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Author: Sheng Tang Rusong source: wechat official account: shopkeeper’s Dao has been authorized for reprinting

The day before yesterday, Russia announced that due to natural gas leakage, beixi-1 would stop supplying gas to Germany indefinitely. In response, Eric mamer, a spokesman for European Union president von der Leyen, pointed out that “Gazprom announced this afternoon that it once again closed the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline under the wrong excuse, which once again confirmed the company’s unreliability as a supplier.”

Von der Leyen was once one of the successors that Merkel had high hopes for. But later he was forced to give up the successor of the German Chancellor because of academic plagiarism. Instead, he competed for the presidency of the European Commission. It is said that most of the von der Leyen couple and their seven children have acquired American nationality. In fact, she was also an American before she was 13 years old, and only after that did she become a German. Such a strange existence has led her, as president of the European Commission, to become an out and out spokesperson of the United States. I think this is probably the main reason why she was disliked by the Germans after she became Merkel’s successor. Fortunately, in today’s world, especially in the western world, as long as you are loyal to the United States, you will always get a bone to chew. Von der Leyen is just like that.

Since the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, von der Leyen has been the most staunch pro american who abandoned Russia. She has always been a staunch opponent of the needs of European countries for Russian energy. And implemented the policy of sending Russian energy to the maximum within the EU, that is, even if Germans burn firewood for the winter, it is better to stop importing energy from Russia. Therefore, even if Russia completely cut off the gas supply of beixi-1 this time, she still instructed her spokesperson to make the above remarks. The implication is that Russia’s cut-off of supply this time can only prove that her previous policy is correct, that is, Russia is not a reliable energy partner, so the EU should find another way as soon as possible and resolutely.

But where is the way out for Europe’s energy? Do we really need firewood for the winter? Von der Leyen can’t give a solution. He just wants everyone to use less gas and bathe less. On the contrary, the energy re export trade of Americans to Europe has made great profits in the past half year. For this alone, the Americans should give von der Leyen a one ton medal. If you look at von der Leyen from the perspective of a sober German and a sober European, she can be regarded as an out and out European traitor. However, it is precisely this kind of European traitor that is popular and in high positions in Europe at present. Under the guidance of this phenomenon, European traitors have become popular in Europe, and pro american has become a fashion in European politics.

Of course, the reason why Europeans are pro american is due to many reasons. On the one hand, Europe and the United States are of the same origin. The hegemony of white people over the world has lasted for hundreds of years. Their own racial pride makes it easier for them to identify with the race and be One-minded and exclusive. Secondly, based on the two “rescues” of Europe by the United States, it is easy for Europeans to get the impression that the United States is the Savior of Europe. Now that Europe is experiencing a crisis again, it is not surprising that they put their hopes on the Americans first. Secondly, after so many years of integration of European and American capital, Wall Street capital has already controlled most of European capital in the international war. The allocation of European and American industries has also gone through many years of running in. The economic, trade and financial relations between the two sides are quite close. Europeans do not have the courage and capital to give up the United States and turn to independence. Of course, there are other reasons why Europe and the United States have to stand closer together. However, there is one point. At present, the emergence of large-scale European traitors in Europe makes it impossible for Europe to make any decision that runs counter to the interests of the United States. What’s more, after Merkel’s retirement, there is no one in European politics who can confront the United States. Macron has also proved that he is a counselor against the United States.

As for German Chancellor Scholz, even if he has his own ideas, he can not stand the large number of European traitors in the current cabinet, not to mention that von der Leyen, the so-called spokesman of Germany in the EU, is still one of the largest European traitors in Europe. Therefore, at present, Germany only has a flat portion. Even if someone in Germany froze to death this winter, Scholz did not dare to really reach a decision with Russia to open Nord Stream 2. Of course, with his current weight in the cabinet, even if he has the courage, he is not able to promote this matter. In the end, the German people can only do this by themselves. Undoubtedly, if Europe wants to turn around, it must also rely on the Europeans themselves. But after nearly three years of the epidemic era, I have little hope for the consciousness and clarity of thinking of Westerners.

