“ Black and white are impermanent & rdquo; Who is the prototype of? What kind of story is there?

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According to the myth, the dying people will see black and white impermanence to attract them. Who is the prototype of “black and white impermanence”? What kind of story is there? The following is a detailed introduction to China story network. Let’s have a look!

In fact, in all civilizations and cultures related to hell, there must be a role similar to black and white impermanence. They are soul ferries who are responsible for extraditing the souls of dead people from the huangquan road to the underworld or hell. These people travel in the world and hell, and are symbols of life.

In Chinese mythology, although the image of black and white impermanence is a fixed role, its description is different. These two people always appear in the image of one black and one white, so they are also called “black and white impermanent ghosts”. However, they do not naturally appear in the underworld. They also have previous lives and human roles.

It is said that when Bai Changchang was in the world, he was named Xie Bi’An. Because he often wears a smile on his face, in the mythological image, the white impermanent red tongue will stick out long. Although his face is horrible, he is the “seventh master” in people’s mouth and a symbol of wealth.

Like his partner, black impermanence is also a ghost errand after a journey on earth. His name in the world is fan wuchou. Compared with Bai Changchang’s “Wen”, he seems to be closer to Zhong Kui in image. He is the “eighth master” in people’s mouth, because from head to toe, both skin color and clothing are black, so he is called black impermanence.


No matter what version of the ghost story, they are always inseparable when they work. In fact, this is related to our philosophy and culture of yin-yang balance. Black impermanence is mainly responsible for male Yang and female Yang, while white impermanence is responsible for Yin in men and women.

Before the soul of the sun enters the underworld, the Qi must dissipate. Therefore, the two of them have their own duties, and no one can be less. According to the mythological description, in fact, the workload of black and white impermanence is very large.

Because most people in the sun die normally, and the soul of every person who dies normally needs impermanence. Those who had great resentment before their death, or those like Jiang Ziya who were directly on the God list, were not on their work list.

In fact, the mythology of our country is always inextricably linked with the folk, because the mythology itself is empty and empty. If it is not related to people’s daily life, it will not attract people’s curiosity, and the worship of God and Buddha will no longer exist. The same is true of black and white impermanence. Their stories on earth are the best way for us to know them.

According to a story widely circulated in a certain edition, Xie Bian and fan Wucheng were inseparable when they were in the sun. They have a deep friendship in the family history, and they are similar in age, so they have been very good playmates since childhood, and there are many stories about them.

Once they went out to play. When they came to Nantai bridge, it suddenly rained heavily. Neither of them had brought their raingear. At that time, fan Wuzhen was sheltering under the bridge, while Xie Bian went to get an umbrella. Unexpectedly, the rain was getting heavier and heavier. Before Xie Bian’s raingear came, he was drowned by the rising water.

Why doesn’t he go up? In fact, in ancient times, a gentleman attached great importance to reputation. Before Xie Bian left, he told him to wait under the bridge. He was afraid that Xie Bi’An would not find himself when he came, so he did not move half of his position. This was to praise fan Wuzhen’s integrity and the depth of their friendship.

As a good brother, Xie Bi’An did not appear when he came. At this time, he realized that fan Wuzhen had killed himself in order to keep his promise. Therefore, Xie Bi’An, who was in great pain, hanged himself after returning home. As a sworn brother, he can’t let fan Wuyan walk alone on the Yellow Spring Road, which is also the reason why Bai Changchang’s tongue sticks out.

After the two brothers died, they came to the underworld together. The king of hell heard their stories and was deeply moved by their love and righteousness. Therefore, they did not enter reincarnation, but became ghost guards under the king of hell.

What they are responsible for is to arrest all the ghosts wandering around in the sun. This is how the saying of “ghostly ghosts” came about. Although the story is somewhat absurd, if it were not for this exaggerated literary technique, these two people would not have become ghost guards. After all, there are so many dead souls, and there must be something extraordinary about them.


The “color matching” of black and white impermanence is very simple. In fact, if you think about it a little, you can know that almost all the colors related to funeral are black and white. This has something to do with our ancient theory of yin and Yang and the five elements. The most representative external figure of the theory of yin and Yang is the eight diagrams of yin and Yang, whose main color is black and white.

In this theory, the two colors of the two poles are the representative colors of Yin Qi and Yang Qi, which echoed our previous explanation that they are respectively responsible for the Yang Qi and Yin Qi of the ghosts. It can be seen that our entire culture is the embodiment of our ancient philosophy. Seemingly chaotic stories are secretly unified by the philosophy of yin and Yang.

However, I would like to point out that what we are describing today is only one version of these two mythical characters. There are many versions of the folklore about black and white impermanence, but there is no mainstream.

In many versions, black-and-white impermanence is not a positive image. Sometimes they are evil spirits from hell. In many stories, they play a role of suppressing violence with violence and punish those evil spirits. To some extent, this also shows that our ancestors believed in reincarnation, karma and reincarnation. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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