Biden is playing the opposite game with China. It’s ridiculous and annoying!

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At first, Americans did not think much of China’s the Belt and Road initiative. They always feel that apart from themselves and the western countries, no country has ever made any international initiatives. Later, when China began to work, trump was still not vigilant. During the first the Belt and Road forum, the United States even sent a delegation to the forum, claiming to seek cooperation opportunities.

The eldest is this attitude. Japan and Australia, two Pugs, have also expressed their willingness to cooperate. Some Australian states have even signed agreements with China to jointly build the the Belt and Road. France and Germany do not exclude cooperation with China in this regard. Italy, one of the seven major countries, has even officially joined the the Belt and Road. Later, Trump’s attitude changed greatly under the encouragement of hawkish aides.

He realized that the the Belt and Road is the future RMB economic circle created by China. The infrastructure construction of connectivity is building a common market centered on China, which is also a circle of great friends in international politics. Although China is very modest and has repeatedly said that this is an open and shared system, trump secretly cursed that the the Belt and Road is an offence to the United States because of his jealousy.

Biden is better at politics than trump. After taking office, Biden is even more bitter about the the Belt and Road. For more than a year, he has proposed three times to compete with China’s the Belt and Road, especially in the field of infrastructure, to eliminate China’s strong strength. For the first time, he discussed with Johnson to build such a project. Unfortunately, after a long time of deliberation, they did not think of a loud name.

The second was the G-7 summit last year,

Biden proposed a

Competing with China

The infrastructure initiative was also named “rebuilding a better world”. However, it was opposed by the Congress and no substantive progress was made. So this year, Biden repackaged last year’s idea with a new bottle of old wine. After it was titled with a new name, it was once again brought to the world, making people laugh and laugh.

The G-7 summit in the past two days, Biden

Global infrastructure initiative


“Global infrastructure and investment partnership”. It is said that this initiative will raise hundreds of billions of dollars to provide high-quality and sustainable infrastructure for the world. The United States is prepared to raise 270billion US dollars for this initiative, and other countries have pooled together to raise 600billion US dollars.

Not to mention that Americans have always paid lip service but failed to deliver it. Even if the fund is pooled together, it is almost a drop in the bucket for the world infrastructure market. Moreover, the American money is not easy to spend. It always attaches the condition of interfering in other people’s internal affairs. For most developing countries, it is only a matter of hoping for a plum blossom to quench their thirst. Or once Americans control the lifeline, it is called drinking poison to quench thirst.

Americans have neither money nor infrastructure strength, and their only purpose is to subsidize themselves and add congestion to China. Even if you teach a teacher how to teach an axe, you have to dance a few times. In fact, China has an absolute advantage in the field of international infrastructure. In 2020, Chinese enterprises won US $2.3 billion worth of overseas infrastructure contracts, while US enterprises only had us $27million worth of contracts, only 1% of Chinese enterprises.

In today’s world

Among the 20 largest construction contractors, 14 are in China, 6 in Europe and none in the United States. The problem is that China’s the Belt and Road also contains rich political and cultural connotations of building a community of shared future for mankind. Where is it just brick and mortar understood by the United States? Therefore, the United States’ proposal to replace the the Belt and Road is pure self indulgence.

The most important idea of China’s the Belt and Road is to build a community with a shared future for mankind and achieve win-win cooperation. Let all people on earth enjoy the fruits of human civilization. This is precisely what the United States lacks. The United States is its own priority. It is engaged in the four nation talks, the group of seven, the NATO summit and other small groups in the international community. Where is there any shadow of universal benefits and development of the world?

Will anyone take part in such a copycat version of the the Belt and Road in the United States and play the opposite game with China? Can it really integrate the development of the other country with its own development? Did Biden understand the ten key words of the the Belt and Road? This is a key element of the prosperity of the the Belt and Road. If you don’t understand it, you will launch a copycat version, which will certainly make you laugh and end up in embarrassment, leaving only a laughing stock.

Of the the Belt and Road

The first key word: Peace

? Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar used to be pro western, but she later lamented that the the Belt and Road is the road to peace. This should be the common aspiration of all countries. In the early days, human beings acquired the wealth and resources of others by means of aggression and plunder. Free trade, on the other hand, is the best way that human beings can think of to acquire the wealth of others.

Conducted by the the Belt and Road

A firm and great voice is to reaffirm our commitment to building an open economy and ensuring free and inclusive trade. This is a corrective action to avoid the rising protectionism of European and American powers misleading the world, and a adherence to the fair multilateral trading system. It points out the way to long-term stability for the world. As long as we adhere to fair and free trade, war will lose its foundation.

Of the the Belt and Road

The second key word: Development

? China has told most underdeveloped countries and regions that development is the last word through its own bitter and glorious experience. Today, China has become the world’s manufacturing giant. Its manufacturing power is equivalent to the sum of virtue days, and its pulling force on the world economy is as high as 30%. The Chinese miracle is a great inspiration to developing countries that share the same fate.

Through the the Belt and Road, China has timely proposed that it is willing to provide experience, technology, capital and talent training to other countries, help them develop and build a peaceful and prosperous community with a shared future for mankind without interfering in other countries’ internal affairs and imposing on others. I believe that the people of the world have understood the difference between China and the country that calls itself the first.

The Belt and Road Initiative

The third key word: Equality

? Representatives of more than 100 countries, major Western powers, major economies of the world and more than 70 international organizations gathered in Beijing for a meeting, which is a sign of China’s rejuvenation. The grand event reproduces the grand occasion of the coming Dynasty of thousands of countries in ancient China. Today’s China has inherited the cultural tradition of the Chinese state of etiquette, which treats envoys well.

