Biden has made a series of big mistakes, and the important allies of the United States are going to go to China?

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Author: Rong ping source: official account: Rong Ping (id:rongping898) has been authorized to reprint

In the grand narrative context of the strategic competition between China and the United States, small countries are always ignored, but this does not mean that they can stay out of it.

Some time ago, the Jerusalem Post, Israel’s largest newspaper, published an article on how Israel seeks living space in the great changes of the new era. The author points out that as the influence of the superpower struggle continues to spread towards the Middle East, the proportion of strategic forces in the region is undergoing profound changes, and Israel must rethink the future of its international and regional relations in the Middle East.

The sphere of influence of the United States in the Middle East is becoming smaller and smaller. Israel should not hang from a crooked neck tree, but put its eggs in different baskets!

The article goes on to say that China is regarded as the only superpower that is likely to fill the gap of the United States and maintain stability in the Middle East. Although whether China is willing to play this role is far from certain, Israel still needs to find ways to get closer to China and strengthen ties between the two countries.

Obviously, as Israel’s most influential newspaper, the Jerusalem Post’s new security policy advice to the Israeli government is to move closer to China.


Tel Aviv, the second largest city in Israel

The answer that Israel should be from the United States to China is obviously extremely inconceivable to many people, because the truth spread by everyone is either that Israeli Jews control the United States, or that the United States and Israel are inseparable twins. Either of these two truths, Israel must not betray the United States.

But in fact, the relationship between Israel and the United States is just an ordinary ally. In fact, the Zionist group and the Jewish financial group, which are legendary by everyone, are also two groups of people.

This can be seen from the history and goals of the two groups!

Jewish financial groups took shape in the late Middle Ages. In the past wars and financial crises, they obtained a high social status in Europe through lending to the royal family. Later, for absolute capital freedom, the Jewish financial group made a grand alliance with the same extreme Puritans, and finally retreated to the North American continent to establish the United States in the decisive battle with European conservatism.

In the 1980s, the Jewish financial group launched Neo liberalism with the help of the U.S. government. Its goal was to take ideology as the platform and privatization as the means of operation, trying to establish a world-class government that transcended nations, countries and religions.

Zionism rose in the 16th century, when it was a fragmented movement. As for the formation of a group force with unified cohesion and a unified policy of action, it was at the end of the 17th century. And their goal is far less ambitious than the Jewish financial group. They just hope to establish their own homeland in the holy land of Judaism, that is, the area near Jerusalem. They believe that only in this way can Jews not be bullied!

The guiding ideology of Zionism says that people discriminate against Jews because we are not a country. The only solution to this problem is to establish a Jewish state.


Theodore Herzl, a Hungarian Jewish playwright: the Jewish problem is not a social and religious problem, but a national problem

More importantly, the first ally of the Zionist group is not the United States, but the British, the early strong enemy of the United States.

On November 2, 1917, British Foreign Secretary Belfort sent a letter in the name of the queen to Rothschild, vice chairman of the British Zionist Union, saying:

His Majesty the king supports the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine and is willing to do his best to achieve it.

Historic Belfort declaration!

Of course, the British are not being merciful. Three years ago, when World War I broke out, Britain had great ambitions for the Middle East region controlled by the Ottoman Empire, but on the one hand, it was difficult to implement without an internal grasp, on the other hand, there was no money and no one to open up a new front.

What should I do? Simply, support agents to fight.

At first, the Arabs whom Britain sought promised that as long as they could overturn the Ottoman Empire, they would do their utmost to help the Arabs build a nation. However, the British found that the Arab army did not seem to be easy to control, and the strong religious color made the British army very angry in governance.

No way, London had to find Jews who had long supported the British government and parties, had the goal of Zionism and were willing to spend a lot of money for it. Then came the Belfort declaration, which is the so-called legal basis for Jewish aggression in Palestine.

After the Second World War, the pressure of British troops in the Middle East and North Africa increased day by day, and they urgently needed the support of Arabs. To this end, London promised local residents to help Palestinians achieve independence after the war. At the same time, they also introduced a policy to restrict Jewish land purchase and immigration.

Arabs who had no choice but to trust the false promises of Britain again, fought for the glory of the British Empire, and fought all the way from Africa to Europe.

However, when the war ended, the situation changed dramatically


Suez Canal

The Suez Canal Crisis made Britain completely lose its hegemony in the Middle East. Their words here are useless. The new words are the United States and the Soviet Union.

