Beijing, steady!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

Since May 28, this round of epidemic in Beijing has achieved “social clearance” for two consecutive days. I believe many people will be the same as me. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. At present, this wave of epidemic in Beijing has entered the final stage. As long as we make persistent efforts to strictly prevent the rebound of the epidemic, this pass will be over.

To tell the truth, in the face of the strong concealment and infectivity of the Omicron mutant strain, experts were quite confident about the effectiveness of China’s original epidemic prevention measures at the beginning, but ordinary people may inevitably murmur in their hearts after experiencing the Shanghai epidemic.

At present, Shanghai is a special case, which is equivalent to the biggest encounter for China’s epidemic prevention after the mutation of novel coronavirus, similar to Wuhan in early 2020. In the face of Omicron, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and other places continued to respect science and implemented the epidemic prevention policy of “dynamic clearing”, all of which achieved success.

Under the circumstances that all new crown vaccines in the world are difficult to effectively block the infection in the face of virus mutation, and lack of new crown specific drugs with low prices and outstanding effects, China has continued to take scientific and effective public health and epidemic prevention measures on the basis of extensive vaccination in the early stage, and has effectively controlled the epidemic situation. This shows that the “dynamic clearance” epidemic prevention strategy implemented by China is still effective even in the face of Omicron, which will undoubtedly greatly enhance the confidence of all parts of China in dealing with Omicron.

It is believed that relevant experts have summarized the epidemic prevention experience of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and other places in the face of Omicron. During this time, I have been in Beijing. Personally, I have several obvious feelings:

First, in the face of the COVID-19, the whole society must unify its thinking and act in unison. This wave of epidemic in Beijing began to break out gradually in late April. From the beginning, Beijing resolutely implemented the policy of “dynamic clearing”. No matter the decision-makers, the executors or the general public, they have no entanglement, debate, repetition or hesitation. Instead, they have clear goals, control the speed with speed, and try their best to race against the virus. This is an important basis for Beijing to always control the number of people infected every day by dozens through large-scale nucleic acid testing, and finally achieve the result of “social clearance”.

Second, the Beijing epidemic first broke out in Chaoyang, Shunyi, Fangshan, Tongzhou and other places, and finally spread to almost all regions. In the face of epidemic situation

Beijing is determined to control the disease quickly. Through “inspection, separation, collection and treatment”, it strives to find the virus from the crowd and try its best to stay ahead of the virus. This is an important reason why the epidemic has not broken out in Beijing on a large scale. In this process, the government’s epidemic prevention departments, medical workers, volunteers and other personnel directly or indirectly involved in epidemic prevention have made great efforts. It’s really not easy. Everyone has worked hard!

Third, in this wave of epidemic, Beijing has clearly implemented zoning and hierarchical control from the very beginning, and made efforts to avoid “closing the city” while ensuring the normal operation of the city’s core functions; At the same time, efforts should be made to slow down the pace of social operation through various ways to reduce the risk of virus spread. In hindsight, this strategy is scientific and effective. Measures such as precise sealing and control, home office, prohibition of food in restaurants, and the closure of crowded shopping malls in areas with more cases have all achieved practical results. Of course, the epidemic has brought obvious impact on catering, offline retail and other industries. Relevant enterprises and individuals have made great sacrifices in order to cooperate with epidemic prevention. It is expected that these industries will achieve a rapid recovery after the outbreak in Beijing is completely controlled. It is also expected that relevant departments will introduce assistance programs for them as soon as possible to support them to tide over the difficulties.

Fourth, how to improve the accuracy of nucleic acid detection is also a key issue in the process of this round of confrontation between Beijing and Omicron. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the training of nucleic acid collection personnel to ensure that the collection process is scientific and effective; On the other hand, Beijing has also found and punished some testing institutions that have violated laws and regulations in the process of nucleic acid testing. This practice of Beijing has a strong warning effect on other places. If the nucleic acid test results are not accurate, it will greatly increase the difficulty of epidemic prevention, and every day the epidemic continues, it will be a huge loss to the economy. In hindsight, it may be that without the illegal operation of these nucleic acid testing institutions, some acid testing results may not be accurate, and Beijing may usher in “social clearance” earlier.

Beijing has basically controlled this round of epidemic. The most positive effect is that, on the one hand, it has strengthened the confidence of all parts of the country to continue to implement the “dynamic clearance” epidemic prevention strategy; On the other hand, it actually protects the life safety of the people in the capital, especially the elderly and other health vulnerable groups, which is also the greatest value of “dynamic zeroing”.

Next, all parts of the country should improve the vaccination rate of the elderly as soon as possible, which is the most effective means to reduce severe cases and deaths, and also one of the prerequisites for the scientific and orderly liberalization of Chinese society in the future.

Other parts of the country should study Beijing’s experience in this anti epidemic campaign in detail to ensure that the policy of “dynamic clearance” is implemented on a scientific basis. We should not only try to control the epidemic, but also try not to go to the step of “closing the city”, let alone engage in formalistic anti epidemic actions of “layer upon layer” and “one size fits all”.

On the basis of effective control of the epidemic, Beijing will face the important task of “stabilizing the economy”. In the first quarter of 2022, Beijing’s GDP actually increased by 4.8% year-on-year. In the second quarter, affected by the epidemic, Beijing’s GDP growth is expected to decline significantly. In order to achieve the annual economic growth and the goals of ensuring employment and people’s livelihood, Beijing needs to continue to make efforts in the rest of this year. It is hoped that the industries and enterprises affected by this epidemic will receive necessary support. Everyone made sacrifices in order to cooperate with the fight against the epidemic. After overcoming difficulties together, we will work together to create a better future.

While Beijing strives to implement the “dynamic clearance” policy, Taiwan, China province of China has also ushered in a new wave of epidemic peak. Taiwan has basically adopted a “lying flat” strategy similar to that of western countries. At present, the epidemic is still developing rapidly, and the number of newly diagnosed cases in a single day is around 89, 000. Subsequent large-scale death cases are events with high probability. In the past few days, the news that some Taiwanese children died of the epidemic has caused a great impact on Taiwanese society. Experience around the world has repeatedly shown that in the face of the consequences of choosing to “lie flat” in the face of the epidemic, it is an indisputable fact that some of the old, weak, sick and disabled must pay the price of their lives.


Next, the virus may mutate. The best result is that after Omicron, a mutant strain with weaker toxicity appears, and finally the virus and human beings can “coexist” scientifically. At the same time, the research and development of the world’s second-generation new crown vaccine and specific drugs for the new crown also need to be accelerated. They are the most powerful weapons for mankind to finally overcome the epidemic.

At this moment, please take care and let’s look forward to the early passing of the epidemic. During this period, we also need each of us to strictly abide by the provisions of epidemic prevention and make our own contributions to the “dynamic clearing”.

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