Biden should be ready to start!

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A few days ago, on August 24, there was an appointment that many people may not have noticed. A former executive of PepsiCo was preparing to take over the security work of some of the most powerful people in the world.

These include:

The presidents and vice presidents of the United States, the elected presidents and vice presidents and their families, the former presidents of the United States and their spouses and minor children, the main presidential candidates and their spouses, and visiting foreign heads of state and government.

Seeing this news, I can’t help thinking of the soul of jobs in those years.

In 1983, jobs took a fancy to John Scaley, President of PepsiCo, who was famous for his market ability. However, faced with jobs’s kind invitation, Scully hesitated for a long time, and it was difficult to give up Pepsi, which he had become famous. So he declined jobs politely, saying that the two sides should still be friends.

At this time, Jobs said a sentence that is still regarded as “the best sales advertisement in American history”:

“Do you want to sell sugar water all your life, or do you want to change the world with us?”

But today, it seems that not only the president of PepsiCo can change the world, but also the executives of PepsiCo can probably change the world.

Today, let’s talk about:

Biden should be ready to take action

Jokes are jokes. PepsiCo executives parachute into the US secret service for a reason.

On the 24th, US President Biden appointed Kimberly zitel, PepsiCo’s global security practice leader and his former “bodyguard”, as the director of the US secret service. Zither suddenly became the second female director of the US secret service from a Pepsi executive.

This is not unexpected. In fact, she has always been Biden’s “person around her”. During the Obama era, Kimberly zitel was the director of the vice president’s protection department, responsible for the safety of Biden and his family. At that time, she established deep friendship with Biden and his family.

However, she probably didn’t deal well with “knowing Wang” before. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have given up the “secret service” business after trump entered the White House and left the secret service to join PepsiCo to get a high salary.

The director of the secret service that zitel will replace is James Murray, who took office in May 2019. Influenced by the “Capitol scenery” on January 6, 2021, Murray originally announced his retirement on July 31 in early July.

However, after the FBI raided Trump’s sea lake manor, James Murray recently announced that he would postpone his retirement plan on the grounds of safety until zither was officially announced to take over.

How critical is the position of the secret service? It seems that Americans did not think about this matter thoroughly in the past. Otherwise, there would not have been a situation in which “understanding king” was “hijacked” out of the conference hall by the secret service in January 2021:

According to the hearing of the special committee of the US House of Representatives (hereinafter referred to as the “special committee”) in July, in order to rush to the scene on the day of the “Capitol riot”, understanding Wang once had an understanding quarrel with secret service agents. After being rejected by the agents, understanding Wang reached out from the back seat to try to seize the steering wheel of the president’s special car. When the agent pressed him with his body, trump even attacked the other side’s neck.

No matter how much fog there is in the middle and what reason is behind it, the “secret service” has made “a decision against our ancestors” for “knowing the king”.

However, knowing Wang did not pay much attention to the “secret service” before, and there may not be many opportunities for the secret service department to “change the United States” in the history of the United States, but the “secret service” to “change China” in the history of China is still common in history books.

For example, Kangxi captured aobai at the age of 14, which most people are familiar with.

In May of the 8th year of Kangxi (1669), the 14-year-old Kangxi first transferred aobai’s trusted followers from the capital, mastered the garrison power of the capital, and called aobai to the palace.

When aobai entered the palace, Kangxi gave an order and the young bodyguard who was practicing buku captured aobai. Caught off guard, Oboi fell to the ground and was caught. Relying on these “secret service personnel”, Kangxi captured aobai and changed the political pattern.

In history, not only Kangxi but also a small emperor did similar things. In the fourth year of Yongyuan (A.D. 92), Emperor Liu Zhao of Han Dynasty was 14 years old. What was the situation he faced at that time?

Empress Dowager Dou’s brother Dou Xian presided over important affairs as a waiter, and Empress Dowager Dou’s brother also held important positions. Dou’s father, son and brother were both Jiuqing and Xiaowei, and their influence spread throughout the court. At this moment, Dou was not satisfied with the actual power, but began to plan to kill emperor Hanhe together.

When Emperor Hanhe learned of this news, he calmly greeted Dou Xian with the highest etiquette on the one hand, and visited the North Palace on the other. He ordered Zhi Jinwu (special service bureau) and the five captains of the northern army to lead the troops to prepare for the war. When Dou Xian entered the city, Zhijin Wu and the five captains of the northern army stationed in the south palace and the North Palace, and then closed the city gate.

Zhi Jinwu (secret service) first arrested Guo Huang, Guo Ju, Deng dieI and Deng Lei, members of Dou Xian’s party, and sent them all to prison for execution. At the same time, he sent followers to take back Dou Xian’s general’s seal ribbon, renamed him the champion Hou, and went to their respective fiefdoms with Dou Du, Dou Jing and Dou Xuan to meditate. Dou Xian, Dou Du and Dou Jing were forced to commit suicide one after another before they could recover their strength after they arrived at the feudal state. The Dou family, which was once a powerful family, declined in this way.

The past is a teacher to the future.

On August 24, the secret service was replaced, and Biden’s confidants took charge of the security of the United States. On September 1, Biden dared to deliver a speech at the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, lambasting trump and his “Maga” henchmen.

It is normal for presidents to scold each other and throw dirty water at each other during the election campaign, but a current president’s “political pursuit” of a “former” president in this way inevitably breaks the “political tacit understanding” and “political rules” of the Great America for hundreds of years.

In the rebuke, Biden said: trump and his supporters “Maga” are extremist, anti democratic, anti rule of law and anti American. They said that they are extremists who believe in “semi fascism”, oppose the United States and shake the political foundation of the United States.

In combination with the FBI’s raid on the Haihu manor a few days ago, Biden has given understanding Wang a “surprise”. I don’t know if he can dig out any “surprise” after the change of secret service personnel.

It looks like:

Biden should be ready to take action.

For a long time, under the leadership of the party, the people’s police of our country have kept the purpose and mission firmly in mind, faithfully performed their duties, bravely assumed their responsibilities, willingly sacrificed and made great contributions to safeguarding national security, social stability and the interests of the people. Practice has proved that China’s people’s police are a strong fighting force that the party and the people can fully trust.

——On August 26, 2020, the Chinese people’s police delivered a speech at the flag awarding ceremony

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