At that time, the Soviet Union relied on the geographical advantage of connecting the South Caucasus with the Iranian Plateau and had a strong influence in the Middle East. The United States was somewhat overwhelmed by the Pahlavi Dynasty alone. In addition, the Zionist elites who escaped from World War II made great contributions to American science and technology, so they naturally accepted Israel as a British heritage.

See, this is the biggest difference between the Jewish financial group and the Zionist group!

The former regards the European powers as useless, and even thinks that they are powers. Although this is crazy, it is also true. After all, the United States is indeed founded by them. The latter believed from the beginning to the end that it was impossible for Jews to complete the great cause of restoration by their own strength. It was the most realistic way to use the contradictions between the powers to rely on one party’s forces and help them restore their country through interest exchange.

Therefore, Israel and the United States are only allies with slightly closer internal ties, rather than twin or controlling relations. If the Zionist group could really control the United States, Israel would not have torn up its order for early warning aircraft with China under the heavy pressure of the White House.

Since it is not such a relationship, it makes sense for Israeli elites to suggest that the government actively move closer to China based on their own interests!

In fact, Israel did try to move closer to China a few years ago.

Since 2017, with the rapid progress of the Russian Syrian coalition in the Middle East War, the United States’ reputation for violence in the Middle East has been greatly reduced. In addition, trump intends to withdraw from the Middle East strategy and concentrate on dealing with China, Israel has to consider grabbing more cards.

On September 26th, 2018, the Russian independent daily broke the news suddenly that Shanghai international port group was awarded a 25 year contract to rent the new Wharf in Haifa port, Israel, and the wharf will be put into use from 2021.



Without any accident, the United States is in a hurry to jump first. The Pentagon warned that if Chinese enterprises obtained the right to operate Haifa port, the Israeli navy would not be able to maintain a close relationship with the US Sixth Fleet!

The meaning is obvious. The United States is using its umbrella as a bargaining chip to threaten Israel!

It’s not unreasonable for the United States to get so angry. In their view, Israel’s handing over the Haifa port project to China is not only for infrastructure purposes, but also for political purposes.

First of all, Haifa port was the base of the US Sixth Fleet at that time. Most of the intelligence collected by the US Navy Fleet in the Middle East will be gathered here and transmitted back to China. With this layer of military factors, Israel still dares to recruit Chinese enterprises inside, isn’t it embarrassing for the United States?

Secondly, Israel’s geographical situation is a little special. The current situation of being enemies with almost all countries in the Middle East determines that it is unsafe on land. The narrow coastline in the west is the only external breakthrough of the country, which means that port security is related to Israel’s core interests.

Since it is a core interest, ordinary countries naturally cannot easily touch it, and the countries that can touch it are doomed to be different from ordinary countries, at least their relationship with Israel is very unusual. The only country that can use Israeli ports on a large scale was the United States, but now there is one more China. The Israeli authorities are not unclear about the impact this will have on international politics. Despite the high opposition of the United States, Israel seems to be determined to show that it is not a servant state of the United States in this matter.

The White House has pressed Tel Aviv on more than one occasion to ask the Israeli government to strictly review the cooperation with Chinese enterprises, but the government is very convinced that they are very insistent on not reviewing Chinese enterprises.

——From Haaretz


Everyone knows what kind of Americans are. For those disobedient brothers, the CIA will arrange the program for you every minute.

On February 28, 2019, on the eve of the Israeli general election, Israel’s attorney general mandelblit announced a hearing on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s allegations of bribery, corruption, fraud and violations. Although the corruption scandal did not affect Netanyahu’s re-election, it caused him a lot of trouble politically: no politician was willing to form a cabinet with him knowing that there were American forces behind it, This led Netanyahu to face the embarrassing situation of having a gun without bullets.

In November of the same year, mandelbilt formally sued Netanyahu in court for bribery, fraud and breach of trust, which made him angry and scolded the Israeli police and supervision departments for launching an attempted coup against him, which made the formation of a cabinet even more gloomy.

On May 4, 2021, due to the failure to form a cabinet within the deadline, Netanyahu officially returned the right to form a cabinet to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. The new failure further extended Israel’s two-year political impasse.

At this time, Netanyahu had no choice but to start a war against Palestine, because as soon as the war began, Palestine either admitted it or put it on a big fight! If it is the former, Israel will inevitably carve up a large amount of land, and Netanyahu’s reputation among the right-wing forces is high; If it is the latter, then immediately return to the wartime system, and power will return to the prime minister’s office.

