Biden is beset with difficulties at home and abroad, and the United States has lost its halberd to the sand!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

It doesn’t matter if I can’t understand it, because there are many things I can’t understand. For example, my son occasionally plays games with my mobile phone, but I can’t understand it very well.

In the glory of the king, Guan Gong stands by Qin Qiong. I understand that because I am also an old player. When I was 20 years old, I also played games against terrorism, DOTA, boxing champion and Warcraft.

But some games are not easy to understand. I tried hard to find something in common with my son. It was really hard.

There are many things that are difficult to understand. Common language is hard to find and normal. The game is not easy to understand. I can’t understand some recent events.

NATO representatives came out to speak. Russia is no longer a partner of NATO. That is to say, Russia has been a partner of NATO since 2014 until June 2022.

NATO, while maintaining partnership with Russia, instigates Ukraine to provoke Russia. I can’t understand it.

To explain this phenomenon, there is only one possibility, that is, NATO thinks that it is a leader, Russia is a subordinate, and Ukraine is also a subordinate. After all, only leaders like to let subordinates fight.

It was as if Harris and Antony Blinken were fighting, and Biden was sitting still.

But how much energy can NATO have to generate so much confidence?

Self confidence matches strength. Self confidence can be understood. This is called seeking truth from facts. NATO must be very strong if it can be so confident.

Then I noticed another thing: NATO military exercise, assuming that the enemy was Erdogan of Turkey, Erdogan was so angry that he withdrew his soldiers from the military exercise.

It is very difficult for NATO to act in unison. The United States is hostile to Turkey and Turkey is hostile to the United States. When we send equipment to Serbia, Turkey opens its airspace to me. Therefore, NATO should not open its airspace to me.

Therefore, NATO is split into two parts, either Turkey or the United States. Turkey and I are at odds. Both sides ride the wall and are basically not hostile to me.

In the final analysis, NATO is still the United States.

Therefore, the question becomes, how much energy can the United States have to generate so much confidence?

The G7 summit was held in Bavaria, Germany. The leaders of several countries gathered together to talk about China and Russia without any economy. China and Russia have become the biggest topic of discussion in the G7. How insecure is it that we have to fight against the Zentraedi against China and Russia?

Looking back, 20 years ago, when did the United States pay attention to China and Russia?

When it comes to Russia, the leaders of several countries say that there is no way. The only way is to take a manly picture to overwhelm Putin.

There is no way to deal with Russia. Not only is there no way. The two chief executives who have issued measures to sanction Russia in a row are actually undercover agents of American monopoly enterprises in the Biden government. They are called sanctions against Russia. In fact, they are copying the bottom of Russia. They have made a lot of money. Recently, they are eyeing Russia’s gold. It seems that they want to copy the bottom again.

The U.S. policy towards Russia has been infiltrated into a sieve by the capital groups. This is the consequence of not cracking down on capital. The American people pay the bill and pay taxes to the U.S. government. Finally, they are all taken to the U.S. capital groups to make money.

On the issue of Russia, the United States does not have much confidence. It is not confident that it can win. On the contrary, it believes that Russia can win. The people in charge of Russian issues in the United States are all full of mouth and business. They know what their situation is. How can they have confidence?

As a result, the problem has become that the United States has such great confidence in me?

There are no more than two questions for me, one for internal affairs and the other for foreign affairs.

It goes without saying who the Americans are targeting when they call Nepalese people to the United States to forcibly establish partnership with others.

We supported Nepal’s decision to ensure security without American interference, so the Nepalese refused the unilateral request of the United States.

Now that Americans come to our neighborhood to do business, even Nepal can’t pry. The next step in Southeast Asia should also change. Our industry spilled over in the past. The attitude of Singapore in Southeast Asia has changed from opposition to indifference. Nine years later, the world has changed.

In 2013, Lee Hsien Loong said: China may gain something in the Diaoyu Islands or the South China Sea, but it will lose its reputation and status.

In 2016, Lee Hsien Loong said: all ASEAN countries warmly welcomed the US rebalancing to the Asia Pacific region.

In 2019, Lee Hsien Loong said: China’s rise is unstoppable and the United States must accept it.

In 2020, Lee Hsien Loong said: not many countries are willing to join an alliance without China.

In 2022, Lee Hsien Loong said that both opportunities and markets are in China. Countries cannot do business with China and welcome investment from China.

On the diplomatic issue, Americans have no reason to be confident, so the problem is again precise. On the internal issue, where does the United States have confidence?

The supreme law overturned the precedent of the Roy case. The income of women who undergo abortion is generally below the average, or even below the average. The social problems caused by abortion are not allowed to be greater.

First, these women can’t continue to work, then some people have to abandon their babies. Third, their families’ investment in raising children will further lower their family living standards. Finally, the crime rate of children who grow up like this will not be low.

American economists are saying that refusing abortion will cause serious economic problems.

Up to now, the essence of American governance has been revealed. Biden considered using executive orders to restrict the supreme law. The president can issue rules or instructions called executive orders, which are legally binding on federal agencies and do not require congressional approval.

The U.S. Constitution has been in place for 200 years, and the separation of powers has been talked about for 200 years. Every day, people say that others are not democratic and that they are democratic. After the separation of powers is agreed, it is finally set in one respect and the foundation of the country is no longer needed.

Looking back at our internal affairs, we took back the sovereignty of Hong Kong 25 years ago, and the governance of Hong Kong is still in the hands of the local people, so someone led waves of chaos in Hong Kong.

If they continue to do so, Hong Kong will no longer have customs clearance in 25 years.

Thinking of this, the United States has no place to be confident in its internal affairs, so where does their confidence come from?

I can’t understand it. I can only say three irrelevant words.

The first sentence is that Hong Kong’s governance has basically been restored.

The second sentence is that our major infrastructure has basically reached the Tibetan border.

The third sentence is that the discharge of 003 is more than 80000 tons, and the reverse false mark is a little serious.

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