China’s high-speed rail, subway, expressway, tunnel, airport, bridge and other infrastructure construction

, has long been the best in the world, almost all of them ranking first in the world. However, China has shown great humility like the five hegemonic leaders of the spring and Autumn period. The summit is called a round table conference. Even small countries like Tonga are treated favorably. Such a big country that treats people equally is certainly respected by all countries.

The Belt and Road Initiative

The fourth keyword: inclusion

? The reason why the the Belt and Road is so warmly welcomed is that it embodies a great spirit of inclusiveness. While various incompatible development strategies have been put forward all over the world, China’s the Belt and Road has wisely put forward the strategic policy of docking with these strategies one by one. This is the wisdom of Chinese Taoism, which is difficult for Americans to understand.

He who is good at benefiting all things does not strive for it, and he who does not strive for it does not strive for it. China has thus won the embrace of various proposals and strategies, such as the Addis Ababa action agenda, the Africa 2063 agenda, the ASEAN community vision 2025, the business and travel stagecoach tariff initiative, the European and South American regional infrastructure integration initiative, the trans European transport network, and the connectivity agenda of the six Western Balkan countries.

The Belt and Road Initiative

The fifth key word: respect

? China’s the Belt and Road has also demonstrated a great and just attitude. China has repeatedly stated in good faith that it is the beneficiary of the existing international order, that it is not as arrogant as other rising powers in history, nor does it despise or slander existing powers, but politely expresses its gratitude for its design, construction and maintenance of the world order.

This makes the existing great powers

More or less

Comfort, this is also the reason why Western powers are embarrassed to publicly oppose the the Belt and Road. The the Belt and Road is not a new building or a new start. It is to draw a new blueprint for international development cooperation on the existing development agenda. It hopes to strengthen the rule-based multilateral trading system. It clearly means that China is building a new road of peaceful rise.

The Belt and Road Initiative

The sixth key word: Pratt Whitney

? China has not forcibly exported ideology, but euphemistically expressed its own beliefs. Therefore, in the final communique of the the Belt and Road summit, we read the great socialist ideal expressed in “Esperanto”. For example, special attention should be paid to the least developed countries to break through the development bottleneck and achieve effective connectivity.

For example, promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment; Better respond to the demands of vulnerable groups such as children, the disabled and the elderly. For example, to ensure that all people enjoy development opportunities and achievements fairly. Let ordinary people benefit from trade. Improve people’s living standards worldwide. China’s position is a great gospel to the people of the world who are still in poverty.

The Belt and Road Initiative

The seventh key word: open

? The the Belt and Road is not a Chinese monologue. China has shown a great mind that has a big belly and can accommodate the world’s most difficult things. The United States has always held a negative attitude towards this strategy of China. Obama, Trump and Biden have hindered China everywhere. Japan has almost always been against China in the international community and is an enemy in everything.

the republic of korea


Has harmed China on major security issues. A neighboring country just made an exception in the official media to criticize China by name, and rarely challenged China. However, China still sends invitations to these countries with a mature, confident and open mind. Among them, the United States announced its participation in the second the Belt and Road summit at the last moment under China’s arduous diplomatic efforts.

The Belt and Road Initiative

The eighth key word: mutual learning

? The the Belt and Road embodies a great philosophy. It refers in particular to respect for natural and cultural diversity and believes that all cultures and civilizations can contribute to sustainable development. To protect the diversity of animals and plants is to preserve the genetic achievements of nature. Each animal has its own unique ability, which will provide valuable empirical materials for science.

Similarly, from the perspective of the evolution of the universe and animals, all human civilizations today are advanced civilizations. Western civilization once devastated Chinese civilization, but who would have thought that the idea of harmony and harmony of Chinese civilization would become the strongest voice in the world today? Islamic civilization has also created a golden age of science. This shows that human beings must not talk about civilization based on current utilitarianism.

The Belt and Road Initiative

The ninth key word: Cooperation

? The essence of the the Belt and Road strategy is the deepening, concretization and institutionalization of international cooperation. It stressed that cooperation will be strengthened on the basis of consultation, joint construction and sharing in the spirit of peaceful cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win results, equality and transparency, and mutual respect.

The Belt and Road Initiative

Encourage multi-level and multi form cooperation involving governments, international and regional organizations, the private sector and civil society. Promote practical cooperation in the fields of highways, railways, ports, maritime and inland waterway transportation, aviation, energy pipelines, power, submarine cables, optical fiber, telecommunications, information and communication technology, and gradually build an international infrastructure network with great ambition to benefit the people of the world.

The Belt and Road Initiative

The tenth key word: win win

? The strategy of the the Belt and Road fully embodies the great Oriental wisdom of mutual benefit and win-win results. China is not only busy exporting to make money, but also will hold import fairs every year. At present, hundreds of countries have participated in it. What we pursue is mutually beneficial connectivity. We want others to open the market. First, we open the market ourselves.

This kind of attitude of giving first and then taking second, and that of others before yourself, can make the world return to its heart. China’s globalization strategy with benevolence, fraternity and mutual benefit as its core is bound to become an irresistible torrent. This is evidenced by the fact that 68 countries and international organizations signed the “the Belt and Road” cooperation agreement with China at the second summit, and more than 270 representative achievements have been achieved. If there is no epidemic, the results of the third summit are expected to be more brilliant.

Readers and friends, there is a Chinese idiom called imitating others. It says that the beautiful girl Xishi is so beautiful that she can’t even frown. The plain Dongshi girl learned to frown, but no one looked at her. Now Biden has no understanding of the the Belt and Road, but he envies China’s prosperity and wants to sing a duet. Isn’t this a typical modern version of imitation?

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