Biden’s Middle East collapsed, and the dollar accelerated its collapse!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

Thinking of Biden holding a meeting with his G7 partners in June, French President macron deliberately told Biden in front of the media that Saudi Arabia did not intend to increase production, which made Sullivan jump out and stop the conversation.

Because Americans have always been domineering in the Middle East, every time the president of the United States visits the oil lords, it can be regarded as public blackmail.

Even if macron poured a basin of cold water early, the market is still quite optimistic about Biden’s Middle East trip, let alone anything. The decline of crude oil in June can best illustrate the problem.

Unexpectedly, Biden was continuously humiliated from the first second he set foot on Saudi territory.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia didn’t come to the airport to pick him up. He sent a local vice governor (not even the governor) with the title of prince to give a casual welcome.

Who still remembers the last happy day when Trump came with his good son-in-law to play in the autumn wind? In order to curry favor with Laos, Saudi Arabia waved a large military purchase order of $400billion.

What about this time? It is impossible to increase oil production. Ruthless crown prince Salman finished a word game: Saudi Arabia has the ability to maintain its production capacity at 13million barrels per day. Production capacity and output are two concepts. Now Saudi Arabia’s production is 12million barrels, but who told you that when the production capacity arrives, it must be operated at full capacity?

The key is that the crown prince is also very tight lipped about the production capacity in a polite word. He directly said that it is unlikely to expand the production capacity, and it is good to maintain it.

As a result, international oil prices rebounded rapidly.

As for Biden’s congratulations when he came to Israel and his cruelty when he was killed with kasuji in Saudi Arabia, it’s not a matter.

Because Biden came to the Middle East to chat with a group of oil barons. Talking about feelings and ideology is nonsense. What he really wants is for the Middle East lords to give the United States face, increase production and lay down oil prices as before.

A few days ago, a bunch of big VCs were still there to force the outgoing Secretary General of OPEC to be assassinated, the Middle East would be scared to pee, and the oil price would be smashed and leaked.

No one has heard of that Balkin at ordinary times. The boss of OPEC is Saudi Arabia, and the boss of opec+ is Saudi Arabia + Russia. These two countries are strong man politics. When did you see them at the mercy of others? Or at the mercy of any irrelevant Nigerian?

Look at me, my attitude is very clear, and I directly tell you “don’t YY, the oil price can’t fall anywhere!”.

Saudi Arabia has nothing but oil. Russia used to be called an armed gas station. A Russian Ukrainian war was fought. Although we supported Russia, maozi’s details were exposed after all. It was a mistake to think of it as the Soviet Union in those days.

Like the roaring naval forces in those days, now they can only rely on it. With the decline of national strength and the decline of manufacturing industry, they are simply unable to support the cost-effective advanced modern military industry.

Therefore, both Saudi Arabia and Russia know that it really depends on high energy prices to carry the national fortune.

If we don’t save more capital now, nuclear fusion technology will develop that day, and new energy will completely replace traditional energy. At that time, we will really have to eat wind farts.

This is the basic interest of opce+ core leaders. This important interest is inviolable, so is Biden useful?

Unless Biden directly leads American soldiers to occupy the whole territory of the Middle East.

But have you ever thought about it? The United States’ own crude oil production has fallen by one third. Why doesn’t the president of the United States issue an order to let its domestic oil producers increase production?

Because the cost of crude oil production in the United States is much higher than that in Russia and Saudi Arabia, American oil bosses are not stupid. They work on their own production capacity. It costs money to increase production capacity. How many years will it take to recover the cost? Biden is now yelling for new energy and environmental protection. In case the oil price falls after he is put into production, may Biden subsidize oil enterprises?

Can’t you carry the deficit by yourself?

You see, when Biden was president, there was no way to promote production increase at home. You still expect your neighbors to cut meat and feed eagles. Isn’t that bullshit?

Remember the waves of dollar crises from the 1960s to the 1970s?

I wrote “talk about gold over the weekend” at the weekend. In those days, the dollar crisis was driven by the short position game of gold played by the United States. The Federal Reserve could not cash gold at the price of $35 an ounce, so it had to cheat.

As a result, the monetary credit of the dollar collapsed completely.

Later, the dollar relied on oil to re-establish monetary credit.

I still remember that after the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, the United States once again broke its promise and started the money printing machine in order to save Wall Street.

The Obama administration has done everything possible to suppress the price of crude oil.

Have you thought about a question? Since 2008, the GDP of China and India has been growing rapidly, and the demand for crude oil has also increased day by day. But why did crude oil take a big bear market with world bulk commodities at this time?

