Biden fell down again at the summit of the Americas after the ASEAN summit failed!

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Author: north wind source: beifengxuelin (id:beifengxuelin)

From May 12 to 13, the Biden administration of the United States invited the ten ASEAN countries to hold the “ASEAN Summit” in the United States.

ASEAN is the extension of China’s industrial chain and the “back garden” of the surrounding security environment. The convening of the ASEAN summit by the United States is considered to be “occupying our back garden”.

Before the ASEAN summit, the US “provocation in the South China Sea”, “de Sinicization of the supply chain” and “heavy conspiracy” against RCEP were exposed.

As a result, the only outcome of this global summit was that the United States promised to invest $150million in the ten ASEAN countries.

The ten ASEAN countries promised to upgrade their “partnership” with the United States after November this year.

It is possible that many people in the United States also like to read the “art of war” of Sun Tzu. After the attack on China’s “back garden” is silent, they know how to “both attack and defense”. Therefore, they need to hold a summit to “stabilize their own back garden”.

So from June 6 to 10 in the past, while we experienced the “college entrance examination” in China, the US diplomatic battlefield was also undergoing the “American test”.

The United States, which once said nothing in the Americas, finally lost its temper in Southeast Asia and fell again in Latin America!

First, the “fancy leave” of the Americas summit!

At the U.S. – ASEAN summit a month ago, the Biden government invited the ten ASEAN countries. As a result, the leaders of the Philippines and Myanmar did not attend the summit. The 20% absence rate is already a slap in the face.

The United States has always regarded Latin America as its “backyard of influence”. Since the Clinton administration in 1994, the American summit has basically maintained the tradition of holding once every three years. The United States has “traditional absolute appeal”. Then the attendance rate of leaders must be much higher than that of ASEAN thousands of miles away?

The world was shocked.

The number of countries that should attend the summit of the Americas was 35. In the end, only 23 countries attended. A total of 12 countries were absent. The absence rate was nearly 40%, twice that of the ASEAN summit.

The 12 countries are divided into several situations.

The first is Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. The United States refused to invite the leaders of the three countries in the name of “not conforming to democratic values”.

The United States is still carrying out “the most inhuman” blockade and sanctions against Cuba. Whether Venezuela is democratic or not depends on “how much the Biden government yearns for Venezuelan oil”.

Venezuela has always been the leader of the left wing in Latin America against American hegemony. Therefore, the United States’ labeling the “three countries as undemocratic” is nothing more than a smear on the “anti American regime”.

The United States thinks that as the host, it has the right to “refuse to invite the three countries”. However, the United States wantonly labels Latin American countries as “undemocratic”, which makes Latin American countries collectively resent.

The second category is “positive and hard, and definitely refuse to attend the meeting”.

Among those who openly oppose the United States’ efforts to “label and camp American countries” are Mexican President Lopez and Bolivian President Arce. Both countries have supported Cuba and opposed the US embargo and sanctions while rejecting the summit of the Americas.

The third category is Tai Chi Masters who do not offend but do not attend

Typical examples are Guatemalan President jamatai and Salvadoran president buccal. Both of them clearly stated that “they do not have any opinions on the US government, but they do not participate in the summit.”

The comparison attracted the world’s attention: the three Central American countries, Honduras, which shares the same spirit with Guatemala and El Salvador, and the newly elected female president also stood with her neighbors and refused the invitation of the United States.

Friends who spent my early days should remember that I wrote an article six months ago that the second leader of the puppet regime on Taiwan island of China performed a “formal coincidence meeting” with US Vice President Harris by attending the inauguration ceremony of the female president of Honduras.

At that time, various information showed that Honduras wanted to abandon the “pseudo state relations” with the puppet regime on the Taiwan Island. The Taiwan Island hoped that US Vice President Harris would come forward to exert pressure and use us influence to maintain “sporadic diplomatic relations”.

Because Harris and Honduran female president theomara are both women, they have been exerting influence in the past six months.

Prior to the summit of the Americas, US Vice President Harris repeatedly sent formal invitations and telephone invitations to theomara. Harris kept wearing high hats to each other as “the only female president in the western hemisphere”, but theomara still refused to attend, proving that the US influence in Honduras was “declining”.

Second, the “big powers” attending the conference are all here to smash the floor!

Many people feel that 23 of the 35 countries’ summits have been organized, but there is still a lot of face to face. As long as the United States holds the basic plate of 23 countries, its diplomacy in the Americas is “qualified”.

