Bitcoin scam!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

A long time ago, I have already warned about the risks of virtual currency. However, once this topic is written, the currency circle will gather around and scold once.

It’s hard to persuade the damned ghost with good advice. Some people thought I had a bad intention of singing empty coin circles.

Another way to look at the so-called virtual currency, what gave birth to a large number of virtual currencies? In fact, it is caused by the spread of anarchism.

When the world was peaceful and the White left mood of the false virgin broke out, and the anti social impulse of young people was linked with speculators, various virtual currencies were born.

In the epidemic era, cyberpunk 2077, a feeling of doom, spread. It happened that the Federal Reserve printed money crazily, so various virtual currencies became demons one after another.

Why is China the first country to ban virtual currency?

In those days, many people competed blindly. After all, Chinese manufacturers were the first in mining tools. In those years, more than half of the global computing power was in China. Some places with abundant energy once introduced imported mines as high-tech projects.

However, the transactions of virtual currency in the world are finally priced in US dollars, which is just like that no matter how much oil there is in the world, as long as it is priced in US dollars, it will become a tool for additional issuance of US dollars.

Looking at this virtual currency, does the value have a relationship with the production of a dime? Finally, in the process of trading, with virtual currency as the medium, a large number of local currency wealth will become US dollars.

Some time ago, Luna currency collapsed. The Korean people collapsed most. Why?

Because the gamblers’ playing method behind the virtual currency has attracted countless Koreans who have dreams and try to change their lives against the sky. As a result, their dream of becoming rich has broken. After bankruptcy, some people who can’t bear the blow have chosen to end their lives.

Some time ago, it was rumored that the husband of a actress gambler lost his family property by playing virtual currency, resulting in divorce.

Just think, the country has made it clear that the virtual currency transaction is illegal, and there are still such cases. What if it is liberalized? I don’t know how many people will die because of this.

To put it in a bad way, most of P2P is still internal circulation in the end, but if you let go of virtual currency, it will be a disastrous wealth collapse flight.

The leeks in the field have grown well, and it is strange that the sickle is not harvested. No matter how the virtual currency falls, it is not a strange thing, just another tulip foam burst.

Tulips still have value and are loved by people, but the crazy prices will never happen again.

The hype of virtual currency is definitely a kind of conspiracy. The so-called absolute security is deceiving ghosts. After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the virtual currency in Russia has been confiscated, so the security currency you think is actually under the control of others. As long as they feel the need, the bosses behind the scenes can change the rules at any time to make everything come back.

Closely related to the US military, boss Ma, the world’s richest man, suddenly spoke highly of many virtual currencies, and big investment banks joined in. Have you thought about the reasons?

In 2020, the Federal Reserve will release water, and a large amount of US dollar liquidity will overflow. In fact, there are limitations in real estate and stock speculation. The stock price is too high. You can always calculate it. There is always a stock index basis.

House prices can also rise, but this thing is highly differentiated and concentrated in the hands of small residents. Besides, the people who take over the plate are also scattered, and the actual affordability of residents is there to hinder.

Only the virtual currency is nothing. It has no real value. There is nothing to take out as a reference. It is a perfect chip. It is nothing more than a battle between bulls and bears in the exchange.

The data of the exchange are monitored by people, just like the casino owner will monitor the chip betting in the field. As long as you are long enough, you will open short. As long as you are short enough, you will open more.

This game is played around. As long as you participate in it, you will lose everything in the end. When you gamble, someone looks at your cards, and they have so many chips. It’s really not good. There’s another trick to use the FBI and unplug the Internet cable. How do you play?

You know, the US financial official headed by Yellen publicly said that virtual currency is illegal.

So what do you really want to do while shouting that it is illegal and releasing so many financial leaders to deceive a large number of retail investors to dream of becoming rich?

Sunyuchen cut a handful of domestic leeks. Would people honestly hold the cut RMB in their hands? You see, Ya went to buy a foreign registered permanent residence, mixed a diplomatic identity, and all her hands were in US dollars. Is it those stupid leeks in China who provided the first pot of gold?

They are also deceptive virtual coins, but they are also divided into three or six or nine grades, including superior bitcoin and inferior air coins. Isn’t bitcoin an air coin?

Don’t talk to me about power restrictions. There are still scale restrictions on a large number of ST shares in China. How can they all be forced to delist?

This is the most wonderful part of this scam.

By distinguishing the deceptive chips, the so-called credit can be established out of nothing, and then the information gap can be used to cut leeks. Finally, all virtual currencies should be converted into US dollars happily.

So you see, the US dollar is abused, but people take out fresh chips to consume a wave, and finally eliminate the value of these chips. The people in charge take the US dollar away, and you can get rich experience in being cheated!

Unfortunately, the experience of leek often attributes everything to bad luck or poor technology. I never thought that the whole game was designed to attract you to harvest, so the final experience has become a new lesson, which is worse than the memory of goldfish.

Someone will ask again, since the virtual currency is a scam used by the US emperor to expand the US dollar, why should they squeeze out the foam here now?

After all, bitcoin has recently fallen below $20000, hurting many people.

As I said, all virtual currencies are the spread of anarchism.

Now the world has begun to turn to the right. The war between Russia and Ukraine broke out. Even the so-called national plot of extreme Nazism in Ukraine was encouraged. Europe with the explosion of the virgin heart began to deal with refugees in various ways. What do you think is behind this?

Hanfeizi has a saying: in the spring of hungry years, my younger brother will not be paid; In the autumn of ten years old, if you are a stranger, you will eat.

It means that even his younger brother would not take care of the food when he was in famine; In the harvest season of good years, even distant passers-by will always entertain them.

Anarchism is rampant. That is when the world is in a good situation. What is the situation now? With the soaring prices in Europe and the United States, the people have angrily taken to the streets to protest. In this regard, do you expect the White left feeling filled with internationalism to continue?

Foreigners like to play extremes. They jump from internationalism to nationalism in a minute. Why? Because internationalist decisions have led to soaring energy prices, people are suddenly forced to live a tight life, so angry people will jump up and ask the country to take care of their own people first.

So they turned to nationalism. Anyone who dares to fool with political correctness will immediately encounter a real political crisis.

Nationalism is to transfer more control power to the government. For all governments, it is intolerable to allow a so-called free monetary system that cannot be monitored. Previously, tolerance was nothing more than jumping up and saying no without that authority.

Those who play with the dollar are not fools. The current situation is that the credibility of the dollar is not guaranteed. Why does the Federal Reserve raise interest rates madly?

If this signal is given, the virtual currency can remain strong, then the US dollar will set fire everywhere and burn itself, and the final results will be eaten by the virtual currencies.

Old money has mastered the United States. When the situation is very good, of course, it doesn’t matter if everyone shares the stolen goods together, but isn’t this a time of crisis? In the end, people still demand that the world wealth collected by suppressing the global currency devaluation be cheaper than those newly rich?

That is absolutely impossible.

The two types are superimposed, so all funds accelerate to run from the virtual currency, and falling becomes the only way.

No matter where they fall, it’s nothing strange. When danger comes, smart people will run crazy from risky assets.

Now is not the time to copy the bottom, but it is the time to run faster than anyone else. But if you think that backhand shorting can make a lot of money, you may be beaten in the face again, because as long as the background data is monitored to be consistent with the market shorting, the main force will make your short orders explode. This is the repeated harvest of leeks.

A word of advice, some games, not you and I can play.

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