Blind guessing the “new crown problem” is going to be overwhelming!

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Recently, the British Daily Mail reported that a senior source within the British government disclosed that who director general Tan Desai had recently privately disclosed to senior European officials that “the most likely source of novel coronavirus is the Wuhan laboratory leakage accident”. But before that, who has reached the conclusion that “the conclusion of laboratory leakage is highly unlikely”.

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman wangwenbin said at a regular press conference on the 22nd:

The contents of the above reports by the British media are completely untrue. Director general Tan Desai totally opposes the relevant contents in the reports. The relevant media use the form of anonymity to speculate about the leakage of novel coronavirus laboratory, ignoring the facts and with sinister intentions. If it is necessary to conduct research on laboratory problems, it is necessary to investigate highly suspicious laboratories such as Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina.


Today, let’s have a chat: blind guessing about the “new crown problem” is about to become unbearable

During the three years when the epidemic raged, an interesting “rule” was discovered. “Tracing the source of the epidemic” is often associated with the rise of the “death toll”. The accuracy of this correlation seems to be more accurate than the judgment of “experts” on the trend of the epidemic.

Every time the problem of “tracing the source of the epidemic” is heated up, it is also the time when the number of deaths in various places will usher in a major outbreak.

This relevance is a bit like a few years ago. Whenever Wang Feng wanted to make a big move to the headlines, the entertainment industry would be turbulent and grab the headlines, full of metaphysics


This is the data I can see by simply searching Baidu Index

Apart from the latest wave in June 2022, there are three waves of public opinion about “tracing the source”, namely:

January 2020

February 2021

July 2021

We can see what happens at these points in time. Because the hype “traced back” to the British media, we can look at the British data.


The chart above shows the statistics of daily deaths in Britain


In April, 2020, the number of deaths increased rapidly, and the original strain spread in the UK

The number of deaths increased rapidly in February 2021, and then delta was named three months later

The number of deaths began to rise in July 2021, and then Omicron was named three months later


By the way, from the table of daily deaths in Britain, we can see that the fever of “epidemic tracing” is highly correlated with the rise of the death toll. At the same time, we can see some other interesting things:

The first interesting thing is:

Look at the deviation degree of the statistical data. From January this year to now, the statistical data has shown a problem of periodic and large fluctuations, which may be related to the adjustment of the statistical caliber. At the same time, we should note that this is the time when the western media began to greatly hype the argument that “Omicron = pandemic influenza”, and tried to make China believe in this “scientific judgment”, blindly guessing that there are many artificial distortions in it.

The second interesting thing is:

Looking at the first two waves of epidemic, it is actually in line with the law of epidemic spread. The wave peaks quickly, and then the wave peaks quickly fall. However, this wave from July 2021, due to its long duration, the total number of deaths should not be less than the first two waves, but it seems that it is always difficult to pass. And there seems to be a feeling that the wave band is going to rise.

In fact, this is not an isolated case. A similar situation has also occurred in Australia, a commonwealth country.


Public opinion serves politics. The smell of the media is often faster than that of doctors

So here we boldly make three predictions to see if we will be beaten in the face in the next two months:

1? In some countries, such as the UK, the death caused by the new crown will rise further (in fact, it is only exploded), or it is announced that the severity of the sequelae caused by the new crown will be paid attention to.

2? New virus strains will be named to arouse the attention of ordinary people to the new crown, and at the same time start to adopt new and stricter epidemic prevention policies.

3? It will continue to intensify efforts to throw the pot on China, find excuses for its own poor epidemic prevention, and divert people’s dissatisfaction with the government and the medical system.

Of course, the probability of my prediction being beaten in the face is quite high.


After all, now many people, especially many big V’s, believe that “new crown = cold”. If my judgment is true, it will not embarrass them. Therefore, these big V’s will always demonstrate that “new crown = cold”.

At the same time, now the “Statistics” show that the death toll of Xinguan has reached a “new low”, which also confirms the propaganda caliber of “Xinguan = cold”

At this time, it is a bit like a football game to predict the above three points. Our side fell behind 0-2 in the first half. It was predicted that a hat trick would be performed in the second half at half-time. It was as easy to be beaten in the face as a 3-2 turnover.

However, I still want to make a bold bet.

History will not be simply repeated, but it always follows a similar rhyme, not to mention the history that has happened twice in the past three years.

Although I am not a virologist, I have not done any scientific analysis. However, when the British media began to hype the “epidemic tracing” again, when public opinion began to throw the pot crazily instead of calling for “coexistence”.

Blind guessing about the “new crown problem” is going to be overwhelming

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