common practice of state-owned enterprises holding minority equity as the enterprise platform in the early stage of real estate development and engineering construction in previous years.

Now it is Beijing again.

At present, nucleic acid detection is mainly done by non-public enterprises. It has long been suggested that these testing institutions may have problems in the testing process for the benefit of enterprises. I am worried that in order to reduce the cost, the testing institutions do not test according to the specifications, and many positive diagnoses that could have been screened are negative; Or, in order to prevent the epidemic from ending as soon as possible, test the originally negative ones as positive, so as to mislead the decision-making bodies, expand the testing scope and increase the testing times.

The most frightening thing is that some testing institutions, in order to maximize their interests, regardless of social responsibility and moral bottom line, can take risks in their own interests and artificially cause the virus to spread among the crowd. This is even more difficult to prevent.



As for the epidemic prevention and control, it requires multiple links in the society. If something goes wrong, it will easily lead to a total passive special war. How to ensure that the testing institutions do not become weak links is really a big problem.

The criminal strike means of public security organs can certainly play a deterrent role. I’m afraid no one can be so optimistic about whether this problem of fraud by testing agencies exists only in the cities where the problem is found. It is also difficult to say whether the heavy blows of the Beijing police can deter the testing institutions in other cities.

The implementation of a certain proportion of sampling inspection and re inspection will also play a certain role in supervising the testing institutions.

However, these measures are still a temporary solution on the whole.

Nucleic acid detection is a key link in the epidemic prevention and control system. It should be directly controlled by national non-profit organizations. This is the fundamental solution.

Only through direct state control can the conflict of interest between institutional profits and social epidemic prevention and control be solved to the greatest extent. For the sake of enterprise profits, enterprise managers are much less likely to take risks and trample on the legal bottom line. This is also the advantage of public ownership. With strong external supervision, this problem can be completely solved.

This matter is too big to ignore.

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