Biden put forward the “four no” principle, Ukraine is over!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

On May 31, US local time, US President Biden rarely wrote to the New York Times in person to clarify what the United States should and should not do in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


Here are the headlines of the newspaper in the past few months:

February 24: “Putin’s bloody rule is over.”

April 3: “Russia lost its game to the West.”

April 21: “Putin’s war failed, but the situation may be worse.”

May 5: “humiliated Russia is losing an epoch-making battle.”

May 12: “defeating Putin will cost us dearly.”

May 26: “Putin is about to win a shocking victory.

How much this scene resembles the headlines of French newspapers when Napoleon made his comeback in 1815:


It can only be said that over the past 200 years, the virtue of European media has not changed.

I would also like to say that if we media, experts and scholars tell you that Russia will definitely lose after the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, I suggest you not to pay attention to them all your life. Major mistakes in such a basic judgment prove that they simply can not provide you with any valuable analysis. Similarly, you can stay away from those “moral bitches” who shout “Ukraine will win”.

Of course, we can also say that the core strategic objectives of the United States on the Ukrainian issue are actually close to being achieved.

Both “controlling Russia by Ukraine” and “controlling Europe by Russia” have been basically realized. At this moment, the benefits of the United States in the Russian Ukrainian conflict have reached the peak, and the next marginal benefits will be lower and lower, and may even turn negative.

The United States originally hoped to fight a proxy war against Russia through Ukraine, so as to achieve the goal of consuming Russia. However, with Russia’s steady fight on the battlefield, the United States will have to face the situation that Ukraine has been dismembered and suffered a disastrous defeat, which is a major blow to the face of the United States in any case.

Russia is turning the proxy war launched by the United States against Russia into a war of attrition against the United States itself. No matter how much the United States supports Ukraine, as long as the United States does not dare to end it in person, Ukraine will surely lose. No amount of us assistance will help. The United States is already preparing to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine through diplomatic negotiations.

Needless to say, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has consumed and occupied too many attention resources of the Biden government, which is unacceptable for the United States, which believes that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is only a “branch Story” and that the game between China and the United States is the “main story”. If the United States accidentally falls into the mire of the Russia Ukraine war, it will be a strategic nightmare for the United States.

At this stage of the war, does Ukraine still have a national destiny?

No, no, everything is gone.

It is impossible for Ukraine to join NATO in the short to medium term. Zelinski wants to hold NATO’s thigh and pull NATO to fight with Russia. NATO is not a fool. Only Ukraine serves as consumables for NATO. It is never possible for NATO to serve as consumables for Ukraine.

It is also impossible for Ukraine to join the EU in the short to medium term. How many years has Turkey wanted to join the EU? It is still hanging by the EU. How many years has Serbia, a southern European country, lined up to join the EU? Ukraine has no way to jump the queue.

Ukraine, what a good country!

Rich in resources.

A good hand of cards is played by stupid politicians. The Ukrainian army bled on the front line and the Ukrainian people wept at the rear.

After this battle, it will be difficult for Ukraine to recover in 20 years.

For the “scum man” of the United States, after draining the last residual value of Ukraine consuming Russia, he will definitely choose to abandon everything from beginning to end.

Some people will certainly be judged by history!

From the perspective of geopolitics, Ukraine is a sharp knife inserted into Russia’s soft abdomen. Russia will never allow the United States to build an anti Russian fortress here. As long as Russia does not decline to the point of worthlessness, Ukraine will not want to join NATO.

With regard to the disastrous situation of Ukraine, it is necessary for us to review a passage that Han Feizi said more than 2000 years ago:

“Those who have a small country but are not inferior, those who have little strength but are not afraid of the strong, those who are rude but humiliate their big neighbors, and those who are greedy and clumsy but have bad friends may die.”

Ukrainian politicians, do you understand?

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