Is it really insufficient demand?

Take another look at the U.S. stock market. When the first round of QE began in 2009, the total market value of apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google was less than $400billion. Up to now, the market value of any of these enterprises is more than $trillion, and the total market value combined is more than $6trillion.

People think that the money that the market value of American enterprises has expanded is not money? Isn’t the dollar for selling their shares not dollars?

So there was a previous statistics, which means that after the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, the world’s GDP growth is mainly in China and the United States.

China depends on work. We work hard with the naked eye to make the whole China look new.

Most cities and towns in China are quite different from now. You can really feel the rapid growth of GDP.

But in the United States, from 2009 to now, what has changed? The median income has hardly changed. If the appearance of the city has changed, it is that there are more and more slums and tramps.

The secret of U.S. GDP growth lies in the market value of large enterprises.

Therefore, if the United States wants to ensure its GDP myth, it must maintain the status of the dollar and deceive the world’s wealth to come to the United States to add bricks and tiles, and then large enterprises can use the power of capital and power to continue to grab monopoly profits in the world.

Virtual asset inflation has absorbed real wealth.

It is particularly interesting that Bill Gates, who has been the richest man in the world for a long time relying on the stocks of technology companies, has become the largest landlord in the United States by continuously reducing his holdings of various stocks and buying land wantonly.

So you see, people also know what real wealth is.

Now the US dollar is still strong, so that the petrodollar system established in the 1970s is still working, and the excess US dollar is blended and washed white through the capital market on Wall Street.

In 2020, the global COVID-19 broke out, and the Federal Reserve took the opportunity to increase its power to print money again.

However, due to the global blockade of the US dollar cycle due to the epidemic, there is no way to exchange too many physical assets with the extra US dollars printed all over the world.

The supply chain crisis has led to the accelerated rise of domestic prices in the United States and the intensification of domestic social contradictions.

I can see videos of all kinds of zero dollar purchases in the United States every day, so if you are a retailer, do you have to include zero dollar purchases in your operating losses? Does this loss have to be added to consumers?

If it can’t be passed on to consumers, does that mean that business can’t be done? After closing, does the market supply become less?

So you see, if we can’t solve social problems, inflation in the United States will not stop.

And why should the United States, with constant internal problems, go to the Middle East and look to others to help you with your housework? It’s enough fun if people don’t come and smash bricks.

Biden has long been in a panic looking at the CPI figures and wants to use radical monetary policy to maintain dollar credit.

In fact, the original plan was very good, encouraging the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, crippling Europe, and the euro will be over, so the world trade will return to the center of the dollar. The dollar will raise interest rates and shrink the table. It seems to be playing with austerity, which is the same as your girlfriend threatening to break up, frightening everyone to rush to coax.

But if there are too many things to do, everyone will be annoyed long ago? Play the trick of breaking up and threatening again. Someone really broke up. What do you do? Now Russia, a reckless man, is not only the first to break up with the US dollar, but also with others. The bilateral transactions between Russia and India are now priced in RMB. India has simply come to a rupee calculation system because of the lack of US dollars in its hands, and Russia has turned to play with Iran in the bilateral trade of US dollars.

The left hand energy and the right hand grain are all hard currency, and they all want to play with the dollar transaction. Then how much credit is left at the bottom of the dollar?

Playing deflation forces more and more countries to have no dollars, which will make these countries more and more inclined to establish a de dollarized international trade settlement system.

This is death.

In the past, the gold dollar was collectively short pressed by gold bulls, resulting in a dollar crisis. Now the United States is long by itself, and many dollar bears lie flat directly. The bulls have no rivals, so they have to go to the roof by themselves.

It’s like that wave of international players forced nickel into the air. As long as the bears can take out something, the bulls can only swallow the bitter fruit in tears and pull out the network cable to surrender.

The consequences of Biden’s collapse in the Middle East were soon seen from the dollar index. When crude oil rose sharply, the dollar index still fell. What does this mean?

The bears got a reassurance that oil did not listen to the U.S. government. Whether inside or outside the United States, people who own oil are hitting the oil price higher according to their own wishes.

The oil companies also agreed to accept the settlement method other than US dollars, that is to say, if you really don’t have so many US dollars, you can actually buy oil, so why do you tighten your belts and hoard so many US dollars?

If the dollar pulls again, then sell the dollar to the United States, and the dollar index falls.

The plucked Phoenix is not as good as the chicken. Although Europe has been a drowned chicken, now the American emperor has also been plucked.

Don’t dislike anyone. Let’s dance together.

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