Besides military affairs, what is the strategic significance of launching the third aircraft carrier?

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Author: xiafeijun source: feijunsixianghui (id:feijunsixianghui)

No. 003 was launched. It was named Fujian warship. It was even more fascinating. The island opposite should be in a panic at the moment.

In fact, I don’t need a big guy to clean up the island. I think too highly of the force of fetal poison and its master. In my opinion, the significance of 003 and even the future 004, 005, 006… Is more in the two aspects of safeguarding overseas rights and interests and expanding outside (out of the internal volume).

Before talking about this, let’s first look at the significance of 003 launching from the military level, because military and force are the support of any foreign action. Readers who have a good understanding of military affairs can skip over and start with the second part.


First, only three aircraft carriers can truly form combat effectiveness. One is on the way, the other is on the way back to port, the other is in the dock for maintenance and repair, and a group of three is the real combat power. The three aircraft carrier battle groups can do many things at the same time, such as one regularly patrols in the theater, one goes to the depths of the Pacific Ocean, and one makes “friendly visits” along the maritime Silk Road.

Second, the new aircraft carrier can see further, because there are fixed wing early warning aircraft that can launch and take off, and the expansion of the warning radius is very important. In today’s world, there are only a few aircraft carriers with fixed wing early warning aircraft. Except for several fleets of Eagle sauce, other fleets met 003 at sea. People are myopic. We are not. This is asymmetric warfare.

Third, the new aircraft carrier aircraft is more fierce. Electronic ejection take-off can make the fighter full of ammunition, full of fuel, and greatly improve its combat capability.

Fourth, the 055 large drive, together with the 003, can form a command center for mutual backup with powerful data link and communication capabilities, playing the role of a combat power multiplier.

Recently, we have become more confident. For example, the government declared that there is no central line in the Taiwan Strait, and the Taiwan Strait is clearly not an international sea area. Hard words need the support of hard power. With the listing of 003, 004 and 005, we will become harder and harder.


General, we no longer have to stand on tiptoe to see other people’s aircraft carriers!

Well, I’m not a military expert. I’ll just talk about these points from the face to face. After the military level is over, the focus is on the following.


Let’s talk about strengthening the Navy and safeguarding overseas rights and interests. Let’s first look at two sets of data.

In 2021, the total volume of Global trade was $28.5 trillion, and China’s total international trade was $6.06 trillion, accounting for 21.26% of the total global trade. This proportion is still increasing.

In 2021, China’s foreign direct investment in the whole industry reached 145.19 billion US dollars. China’s investment – China’s infrastructure – China’s industry – China’s import has gradually matured in the vast Asia, Africa and Latin America region.

China has been the world’s largest importer of various metal minerals and oil for many years. Last year, China surpassed Japan to become the world’s largest importer of liquefied natural gas… If we have the bulk pricing power, we can save a lot of import costs. There is also a huge and heavy dollar seigniorage.

To protect the safety of shipping lanes, improve the pricing power of bulk commodities, lift the dollar seigniorage, and so on, all need a strong navy as a support.

Today, I saw several netizens say that building three ships will cost more money and should be used for people’s livelihood. It is really shortsighted. If we do not build more aircraft carriers, the losses and risks of overseas investment are far more than the money of several aircraft carriers; If there is no strong guard of sea power, people can easily change the law and find an excuse to check you and seal you up.

Among the various services, the Navy should be the one that earns money. It is necessary for the navy to establish overseas rights and interests, control the origin of international bulk goods, protect shipping lines, promote domestic currency, etc., which can bring real and huge benefits.

A sea power country on the right track should be a positive cycle of “the stronger the Navy – the more money the country makes – the more money it has to arm the navy”. I believe we will soon realize this positive cycle.


Let’s talk about the powerful navy and expansion, and get out of the inner circle.

In the previous article (the situation is grim, we must strive for incremental expansion! Feed the interior with overseas earnings, and strive for time and space), I said: internal volume is for stock, and external expansion is for incremental expansion. The more inside, the more outside.