Unfortunately, those who come to the “conference” do not mean that they all come to “support” the event, but also to smash the event face to face!

Although there are more than 30 countries in Latin America, including Mexico, which is not included in the geographical sense, only three countries have the greatest influence.

One is Mexico, whose population and area are among the highest in the world, and whose trade volume with the United States is amazing because of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The other two countries have the most “regional voice” in South America, Argentina and Brazil.

Not only did the president of Mexico not attend the summit because of his solidarity with Cuba, but he also followed the example of “turkey tossing the EU” and released a large number of “illegal immigrants”, impacting the US Mexico border and “giving gifts” to the Biden government.

As for the presidents of Brazil and Argentina who attended the summit, the two South American giants are not only good at “playing football”, but also good at “playing football”.

As a country with the largest economy in South America and a trading partner that the United States needs to win over most in Latin America, Biden met with the “most important president in the backyard” for the first time after taking office for one and a half years. It can be seen how bad the relationship between the two people is.

Since the nickname of Brazilian president bosonaro is “Brazilian trump”, Biden has made overt and covert criticism of the Brazilian president on many occasions since taking office.

This time, bosonaro is not a soft persimmon. He refused to invite the three Latin American countries in the name of “undemocratic” by the United States. Bosonaro directly attacked the United States for “election fraud and undemocratic” in his talks with Biden.

This kind of behavior of pointing at the monk and scolding the bald man is to explicitly scold Biden for “stealing the presidency of trump through election fraud”.

In public, the seats between bosonaro and Biden are far away, and when one side speaks, the other side is not even willing to pretend to “pretend to listen”.

In South America, the current president of Argentina Fernandez has always been the shoulder of the left-wing line. Of course, he will not lose to Brazil in playing football.

Fernandez directly summoned the South American family at the “conference breakfast” to denounce the issue that “the host country of the conference does not mean that it has the right to restrict who will attend the conference”.

Third, what does the United States come up with to “win over the back garden”?

Mexico, the three most important countries in the summit of the Americas, refused to attend the summit directly, and also used the “fleet of illegal immigrants” to give gifts.

Although Brazil and Argentina gave face to attend the meeting, they also criticized the “democratic standards” of the United States and the “negative democratic models” of the United States.

Of course, under the background that none of the three “great powers” give face, the United States can “win over the majority” as long as it can give enough interests to the “little brothers in the backyard”.

At the ASEAN summit a month ago, the United States issued a $150million blank check to the ten ASEAN countries, with each country receiving $15million.

If the last time we faced ASEAN was a “sneak attack that does not matter whether it succeeds or not”, so we were reluctant to pay for it, then we should be more generous to 35 countries in the “back garden of core interests” this time?

Results at the end of the summit, the United States announced a $650million cooperation project with 35 countries in the Americas.

That’s right. We didn’t misinterpret the decimal point. The number of summit countries is 3.5 times higher than that of the ASEAN summit, and the amount of cooperation is actually 3.5 times higher than that of the ten ASEAN countries.

That is to say, the United States still has a bullying style of “obedient” to the “backyard” countries when every 15million yuan.

However, in South America, many countries “welcome Russia’s military visits and garrison training”.


In 2021, the total import and export trade between China and Latin America will reach nearly 247billion US dollars. At the same time, the trade volume between the United States and Latin American countries will only be 174billion US dollars.

As mentioned earlier, Mexico and the United States have NAFTA. From a geographical point of view, Mexico is not included in Latin American countries, so the comparison of trade data does not include Mexico.

In other words, in the American region, which the United States considers itself the “back garden”, in addition to Canada and Mexico, the two north-south neighbors, other American countries are willing to get close to Russia militarily, and are on the fast track with China in economy and trade.

The US $250billion trade volume between American countries and China is huge. The key point is that the growth rate is still in the double digits. How can it be shaken by the US $650million investment of the Biden government in the next few years?

Since the beginning of this year, the ASEAN summit convened by the Biden administration has been a “concerted effort” aimed at China.

Next, the summit of the Americas on “maintaining the ruling power in the backyard” let us see “decline again”.

At present, the United States is facing the highest inflation of 8.6% in more than 40 years, and its diplomacy has experienced “decline again” in ASEAN and Latin America. When it comes to a face-to-face showdown with China, it will be “exhausted”.

Facing the domestic and foreign difficulties of the United States, we should take advantage of the strategic opportunity period to “do our own thing” and meet the “three exhausts” of the United States!

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