Beijing love story Yang Mi insists on changing the character name for unexpected reasons

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Beijing love story was very popular at that time. Yang Mi was already very popular when she appeared in this play, but she was still willing to play a supporting actress in this play. The reason behind Yang Mi’s insistence on changing his character’s name in Beijing love story is really unexpected. I’ll reveal it today.

Beiai Yang Mi insists on changing the role name

Yang Mi’s Weibo avatar is still a stills of her love story in Beijing. Her role in this play is called Yang Zixi. However, when the play was first put on record, Yang Zixi’s character name was actually Li Menglu. Later, Yang Mi insisted on changing the name of Li Menglu, which was also revealed after Li Yaling, a Beijing love story writer, broke up with Chen Sicheng

Why is Yang Mi unwilling to use this name? Yang Mi plays Li Chen’s ex girlfriend in the play, a complete villain and a girl who is particularly money worshipping. Li Chen’s ex girlfriend has Niu Mengmeng and Li Xiaolu. Li Menglu’s name is completely the combination of Niu Mengmeng and Li Xiaolu’s names. If Yang Mi doesn’t change the name of Li Menglu, Li Menglu will certainly be considered to be the connotation of Li Chen’s two ex girlfriends after the broadcast. Chen Sicheng is also one of the screenwriters of Beijing love stories. It is hard not to think that the name Li Menglu is intentional.

Uncover the reasons why Yang Mi changed the role name in beiai

Maybe Chen Sicheng is to give his brother Li Chen “ Revenge ”, Deliberately write a Li Menglu to disgust Niu Mengmeng and Li Xiaolu. Yang Mi is a smart man and must understand the truth. Although Yang Mi and Niu Mengmeng had no intersection, Yang Mi and Li Xiaolu were very close for a while. At that time, they were “ Teddy family sister group ” Members of. Although this group was roast that it was a plastic sister group, and Yang Mi was alienated from others in the group, when it was time to avoid suspicion, Yang Mi would still choose to avoid suspicion.

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