Big people, there are doubles!

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Author: Ye Lihua Source: Seeking Truth (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Zelensky’s recent news has kept pace. Since Ukraine lost its initiative in the battlefield in Bakhmoto, negative news about him has mushroomed in various media.

The Polish newspaper Pravda published a video that showed that Zerenski and Biden were wearing a military green long-sleeved sweater and gray trousers when they met in a government building in Kiev. Behind him was a man who looked exactly like Zerenski. Even if he looked like him, his clothes were very similar.

In short, Zerenski has a double. There may be more than one.

So, who is the real Zerenski? If the back one is a double, is the front one also a double?

Will the real Zelensky have gone abroad long ago?

It’s hard to say.

It is because of this that the morale of the army is shaken. At this time, the most important thing is to prove that the real Zerenski did not run.

Man Jianghong, a film made some time ago, intentionally or unintentionally discussed the relationship between the avatar and the noumenon. The avatar can do critical work for the noumenon, and the noumenon finally took all the names for the avatar. It doesn’t matter if Qin Hui has a substitute. Qin Hui himself is Zhao Gou’s substitute.

It was unintentional and raised the height of the film to a new level.

However, what people care more about is not who the stand-in is, but where the noumenon is. It doesn’t matter who the stand-in is and who the stand-in is. After all, the stand-in can run, and the stand-in can move again. If something happens to the body, it will fall apart.

There is a classic film about Li Daitao’s thirty-six strategies. In Let the Bullets Fly, the county magistrate Zhang Muzhi wants to fight with the local gentry Huang Silang. But the strength of the county magistrate and Huang Silang can’t be said to be five to five, or even four to six.

So the county magistrate thought of a way to shoot the people in the county. The people took the gun and said nothing. I can’t follow you. County magistrate Zhang couldn’t help but think of Sun Tzu’s Art of War and thirty-six strategies.

Huang Silang happens to have a substitute. As long as he creates the illusion that Huang Silang himself has run away and is in charge of the work, the masses will be mobilized.

With the strength of the masses and the support of the masses, the county magistrate can defeat Huang Silang. So the county long knife cut the double, and the people saw that the county long ran away. It was Huang Silang who encouraged them to join the historical process of attacking Huang Silang’s blockhouse.

In today’s world, there is also a relationship between noumenon and avatar. The dollar and American hegemony. If you want to cut down the hegemony of the United States, you need to use the US dollar as well as the US military.

The US military’s stand-in is in Ukraine, and the US dollar’s stand-in is in US debt. When you cut down the body, you cut down the body. When you cut down Huang Silang’s body, you cut him down.

Before last spring, Russia launched a special military operation to attack the neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

In the summer of last year, I wrote an article, “Don’t have a cesarean section, sell off US debt”


A double has a knife on its neck, and the body has a double. I can still swim with ease. The two substitutes have knives on their necks, and the body must not hold up.

Because noumenon knows that thousands of people will attack the blockhouse next, and noumenon also saw the air show in Zhuhai last year.


We fire guns.

two thousand and twenty-two

In, China reduced its US debt holdings by more than 170 billion US dollars.

two thousand and twenty-three

On February 23, 2006, U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen said that the United States would resume its economic dialogue with China “at an appropriate time”.

Yellen said that the United States and China need to work together in “many areas” to meet global challenges. Good communication between the two countries is crucial for the domestic and global macroeconomic and financial situation.

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