Beijing cracks down on entertainment venues across the city, opens investigation into “Paradise Supermarket Bar”

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According to the client of Beijing Daily, in order to block the spread of the virus as quickly as possible, the city’s bars, nightclubs, KTVs, Internet cafes and other entertainment venues will be quickly inspected, and all underground spaces and unqualified entertainment venues will be closed. Strengthen supervision and inspection. All public places must strictly implement individual temperature measurement and code scanning verification. Bright codes cannot be used instead of scanning codes. Scanning codes such as nucleic acid negative certificates within 72 hours must be checked to ensure “four parties’ responsibilities”. It must be scanned, checked every time it is scanned, and no one will be missed.” Together, they will build a dense network of epidemic prevention and control in the capital.

In view of the cluster epidemic caused by the “Paradise Supermarket Bar”, the city’s cultural and tourism, health, business, market supervision, public security, cultural law enforcement and other departments have formed a joint investigation team to investigate the “Paradise Supermarket Bar” in accordance with the law. investigate.

A close contact of the current round of the epidemic in Beijing recounted: There were so many people in the Paradise Supermarket bar, and almost no one wore a mask inside.

Residents participate in nucleic acid testing at a nucleic acid testing point in Balizhuang Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, June 11. Xinhua News Agency

Recently, the Paradise Supermarket Bar at No. 6 Gongti West Road in Beijing has become the focus of the current round of the epidemic in Beijing.

At the press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing held on the 11th, Xu Hejian, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Government, said that the recent outbreak of a cluster epidemic in Paradise Supermarket and Bar in Beijing is once again a cause for concern. We have sounded the alarm, the capital’s epidemic prevention and control must not be slack in the slightest, and the string of epidemic prevention and control must always be tightened. At the same time, it is necessary to sieve out the risks associated with the epidemic in Paradise supermarket bars. It is necessary to quickly check not only all the personnel who have been to Paradise Supermarket Bar during the control period, but also to quickly check the places and related personnel that these personnel have visited afterward, comprehensively and thoroughly check the risk personnel and risk points, and continue to carry out the traceability work synchronously. Do a good job in environmental sampling, virus whole genome sequencing, big data investigation and comparison, pinpoint the source of infection, and find out all potential hidden dangers.

At the same time, the outside world is full of curiosity about this store, which cannot be distinguished from the name of a supermarket or a bar. Paradise Supermarket has a high reputation in the Beijing bar circle. On some social media, Paradise Supermarket has been labeled as “Beijing Super Internet Red Bar”, “Best Bar for Beginners”, “Beijing’s Hottest Drinking Gathering Place” and “Beer Supermarket Paradise on Earth”.

Because of the word “supermarket” in the name, unfamiliar people can easily mistake this place for an ordinary supermarket.

In fact, Paradise Supermarket Bar was indeed a convenience store in the beginning, mainly selling foreign wine, called “Paradise Convenience Store”, and then changed its name to “Paradise Supermarket” and gradually developed into a bar, while retaining the business model of a supermarket. .

A Fei (pseudonym), who often frequents the bar street of Gongti West Road, told reporters that the location on the right side of the entrance of the Paradise Supermarket Bar against the wall is the “supermarket area”, with a row of wine cabinets with various wines in it; At the counter, the boss checks out here, ice buckets, drinks, dice, and snacks are also taken here, and other places are filled with large and small tables, with tables for four and six.

In the eyes of some people, Paradise Supermarket Bar is relatively “down-to-earth” in the bar street. Zhao Xi (pseudonym), who goes to work every month for drinks, said, “A bottle of ordinary beer here is 25 yuan, and a pair of dice is 10 yuan. Compared with the price of 30 yuan a bottle of Sprite in other nightclubs, it is indeed a lot cheaper. .”

So, how did this bar become the focus of this round of epidemic in Beijing? Amy (pseudonym), a close contact, said in an interview that at around 10 p.m. on June 6, he accompanied his friends to Sanlitun to talk about things, and a group of three went to the Paradise Supermarket Bar that night. Amy recalled that the service staff of the Paradise Supermarket bar would ask people entering the bar to scan the health code, but they didn’t look carefully, just a symbolic glance. Amy also said that on the evening of the 6th, almost no one in the bar in Paradise Supermarket wore masks except for the staff.

“After I went in, I found that almost no one was wearing a mask except the staff, and some people were hanging around the table to play, so I didn’t dare to take off the mask.” In Amy’s impression, the interior space of the Paradise Supermarket bar is very spacious. It’s big, the tables are densely arranged, and they sit closer to the bar. “The bar is very crowded, almost full.”

That day, Amy and the other three stayed at the Paradise Supermarket bar for about an hour. On June 9, Amy received a call and learned that she had become a close contact, and then entered centralized isolation. At present, Amy’s nucleic acid test results are all normal.

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