Body for peace: the helpless choice of beautiful Wang Zhaojun

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Zhaojun goes out of the fortress

I saw the mysterious woman again, bowing her head outside the dome of the Great Wall. The last touch of sunset fell on her shoulders. When she looked back, she immediately became intoxicated with the whole grassland. The grass is boundless, spreading away into the distance. The earth is green. She moved to the lake not far from the accounting room. The small particles in the air were like the reflection in the lake water, with only color but no outline. She can’t remember when she came here. Is it day or night? Now, a wind with the smell of grassland, sheep dung and pastoral is blowing. On the broken ripples in the lake water, her face emerges and floats with the water.

It was quiet all around, and there seemed to be only one her in the wide world. Suddenly, her eyes seemed to be filled with some warm, full liquid. That is a tear, which has been hanging for more than 2000 years. Now, this tear will drop in front of me. Wang Zhaojun was the first woman who married far away to the western regions in the Han Dynasty, and the only woman who was transferred from the emperor’s concubine to the Hun’s concubine Shan Yu. However, Zhaojun’s departure from the frontier and Tibet was a complicated matter at the beginning.

During the reign of Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty, the Western Han Dynasty was strong for a period of time. At that time, the northern Xiongnu became weaker and weaker due to the struggle for power among the nobles. Later, the Xiongnu split, and the five Shan Yu became independent, each king, fighting and killing each other endlessly. Flames of war rose day by day on the vast grassland. In 63 BC, 16 years after Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty succeeded to the throne, Hu Hanye Chanyu, one of the five kings of the Huns, was beaten by his brother Zhi Zhishan Yu and fled because of his weak power. Hu Hanxie was very frustrated. After consulting with the ministers in the army, he decided to find an alliance with the Han Dynasty and make peace with the Han Dynasty. So Hu Hanxie, together with the ministers, rushed day and night to Zhongyuan to see Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty with valuable gifts.

Hu Hanxie was the first Hun Shan Yu to come to the Central Plains to meet the emperor of Han Dynasty. He was modest on the surface and claimed that he didn’t want to fight against the Han Dynasty any more. He was willing to be a subsidiary of the Han Dynasty. But in fact, the real purpose is to have a relationship with the Central Plains court and find a strong backing for yourself.

Hu Hanxie came to meet the emperor of Han Dynasty as a conquered monarch. The emperor of Han still greeted him and his ministers at the Weihe River Bridge 30 miles outside Chang’an with the courtesy of welcoming the monarch of a large country, and held a grand state banquet that night to wash Hu Hanxie’s dust. That night, the Han court was singing and dancing, and people were drunk. Hu Hanxie held a glass of wine and said to Emperor Xuan of Han Dynasty, “I want my subjects and descendants to make peace with Han for generations, take Han as their relatives and teachers, send people to Chang’an to study and revitalize the Huns.” At the request of Hu Hanxie, Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty helped him to become Shan Yu again, and sent two


With 10000 cavalry escorts, Hu Hanxie went to Monan to set up a “King’s court”. Then, in 36 BC, the arrogant Zhi Zhishan Yu was killed by Han generals on the Chu River. As soon as Zhi Zhi died, Hu Hanxie had no worries about his future. Wang Zhaojun, who had been confined to the Han Palace for several years, knew nothing about what happened outside. Swords, flames, conspiracy and


Sweat and blood. The ancient sky gradually faded in the sky of fire and blood However, in her opinion, those are all things in the male world. And she herself is just a concubine forgotten by time. Since she was elected to the Han Palace at the age of 14, as the “imperial concubine”, she has been kept in the cold and deep Han Palace. A day is like a year. Her name has long disappeared like a star in a dream.

Every morning, Wang Zhaojun’s first thing is to open the door and listen to the faint and miscellaneous sounds of the marketplace from outside the deep palace wall. The voice mixed with the mundane world sounded to her like the sound of music, noisy, ancient and rhythmic.

Now, it was instantly illuminated by a smile on the corner of a deep palace woman’s mouth, and immediately fell into deeper darkness.

curia regis


There was a dead silence in the room.

Wang Zhaojun looked at himself in the mirror and then began to comb his hair. She leaned over and didn’t seem to like seeing her insomnia face in the dazzling mirror in the morning.

The days are painfully long. And what about the night? She seems to live on an island. Her night is unfathomable. The chaotic image brought by insomnia last night seems to be wrapping her around the edge of the earth

She began to study the sound and direction of a cricket coming from the corner at night. It seemed to see that more and more tombstones were standing on the edge of the darkness on the beach and marsh with a fishy smell.

