Behind this fierce debate, it is quite not simple!

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Original: Yin Guoming source: wechat official account: Mingren Mingcha has been authorized to reprint

I saw that many people who sang praises to gorba were repeating the Western propaganda tone with one voice. They hated the Soviet Union, which had not become social imperialism before the revision, and the main leaders of the Soviet Union in this era. They attacked and blackened the first socialist regime in human history with the most vicious language they could think of. They also highly praised Gorbachev for ending the Soviet Union. If they belittled the Soviet Union as an anti human country, Gorbachev would naturally have to be elevated to be the Savior of mankind. Behind the pros and cons is their stance on western capital. From their vicious curse on the Soviet Union, we can see how much they fear socialism.

They did not mention it at all, because the existence of the Soviet Union gave workers around the world hope and put great pressure on all capitalist countries at that time to improve working conditions, increase labor remuneration and establish a social welfare system; At the same time, because the Soviet Union supported the world’s national liberation movement, it gave a heavy blow to the Western colonial system. They also completely ignore or pretend to ignore that the Soviet Union and China have become the countries that sacrificed the most and paid the most in the world’s anti fascist war. The Soviet Union is also the most important deliverer of European countries from fascist rule. They only remember the performance of the United States in participating in the anti fascist camp in order to reap benefits in the late stage of World War II, but completely forget the support of the United States to the German Nazi and Japanese militarist forces before World War II and in the early stage of China’s Anti Japanese war. The United States first supported fascism, and then joined the anti fascist camp after fascism began to decline. Betting on both sides, making money from arms and war. Major countries in the world are dying because of the war. Only the United States has taken advantage of the situation to become the strongest country in the world. It is really a good business. After World War II, the United States was the most belligerent country. How many presidents of the United States have not launched wars? After Japan, the United States has a strong interest in bacteriological warfare and biological warfare. It is only the United States that is most qualified to compete for the most evil country in the world.

Those who cursed the Soviet Union with the most vicious language should praise and worship those American and Western countries that really committed monstrous crimes. Even if it is these countries they praise that are organizing groups to contain China, it will not prevent them from doing so. This is a group that regards subversion of right and wrong as daily life. Just as they slander the founder of socialism and praise the terminator of socialism. Just because they represent the position of western capital and Western countries.

They eulogized Gorbachev on the Chinese Internet only because China has not become the second disintegrating Soviet Union, but has become a strategic competitor that makes the United States uneasy. These people cheering for gorba on the Chinese Internet are also sparing no effort to oppose China’s epidemic policy and divide the strategic cooperative relationship between China and Russia. What they are doing is not that eunuchs are anxious for the emperor?

Because China has developed to the present, from trump to Biden, the United States has ignored the free market economic principles and the spirit of contract that it has always touted, and has launched trade wars, science and technology wars, and supply chain sanctions against China by playing rogues and robbers, which have not stopped China’s progress. The financial war that the United States is best at also cannot be effectively implemented because China has taken precautions, called for the suspension of free exchange of capital account at the critical moment, stressed the prevention of financial systemic risks, and retained the necessary financial firewall.

Moreover, the time is not on the US side, and the time left for them to contain China is running out. Under such circumstances, the United States and the West have no effective way but to hope that China will follow the Soviet Union’s lead and explode. Therefore, it has become the most important and urgent task of the KMT haters to cooperate with the outside and induce China to follow the Soviet Union’s suicide model. It is for this purpose to correct Gorbachev’s name and praise him.

Chairman Mao once said that we should support what the enemy opposes and oppose what the enemy supports. When we are faced with complex problems, we can use this simple and effective method to make judgments, which is almost right. If those who usually wish that China would collapse immediately are praising Gorbachev, then I should know what these people are doing to hold Gorbachev up in the sky..

If Gorbachev’s name is corrected in China, which is tantamount to subverting socialism and even splitting China into several parts, and the legitimacy of his behavior is recognized by many people, what risks will it pose for China to guard against color revolution and peaceful evolution?

What China needs to take special precautions against now is not all kinds of external blockades by the United States, but the conspiracy of internal and external forces to let China explode. The first thing is to prevent China from being peacefully evolved.

After years of planning by the enemy at home and abroad, we can not say that we are as solid as gold and can rest easy in this respect. Our textbooks have been infiltrated. What reason can we relax our vigilance in this respect now?

This is why Gorbachev can never get his name corrected in China. Similarly, the reason why the Soviet Union cannot be demonized regardless of the facts is also this. Because if the Soviet Union is really said to be an anti human country, and if the Soviet socialism is really said to be an anti human system, Gorbachev is not only a sinner, but also a hero.

If these people curse the Soviet Union, which gradually degenerated into Social Imperialism after Khrushchev’s anti Stalinism, that’s all. On the contrary, they praised the key figures who led to the distortion of the Soviet Union, from Khrushchev to Gorbachev. They have the greatest hatred for the Soviet Union before Khrushchev came to power. This has exposed their pro capital stance.

