Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the last deal in July!

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019


Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia is over, and the general evaluation of the domestic state-owned media is that he “lifted a stone and hit his own foot”, was “beaten in the face” and “embarrassed”, in short, he “returned in vain”.

However, those who are a little familiar with international diplomacy understand that the head of state does not participate in substantive negotiations at all. More than 95% of the contents of the two sides have been discussed by the foreign affairs team before the head of state meeting.

Moreover, foreign affairs negotiations involve the exchange of interests between multiple departments, and the time is often extremely long. It is impossible to complete the summit in the scene of only oneortwo hours. If the two teams have not negotiated before, the summit will not be held at all.

Take two positive and negative examples. One is Kissinger’s secret visit six months before Nixon’s visit to China, which drafted the Sino US joint announcement; One is that before Biden started his visit to Asia, the executive deputy secretary of state and the special envoy of the president of the United States were also busy in Tianjin.

The political elites in the United States cannot expect Biden, a sleepy master, to solve any problems on the spot. Most of the content was basically discussed before departure, just to let the mascot go through the motions.

Of course, history is not without the initials of both sides. Finally, the big boss talked about the collapse on the spot, such as the time when trump and General Kim were in Hanoi, but the scene would be very ugly. It was really a collapse. Biden, no matter how well he was cultivated, would also slap the table and talk about the murder recorder case.

Moreover, there is another principle of reciprocity in diplomacy. It is impossible for any party to the transaction to lose face. If you want to lose face, you can’t lose face. If you want to lose face, you can’t lose face.

Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia not only didn’t welcome Salman Jr.’s pick-up, but also had to punch Salman Jr.’s kindness, not to mention Saudi Arabia’s “pariah state” or the murder of reporters, which made the American media scold him.

But it seems to me that Biden’s support rate has fallen so low recently. Why bother to come around and be scolded to a new low. These face concessions to Saudi Arabia represent that the United States is likely to get tangible benefits.

This is like the Anglo Saxon bitch brother of the United States. When the business team came to China more than 50 years ago, they were also wearing badges on their chests, and each of them was as humble as a student.

If you meet more Cantonese people, you will understand that the boss who is hundreds of times your worth is still smiling at you, and they are not “losing hemp”, but to do business.

If the United States wants to take non-sale goods from Saudi Arabia, it naturally needs to exchange them for non-sale goods.

For the Salman family, what the United States can promise is that heredity will not be replaced. For the entire Gulf countries, what the United States can sell is its tacit consent to OPEC’s monopoly of global oil.

The time point of this transaction is the opec+ meeting on August 3 this year.

The United States will not force Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to increase production alone to smash oil prices, but give the Saudi prince two weeks to coordinate opec+ internal countries, control production capacity and oil prices at the pace of OPEC +, and maintain the consistency of opec+.

And the most critical tomorrow, Putin will visit Iran and make his deal. Similar to Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, he will certainly make corresponding achievements and pay a huge price (Li Zi).

But then, if Putin can’t play enough cards, Saudi Arabia will follow Turkey and become the same between the United States and Russia.

For example, Erdogan got two non-sale goods, the Kurdish workers’ Party and the Gulen movement, on deadline, and was able to lead the great Turkic cultural circle. Salman and his son would also get hereditary Wuti and opec+ non-sale goods on deadline, and be able to lead the Arab cultural circle in the Middle East.

In this way, the success of the oil monopoly organization in gaining political status this time will also establish a model for the global resource monopoly organization, which will not only accelerate the expansion of SCO and BRICs, but also intensify the monopoly of many industries in the world and establish a new oligopoly mechanism.

If Putin is inferior in the oil decisive battle in July, he can no longer rely on opce+ to wave the oil stick, and the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine is likely to continue for a long time, Russia, the world’s largest resource country, will have to play other resource cards to solve the expenses for the war.

Referring to the huge price that Putin will inevitably pay in his visit to Iran, China’s reform of resource-based state-owned enterprises is bound to start a full sprint to undertake the transfer of power in Russia under the background of the intensification of global monopoly.

From steel OPEC, coal OPEC, rare earth OPEC, power OPEC, the merger and reorganization of a large number of industries will accelerate the formation of market monopoly, and rely on the rapid expansion of the BRICs mechanism to compete for the pricing power in the global market like opec+.

As long as we master the pricing power of an industry, it means that we will be in an invincible position in this worse world.

As for Russia, which is fighting for time for us in Europe, we will continue to support it to the end. After all, it is our beloved relatives and brothers…


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