She understood the horror, and understood that a woman was gradually silencing with the melancholy sound of the stream in the lonely moment, and gradually silencing in the fluctuating light, as if they were stones that fettered and cut her feet.

In the secluded depths of the hall of the Han Palace, there are a group of women like her, dripping morning dew like flowers. Their faces were vague and their breath was unclear, wrapped in nearly transparent pink, yellow and blue skirts, floating around like souls in the cold and deep hall, like inanimate flowers and butterflies attached to the thick curtain.

They are all women selected from the folk and waiting for the emperor of the Han Dynasty to “wait for the imperial edict”. Day and night, their eyes were directed at one person – the emperor of the Han Dynasty. Their spiritual and physical kings.

The king is their name for the ruler of the world. The only person sitting on the throne, he is not among them but dominates their lives. Wang’s unusual face shrouded their closed world, making them couldn’t help raising their heads and looking up like the moon at night.

They lost hope in looking up and raised the king to a high position again, which was equivalent to repositioning themselves into the abyss.

However, emperor yuan of Han Dynasty was always free, the liberator and possessor in their sight. Is the only one who gets their body juice in possession. But they couldn’t see him. day and night. Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty and other women (maybe one of them) hugged each other and lay down after indulging. When their snoring to sleep came, these women’s eyes would be moist. In their imagination, they firmly grasp the dream of the dearest man and the meaning of the dream. But in the end, when the imagination cooled down like water, they were all disappointed one by one.

Although they can’t forget the king’s cunning, arrogant and shameless shortcomings, they are more likely to be full of tenderness for this inaccessible man. Their tenderness curled up like a leaf, and in their imagination, they felt that it was themselves, not other women, who were writhing in the bed.

Unconsciously, the pool in their bodies has begun to overflow their waist. Wang Zhaojun. Wang Zhaojun is one of them. yes. They are a group, and she is just one of them. She is singular. Now, she gave up the game of studying the sound and direction of a cricket coming from the corner at night.

She began to look out. When the king hit these women’s bodies with strong bodies, she began to look out. Not with her eyes, but with the wings in her body.

Overlooking is to gently raise her head, start from the position where she is, and gradually turn her eyes to the sky outside the deep court, staring at the flying catkins, as well as a group of geese migrating to the distance in the sky, trying to use her distant body to feel whether the feathers fly or not.

She squinted and looked. He turned a blind eye to the dim and indistinct women in the depths of the court corridors around him The world of goodness is fragrant, fresh, full, and full of touching power. The evil world is muddy, dirty and poisoned. But between the two, there has never been a clear distinction, easy to choose. Now, Mao Yanshou, a man living in the deep palace, flashed out from a corner of the wives’ skirts. His eyes are cloudy, flickering, and always half squinting. Only heavy silver can be seen

When the ingot was made, he would make an “ah” sound in his eyes, as if he had been absorbed by it all at once.

He is a villain who only loves money. Those concubines who want to serve the emperor are usually not seen at first


The painter must draw a portrait with a paintbrush and send it to the emperor, who will choose “Shi Xing”. Those concubines in the secluded cold palace, in order to compete for favor and flattery to the emperor, competed one by one to “give money to buy looks” to painter Mao Yanshou. His portrait is a mirror, which looks like a true reflection of reality – but it is often upside down.

Wang Zhaojun was summoned to the palace at the age of 14. He was nominally the emperor’s concubine, but he had never seen the king for several years and had not been “summoned” once. Mao Yanshou’s selfish desire is a threshold. If this step is crossed, with her stunning beauty and natural appearance, she is likely to be favored by the emperor. But her too aloof temperament, like a glass relief in the transparent nothingness, kept her cold and hard, and could not penetrate a drop of sewage from reality. This personality pushed her fate to another extreme.

This is out of pride, but also out of the deep-rooted contempt for the petty and greedy man’s desire.

Therefore, when the painter Mao Yanshou wanted to paint a portrait for her, she didn’t pay a cent.

Undoubtedly, this is a special woman. Her aloofness gave her a unique beauty. And what about those women? Because of her distinctive aloofness, some women are jealous of her, some women are cursing her, and some women are trying to emulate her – these women’s trivial and small voices like flies and mosquitoes make her feel another kind of huge and hard lead in the world, but at the same time, they also make her have a kind of super endurance. But the trade between good and evil is bound to lead to her falling out of favor and frustration in the future, making her love and pain speechless.

Now, she tilted her head slightly, her chin up. This is Wang Zhaojun’s customary posture. The curtains, pillars, doors and windows in the secluded depths of the king of Han Palace and the bright fragments shrouded in the sun are enough to make her body and heart close to a pure realm.