In view of this, in the next few years, Europe seems to have a dead end. Even if they give up carbon neutrality, it will be difficult to return to the state before the Russia Ukraine war. Without it, after several years of epidemic, war and energy shortage. It is an inevitable fact that European industries are moving out and reallocating. The most prominent phenomenon is that Hungary, which insists on not sanctioning Russia, because energy can be guaranteed, industries originally in Germany, France, the Netherlands and other countries may set up factories in Hungary, and China has also reached an industrial cooperation agreement with Hungary. If the European energy crisis continues to be unresolved, Hungary will certainly become one of the biggest beneficiaries. It can not be said that Hungary can surpass Germany, France, the Netherlands and other countries. However, in three or five years, its voice within the EU should not be underestimated.

On the other hand, Germany’s weak performance in the Russian Ukrainian war made Poland dare to mention the issue of World War II compensation again. This is not a matter of more money and less money, but a serious challenge to Germany’s authority in the EU, which was hard won in the decades after the war. If Germany loses this authoritative position, it means that the phenomenon of power separation within the EU will become more and more intense. In the end, the EU will lose its core, thus surviving in name and even falling apart.

The suspension of beixi-1 will accelerate the occurrence of this phenomenon no matter what considerations Russia takes. In fact, the trend of the United States folding its wings is becoming more and more obvious on whether it is the United States folding its wings or China and Russia weakening. Some people say that the United States hopes to weaken Europe and then control it better. This view seems reasonable, but in fact it is just an armchair. They did not take into account the reality of Europe and the United States. As we have said before, Europe has actually been tightly controlled by the United States. Originally, Chirac of France can fight, and then Merkel of Germany can struggle. After these two people fade out of European politics one after another, the United States can basically control European politics. There is simply no need to weaken it, divide it and rule it. In doing so, the United States is only trying to fatten its own body, but it will undoubtedly hurt its own wings if it does so. But at present, it seems that the United States can hardly find a better balance between fattening itself and losing its wings.

Italians burn energy bills in protest

Of course, Europe and the United States have a common dream at present, that is, to finally destroy Russia, so that all problems can be solved. But whether Europe can wait until that day and whether Russia will give them a chance is another matter. Today in Prague square, a large number of Czechs demanded the dissolution of the current government. High energy prices have made it impossible for these people to live a normal life. Or the energy shortage can not make the European people live or die, but it can certainly make their lives difficult. Not all of these Europeans like outdoor firewood choppers. The vast majority of Europeans are bound to shiver in the cold and eventually pour their grievances on the government and the EU. After all, Russia has not hit them. Why should they bear the price for the Ukrainians? Similarly, people in Italy are burning energy bills in the streets today. Faced with such high energy unit prices, Westerners who pay attention to the spirit of contracts simply burn the bills and refuse to acknowledge them. Is this an embodiment of the Western revolutionary spirit? Or is it the regression explosion of rogue quality? I hope some friends can explain.

The beixi-1 has just been shut down, and the energy stick in Russia’s hands has just been waved. European politicians, while shouting that Russia should respect the spirit of contract, are trying to sever energy relations with Russia. It’s like when a butcher kills a pig, he can’t hold down the fat pig, but asks the pig not to move when he forbids the butcher’s knife. Russia, which has no hope of further results on the battlefield, has begun its preparations for the post war era. That is, to use sanctions against sanctions, and to cut off gas against refuse gas.

At this time, the supply of Beixi No. 1 was cut off. Obviously, Putin still left some opportunities for Europe. That is, before winter comes, I hope they have time to make their own arrangements and actively negotiate peace matters with Russia. In more than a month, Europe’s winter will come, and Russia, which has been fighting for nearly a year, should also rest for a period of time.

However, at a time when European traitors are prevalent, Russia’s deterrence and the livelihood needs of its own people may not be able to make these traitors change their doctrine. Of course, they have no ability to change it. Therefore, the next Europe is bound to embark on a turbulent road. Looking back, or they have entered the ranks of developing countries.

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