This is exactly what the United States wants: in recent years, the cooperation between China and Arab countries has deepened unprecedentedly, and Israel is absolutely not allowed to invade the Palestinian area and persecute Arabs. Netanyahu’s taking this road not only resolves the crisis, but also blocks the possibility of China accepting Israel.

Netanyahu is not the kind of person who gives up his ideals. On May 10, the Israeli army launched air strikes on multiple military targets in the Gaza Strip, and the contradiction between Palestine and Israel was intensified again, which was immediately strongly condemned by China in the United Nations General Assembly.


Palestinian Israeli conflict

At this time, Israel, China and the United States all know that the Sino Israeli relationship can’t go back!

But the United States has been completely disappointed with Netanyahu. On June 13, Bennett, the leader of the United right coalition party, was sworn in as the 13th Prime Minister of Israel. During his term of office, a large number of Israeli media participated in the slander against China, and the Israeli government rarely joined in the signing of the Anti China joint declaration, resulting in a major setback in Sino Israeli relations.


If the United States can cover them all the time, the Israeli elite will naturally have nothing to say. I didn’t expect Biden to play a Kabul moment as soon as he came to power, and the U.S. military withdrew from Afghanistan in a swarm.

When the United States’ commitment to security protection in Afghanistan was crushed by the wheels of the C130, the hearts of those close allies in the Middle East were cold. As the saying goes, the United States can sell Afghanistan today. Who can guarantee that it will not sell them tomorrow?

Americans are unreliable!

On the other hand, the shameful operation of the Biden government in the kashuji case has offended Saudi Arabia, making the influence of the United States in the Middle East increasingly low.

Now, whether Persians who have enemies with the United States or Arabs who have legal alliances with the United States, they all hope that China will come in to replace the United States. Although China has not exactly revealed its intention to fill the strategic gap of the United States, the expansion of cooperation between the GCC and China and the entry into force of the 25 year comprehensive cooperation agreement between China and Iran have proved that China is replacing the United States, which makes Israel on pins and needles.

First, the existence of U.S. forces is Israel’s biggest security guarantee in the Middle East. With the further withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Middle East, Israel is facing an increasingly severe test of survival. After all, there are not a few countries in the Middle East who want to seek revenge from Israel.

Second, in addition to the United States, Israel’s security in the Middle East also stems from internal strife in the Islamic world. Sunnis led by Saudi Arabia and Shiites led by Iran have been in a state of secret war for a long time. The serious confrontation between the two factions has given Israel enough room for strategic activities in the Middle East.


But the problem now is that Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision is to shift from an oil producing power to a manufacturing power, and Iran’s 25 year construction is to build a manufacturing highland in the Islamic world in the Middle East. As we all know, on the one hand, industrial construction is extremely dependent on a peaceful and stable environment; On the other hand, the industrial transformation of both countries should be integrated into the the Belt and Road initiative, which means that Shai must put aside prejudices and form a community of interests.

On the basis of economic development, the Islamic world has built a unified group, which is obviously a situation that Israel is extremely reluctant to see.

Third, the value of Israel to great powers lies in checks and balances!

Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran are the three major local forces in the Middle East. Geometrically, the triangle is the most solid figure, and in international relations, the triangular relationship is also the most solid relationship to stabilize the regional situation.

If Saudi Arabia fights with Iran, it will be cheaper to Israel; if Saudi Arabia fights with Israel, it will be cheaper to Iran; Similarly, if Iran and Israel fight, it will be cheaper than Saudi Arabia. The result of mutual vigilance among the three parties is that no one dare to fight. In this way, the Middle East has maintained relative peace in a delicate state for decades.

In the Middle East Strategy of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Iran are checks and balances, and Israel and Saudi Arabia are checks and balances. But China does not need Israel to play a check and balance role in the Middle East,

The reason is very simple: the reason why the United States maintains tripartite checks and balances is that it has a bad relationship with Iran and cannot leverage Iran’s power to help it check and balance Saudi Arabia, which requires Israel to stir the shit. China has good relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran. Theoretically, it can leverage Saudi Arabia’s power to balance Iran, and it can also leverage Iran’s power to balance Saudi Arabia without Israel’s intervention.

Of course, in fact, since Saudi Arabia and Iran will be integrated into the the Belt and Road in the future, China emphasizes more industrial checks and balances than geopolitical checks and balances. Therefore, the counterbalance value of Israel in the geopolitical strategy of the Middle East has no practical use for China.


It is precisely because there is no effect that the mentality of Israeli elites appears so urgent and anxious.

Because they have no chips, let alone initiative!

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