The place where those women retreated was the place where Wang Zhaojun walked.

Finally, the time came to change her fate.

In 33 BC, Hu Hanxie Chanyu once again went to Chang’an to worship the Yuan emperor of Han Dynasty and asked for peace with Han Dynasty. Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty readily agreed to his request. At this time, Hu Han Xie Chanyu was already an old man in his fifties. From Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to emperor yuan, more than a dozen princesses or Han daughters of the royal family were forced to marry far away in the western regions. Their hearts were different, and most women had a tragic fate. But on the way to the western regions, the chariot of Heqin still ran into the wilderness of the western regions.

At this time, the courtiers and princes of the court were afraid that their daughters would marry far away in the western regions, and they would not meet again in this life. They had selfishness, and suggested that the Han Emperor canonized the palace maidens as princesses, and let them marry to the western regions instead of their daughters to bear the tragic fate.

There are many palace maids in the deep palace, most of whom were born in poor families. Why not leave a few? Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty readily adopted the suggestions of the princes. On the day when Hu Hanxie came to the Han Dynasty to propose marriage, the emperor of the Han Dynasty happened to be unwell and had no energy to deal with it, so he ordered people to go to the harem and send a message: “whoever wants to go to the Hun, the emperor will treat her as a princess.”

All the maids in the harem were selected from the folk


, they entered the palace of the king of Han Dynasty. It was as hard to see the sun as a bird in a cage. They all hoped to release them from the palace one day. But when they heard that they were going to marry far away to a wild place with different customs, they kept silent.

It was late at night. This late night is darker than that of other cities. Wang Zhaojun was hidden behind the heavy curtain. Under the reflection of candles and the breeze in front of the window, she faintly felt the invasion of things from the depths of time, and her porcelain white face was almost transparent. A tiny moth spins in front of the lamp. This arrogant moth, like a bat, danced in front of the candle, like a huge metaphor, dividing the world in front of him into two. Its wings vibrated rapidly, and the reflection on its body seemed to bring all kinds of signs about the future with lightning in the dark. In the breeze gently fanned by moths, Wang Zhaojun faintly felt the call from another world.

The next day, something happened that puzzled the ministers of the Han Palace. Wang Zhaojun volunteered to “ask Ye court to go”. As soon as the words came to an end, the ministers exclaimed, “Wang Zhaojun is a concubine, not a palace maid. He is enjoying a happy life in the king’s palace of the Han Dynasty. Why did he suddenly have the intention to ask for a distant marriage to the western regions?”

The ministers wrote to the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, with an obvious meaning: This is your concubine, you see to it. Unexpectedly, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty approved it casually without thinking.

The ministers were surprised and inconceivable by his rash decision. In the past, marrying a princess was called harmony. Now, what should I call marrying a concubine? Is this a bit of a mess? However, Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty has signed the approval of the canonization, which is a done deal, and the ministers can’t say anything more.

In order to show his respect for the Xiongnu, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty chose an auspicious day according to the Chinese wedding and let Hu Hanxie Chanyu and Wang Zhaojun marry in Chang’an. Although Hu Hanxie Chanyu had many concubines, he was able to marry a 19-year-old beautiful wife who looked like an immortal in his fifties. He was so excited that he didn’t know what to say, so he bowed to emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty and worshipped again and again.

Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty held a grand banquet at the court to bid farewell to Wang Zhaojun’s seal book.

Amid the music, Wang Zhaojun came to the banquet hall with the help of Hu Hanxie and the guidance of Gong moth in the courtship of the Manchurian civil and military forces.

The book of the later Han Dynasty uses 16 words to describe the scene where Zhao Jun saw Shan Yu: “abundant capacity, beautiful decorations, bright

Han Palace, Gu Ying hovers around and moves around. ” It can be said that that day was the most brilliant day in Zhaojun’s life

Twenty four hours.

She is drunk. Alcohol is a temptation. The liquid from the porcelain jar in the palace of the Han Dynasty soaked her body in ecstasy, trying to alleviate her despair. When the wine jars moved out of the cellar, it seemed that the most mysterious moment in the world had been stored. After several cups of wine, a pair of beautiful eyes are looking forward to the circulation, which is more charming and charming. She began to drink greedily. Alcohol was exhausting the passion of her inner neighing. The powder on her face was burned by alcohol and turned into red like sunset glow.

The civil and military men all over the country seemed to be afraid to see the depth in her eyes, which was an open maze. It was desolate all around, and everything seemed to be outside her journey and story.

