Big guys all need acting skills!

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019


The night before yesterday, President bukele of El Salvador said on twitter that he had copied the bottom of bitcoin and attached a screenshot of the transaction, which showed that he had bought bitcoin worth $1.52 million that night.

Since the announcement that bitcoin has been listed as the legal tender of the country, bukele has led El Salvador to buy all the way down. After losing half of the country’s bitcoin investment, he still keeps on “covering positions”.


According to common sense, we should make fun of this iron headed president, saying that he lost all his family and caught the people in trouble.

But the reality is that the smart president has found a bright way for his citizens in the crisis.

Just like the follow-up investment of fund managers, it doesn’t matter if they lose half of their money, because what they earn is the handling fee of the foundation. Similarly, El Salvador has never expected to make money by investing in bitcoin, and their purpose is to attract the money spenders to travel and invest in the past.

El Salvador, one of the poorest countries in the world, was once sprayed as a cesspit by trump. Since its founding a hundred years ago, its economy has collapsed in a great confusion, and it has long been used to picking up wool by lying in line and flattering.

In 1934, Japan supported the founding of Manchukuo, and sardova, who took the yen, was the first to admit it. In 1941, after Pearl Harbor, the United States declared war on Japan, and sardova, who took the dollar, was the first to declare war on Japan.

In 2017, El Salvador invited its friend Cai Yingwen to visit and earned a lot of aid agreements. In 2018, it immediately broke off diplomatic ties with caicaicaizi for the sake of improving the living standards of the Salvadoran people.


For such a country, face is completely indifferent. As long as you have enough money, you can keep flattery and flatter you comfortably. You can say whatever you want to hear, and you can definitely rush ahead for the bosses when necessary.

Even I suspect that the president’s money for speculation and replenishment was given by a money circle boss.

The same model, changing the script can be re staged everywhere.

On the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, British Prime Minister Johnson made a speech, accusing China of not complying with the China UK joint statement, saying that Britain would not abandon Hong Kong and would force China to fulfill its commitments.

Buddha, who almost dodged his waist when fighting for a Falklands with Argentina, is thankful not to give up Scotland next year.

This time I played the Hong Kong card, I was also talking about ism, and I was thinking about business in my heart.

Denouncing the mainland can not only deceive the capital migration that yearns for freedom, take a share from Singapore that has won the numbness, but also deceive the mainland, make transactions on some international issues, but also bark in front of the master United States, proving that he is a husky with acting skills.


Germany and France, which have played games with Britain for hundreds of years, are also not playing the same trick.

At the just concluded G7 and NATO summit, France and Germany have openly played a negative role with Britain and the United States on the issue of China in the face of the aggressive U.S. policy towards China, opposing their use of tough words against China at the summit.

All the efforts paid off. On the second day after the end of France and Germany’s excellent performance, China’s three major state-owned airlines announced that they had signed an agreement with European Airbus to purchase 96, 96 and 100 overhead passenger cars respectively, with a total price of 240 billion yuan.

Even India, which has been hyped recently, buys Russian energy with RMB. What really makes a lot of money is India’s third brother, who purchases at a huge discount.

The RMB is just a shield they pushed in front of the stage. For several months, the Indian people have spoken loudly in support of Russia on the global Internet, in exchange for the real gold and silver of low-cost energy.

The decision-making and game between countries are mostly based on the needs of the situation, and the result of using too much love will often make yourself scarred.

Young men will grow up one day. After many hardships, they will better understand the saying often said by British predecessors that there are no eternal friends in international relations, only eternal interests.

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