Under the double impact of the epidemic and the external environment, the involution has intensified at a visible speed. How can we get out of the involution and stock game? It is best to address both the symptoms and the root causes. However, under the fierce big country game, time has been seriously compressed, and the root cause can not be achieved immediately. Therefore, we should first address the symptoms and then the root cause. The top priority is to expand and strive for increment.

Readers who are familiar with me know that I have been advocating building ships and building a strong ocean going navy to completely break the sea power of Anglo Saxon.

In fact, building a ship is only the first step. Having power and daring to use power are not the same thing. We must dare to use projective power, dare to shape the regional pattern, dare to control the regional order, and dare to show the existence of power… Only in this way can we finally go to the ocean, truly and effectively safeguard our overseas rights and interests, truly get out of the inner circle, and fight for enough space and interests overseas. Before the next decline cycle comes, Overseas interests can feed back the internal basic market.

The overseas interests mentioned here can be the industrial income, the income after the sharp rise of RMB settlement status, the income from other long-term sustainable technical services, standard rights, etc., and the income from overseas resources, energy, market, population, etc. covered by strong sea power, etc.

Professor Zhai Dongsheng made a very bold proposal last year, which was sneered at by many people: build 100 industrialized cities along the world’s coasts, each with a population of 10million, of which 1million technical and management jobs are Chinese, which can provide 100million modern jobs above the medium level for China. Turn around and turn inward at one stroke. Even if this scale is reduced a lot, whether it can be achieved or not is directly related to the size of the Navy. The stronger the Chinese Navy, the safer the Chinese who go out to work and do business, and the more jobs the Chinese can obtain from the world.

In fact, I don’t think this is a myth. This idea is very bold. It may not be realized in the short term, but it is more ambitious than most brick manufacturers in China. What we want and lack is this kind of strategic imagination. We must dare to think about many things before we can achieve them.


Build a ship, build a ship recklessly! Advance, advance by all means!

The so-called geopolitics and geo economy are not so complicated. Politics, especially geopolitics, is actually simple and cruel. You just build ships diligently, take small steps, and gradually increase the tonnage. As a result, when you look around, you will find that the contradictions around you disappear one by one.

In fact, you didn’t do anything but simply build a ship. However, you will find that the faces of the people around you are very ugly when you start building a ship. But when you cross a critical point, their faces suddenly become more beautiful, their words suddenly become more pleasant to hear, and the things you do suddenly become more shady. But you really didn’t do anything. You really just build a ship.

In fact, you didn’t do anything. You just simply built a ship. Some of the hell behaviors they had done before and some of the hell words they had said before disappeared automatically. They didn’t mention it, and you didn’t say it. They all thought nothing had happened. They went out to meet, lit a fire and lit a cigarette, exchanged greetings, pretended to laugh, and were friendly.

In fact, you didn’t do anything but simply build ships. At first, you will find that the expenditure is very large. Later, you will find that with the increasing size of your fleet, the expenditure in many other places has suddenly decreased or even disappeared. For example, some people used to say in the diplomatic field that they adhered to the one China principle because they did a lot of work privately. With the expansion of the fleet, You suddenly find that he will say this sentence automatically. There is no need to do any work at all. With the expansion of the fleet, the R & D cost is amortized. You find that building ships is getting cheaper and cheaper. If you increase and decrease, you may even make money.

In fact, you didn’t do anything. You just built a ship. You found that no one wanted to be friends with you before. You occasionally sent a text message from 10086. But now your phone doesn’t stop all day. There are too many fields to rush. You can’t care about it at all. You have to push some of them away and only go to the most famous ones.

In fact, you didn’t do anything. You just built a ship. You will find that your goods have suddenly become easier to sell. They have become in short supply. They have even been sold from cash to futures, from futures to priority trading rights, and from priority trading rights to priority trading options.

In fact, you didn’t do anything. You just built a ship. You found that everything was getting better. The sky was clear and sunny. There were more and more “friends” and fewer “enemies”.

Maybe this is the “no corner” of generosity, the “no success” of big tools, the “great music has the faintest notes, and the” invisible great form Is beyond shape “.

Build a ship! Build a ship!

forward! forward!

Bury the old order and establish a new order!



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