Before Khrushchev took power, the Soviet Union had many problems and shortcomings, but anyway, the Soviet Union was also the most progressive country in the world at that time. Neither the European countries that launched the first and second world wars at that time nor the United States, which supported Nazi Germany and Japanese militarism, could compare with the progressiveness of the Soviet Union. If the Soviet Union, which has made great or even greatest contributions to anti fascism, is described as an anti human country in the world, then what are these countries that have launched two world wars, supported Nazis and made great war profits?

After all, the Soviet Union was the first socialist country, and many of its attempts were social experiments. There was no experience to learn from, so it had to grope for experience from scratch and form a model. Moreover, the external environment of the Soviet Union was very bad at that time. The Soviet Union was surrounded by capitalist powers. Britain and the United States supported Nazi Germany to actively prepare for war and deal with the Soviet Union. At that time, the only way for the Soviet Union to survive was to achieve industrialization by all possible means and build a strong national defense on this basis. The time left for the Soviet Union to prepare was very short. Even though the Soviet Union completed industrialization in a flash, the speed of development still could not keep up with the need to stop the war.

If you were Stalin, would you have a better way to develop the Soviet Union’s heavy industry and military industry besides exhausting all means? At that time, the Soviet Union took some extreme measures and radical phenomena as an important reason. Among them, Stalin’s personal character and level, but objective factors can not be ignored. If the Soviet Union could not withstand the attack of Nazi Germany and perish according to the methods of those who thought they were superior to Stalin, the whole of Europe would fall completely under the rule of fascism. If Germany and Japan unite again, can the world still count on the United States to save the world? Think about how many people would die because of Nazi occupation?

We can criticize Stalin and the Soviet Union for their mistakes, but if we have to describe Stalin and the Soviet Union under his leadership as anti human countries, then we can truly stand on the anti human position.

Therefore, Chairman Mao’s evaluation of Stalin was the most objective and fair: three mistakes and seven achievements. He also said that the Stalin issue was “a phenomenon of the international communist movement with the characteristics of the times”. Therefore, “we should look at Stalin from the perspective of history”.

This evaluation of Stalin also applies to the Soviet Union under his leadership.

There are probably several reasons why some nationalists want to wash Gorbachev’s land:

One is that Gorbachev’s termination of the Soviet Union is a great benefit to China’s geopolitical environment. In this regard, the socialists do not deny that the overall situation has improved from the perspective of God. But in fact, it is not so absolute. The Soviet Union disintegrated, the honeymoon period between China and the United States ended, and China became the main target of the next peaceful evolution. Russia once had the idea of joining NATO and integrating into the West. If the United States and the West did not insist on weakening Russia on this issue, China’s geopolitical environment might be even more dangerous.

Second, they believe that the Soviet system fundamentally has insurmountable defects, so they believe that the Soviet Union that Gorbachev took over has become incurably ill. On this issue, some (only some) Chinese nationalists and China’s Nationalist Party are actually in line with the mainstream views of the West. In this part of nationalists, there are two sides:

On the one hand, they sincerely hope that China will become strong, which is fundamentally different from the party that hates the country; On the other hand, they believe in their hearts that China can achieve national rejuvenation and unprecedented changes in a century without socialism. They also do not know or care why the KMT hate party has repeatedly affirmed and praised Gorbachev and discredited the Soviet Union on the Chinese media platform. Just as they only care about the growth of China’s economic aggregate and overall strength, they do not care about internal distribution. They do not know the internal distribution problem, which fundamentally determines the height of development that China can achieve and the sustainable time to maintain its peak state. Many of them hope to practice Chinese imperialism after China becomes strong.

Therefore, as for the path through which China can truly and persistently become strong and what to do after becoming strong, nationalists can easily become Chinese imperialists or nationalists. But they don’t think about it. How can the road of hegemony last? If it can last for a long time, why will the British Empire and the United States decline from the peak?

As mentioned above, they also do not seem to realize that if Gorbachev gets his name corrected in China, the fatal threat will far exceed the improvement in China’s geopolitics brought about by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Many people believe that it is not harmful to China to exonerate Gorbachev and completely deny Stalin and the Soviet Union under his leadership. They do not know that behind the differences in how China’s public opinion views Gorbachev, there is actually a major issue related to what path China should take. And this issue has a bearing on China’s future.

With the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence, if socialist policies are not implemented, traditional machines and artificial intelligence will completely exclude workers from the economic and other fields, resulting in serious unemployment and social involution. Through the implementation of the socialist policy, artificial intelligence will reduce the amount of labor, so that people can have more time to rest or develop their hobbies. It is not a dream to work four or three days a day. The assumption of Marxism is getting closer and closer to the possibility of realization. If not, the more advanced the technology, the more likely it will be to become the reason for the intensification of employees’ involution. Now the unemployment rate of young people in many countries is close to or above 20%. If this problem is not solved, the cornerstone of national stability and development will be shaken. Only talking about nationalism can not bring long-term stability to China. Even if national rejuvenation is achieved, the foundation will be unstable.

Socialism is China’s best choice.

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