Bian que saw that CAI HuanGong was a historical fraud

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Bian que, a famous doctor in the Warring States period, once came to the state of Qi to visit Duke Huan of Tian Qi, the then monarch of the state of Qi. Bian que said to Duke Huan of Qi: you are ill. Duke Huan of Qi didn’t believe it. hide one ‘s troubles and take no remedial measures! But Bian que firmly believed that his judgment was right, and out of an attitude of being responsible to the monarch, he repeated the audience. As a result, when Bian que visited him for the third time, he felt that the man was over and was terminally ill, so he turned and fled to the state of Qin. As a result, not long after, in 356 BC, Duke Huan of Qi of the Tian family died.

Speaking of this, some friends must say: isn’t what we learned in our middle school textbooks “Bian que meets Cai HuanGong”? Has he met Duke Huan of Tian Qi? Are the two events still exactly the same?

Yes, in the middle school textbook, we did learn the lesson “Bian que meets Cai HuanGong” from the chapter “Han Feizi Yu Lao”, which recorded that Bian que meets Cai HuanGong. The problem is: in Chinese history, there has never been a person called “Duke Cai Huan”, but there was a person called “Duke Cai Huan”, but the person called “Duke Cai Huan” died in 695 BC. He died more than 280 years before Bian que, who was born in 407 BC; Besides, the state of CAI was also destroyed in 447 BC, when Bian que was still not born.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Bian Que’s meeting with Duke Cai Huan is a joke of history. It seems that the ancients inevitably made mistakes in recording history, and the truth of history can be identified through various textual research. So who does “Lord Cai Huan” in “Bian que meets Lord Cai Huan” mean? Of course, it’s Tian Wu, Duke Huan of Tian Qi, because at that time, the state of CAI was dead, and the capital of the state of Qi at this time was CAI on the old land of the original capital of the state of CAI.

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