Believe in miracles

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Inspirational story: believe in miracles

A newspaper in the United States published such an advertisement: “ One dollar for a luxury car ”

Harry was half convinced when he saw the advertisement: “ Today is not April Fool’s Day& rdquo; However, he still took a dollar and looked for it according to the address provided in the newspaper.

In front of a very beautiful villa, Harry knocked on the door.

A noble young woman opened the door for him. After asking him what she wanted, the young woman took Harry to the garage, pointed to a brand-new limousine and said: “ Here it is& rdquo;

The first thought that flashed through Harry’s mind was: “ It’s a broken car& rdquo; He said: “ Madam, may I have a test drive& rdquo;

??“ Of course& rdquo; So Harry drove around in his car. Everything was normal.

??“ This car is not stolen, is it& rdquo; Harry asked for a car photo, and the young woman showed it to him.

So Harry paid a dollar. He was still puzzled when he tried to knock it off. He said: “ Madam, can you tell me why& rdquo;

The young woman sighed and said: “ Alas, to tell you the truth, this is my husband’s legacy. He left all his inheritance to me. Only this car belongs to his mistress. However, in his will, he gave me the right to sell the car, and the money he sold to his mistress &mdash& mdash; So I decided to sell it for a dollar.

It dawned on Harry that he drove home happily in his car. On the way, Harry met his friend Tom. Tom asked curiously about the origin of the car. When Harry finished, Tom collapsed to the ground: ” Oh, God, I saw this ad a week ago& ldquo;

Life experience:

Anything can happen. Those who can’t believe in miracles, how can they achieve miracles!

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