She thought, why am I drunk? I seem to have just experienced a sudden onset of illness? My king, I changed my position to drink to you. As long as you drink to me with your heart, I will let you see the amazing beauty and silence in my heart.

Wang Zhaojun just left.

Along the way, her head never turned back once, and her thin figure gradually disappeared on Chang’an Road. Zhaojun left, and the villain Mao Yanshou’s trouble came. In the book “Xile ยท miscellany” written by Ge Hong of the Jin Dynasty (i.e. Wu Jun of the Southern Dynasty), the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty found the image he painted and saw him point a few dark moles at the corner of Zhaojun’s mouth, deliberately vilifying her. The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became. In a rage, he beheaded Mao Yanshou. Wang Anshi wrote in the song of the Ming concubine: “the reason why the meaning was not painted was that Mao was killed in vain to prolong his life.” It means that no matter how good a painter is, he can’t draw people’s inner beauty. The killing of Mao Yanshou by emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty can only be a vent.

Wang Zhaojun left Chang’an with 28000 pieces of brocade and silk, 16000 Jin of cotton, and 50 maids, escorted by hundreds of Han troops and Hun soldiers, and Hu Han Xie Chanyu. Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty changed the year title to the first year of “Jingning” in the year when Zhaojun left the fortress, which means that the country has been peaceful since then.

The strong desert wind roared in the boundless desolate ancient road, and groups of crows were silent on the gravel in the wind, staring coldly into the distance.

Zhaojun goes West.

At her feet, Xijun, Jieyou and other Han princesses have gone through such a long way to get married. The ruts left by her had not disappeared, and their wheels rolled down deeply again.

Wild geese flying in the south of other countries, the road is long under the increasingly dim sunset. I want to breathe a little, but my clothes are wet. Wild geese flying in the middle and south of other countries, under the increasingly bright starry sky, pluck the strings to tell their sadness, and their sadness grows at this moment. Wild geese flying in the middle and south of other countries, under the glow of the sky, I have no way to go back

It is said that Wang Zhaojun saw the wild geese flying south on the way to her parents’ country. She was restless. She stirred the pipa in her arms to express her feelings of departure. The sad and sad sound of the piano fascinated the passing wild geese, who forgot to shake off their wings and fell to the ground from the sky. Therefore, Wang Zhaojun got the reputation of “Li Rong Luo Yan”. The change of Wang Zhaojun’s fate is really too accidental, but it is also inevitable. Her personality of relying on her natural beauty and being too arrogant and noble led her to a miserable fate.

Knowing that offending a villain like Mao Yanshou won’t do any good, and won’t win the favor of the emperor through his paintbrush, she still ignored it and disdained to bow to a villain like Mao Yanshou, so that she couldn’t see the emperor after entering the palace for several years. Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty and his descendants often complained about Mao Yanshou’s Qubi murder. In fact, it was not only Mao Yanshou who killed so invisibly, but also more than Wang Zhaojun who was obliterated. But on the other hand, she is very realistic. Meiji, a beauty like her in the palace of the king of Han Dynasty

Hundreds, and how many people can get the emperor’s favor? Zhaojun is more like Cinderella in Green’s fairy tales. She is not a golden leaf, but was born in a civilian family. Just as Cinderella rarely had the opportunity to attend the king’s banquet, Zhaojun was hardly favored by the emperor of the Han Dynasty, and he didn’t even have the opportunity to see him. The emperor had no time to inspect the harem one by one. He could only choose the beautiful people from the album like ordering vegetables. It happened that painter Mao Yanshou liked to ask for bribes, but Zhaojun didn’t want to pay bribes, so he had to keep an empty bed with a lonely lamp and a cold blanket.

The days of seclusion in the deep palace and isolation are more difficult than anything. If you wait any longer, your flowery appearance will wither like spring flowers.

There is a “five watch plaintive song” which is full of bitterness, sweetness, coldness and warmth. The song says: “in Gengli, in the middle of the night, at dusk, bitter and anxious day and night, the bottom of the account is lonely and sleepless; lovesickness has no end, desperate to break the marriage, spring, summer, autumn and winter people waste, infatuation is also pathetic.” one

In this way, I do not know how many women in the high palace wall, quietly waiting for the trees to grow slowly, the skin slowly aging. Therefore, when the emperor announced that he could not only become the queen of the Huns, but also be regarded as a princess of the Han Dynasty, Zhaojun would naturally come forward and seize this last opportunity. So she seized such a distant marriage opportunity that no one else could avoid, walked out of the high wall that had blocked her for too long, and walked towards the unknown future.

Wang Zhaojun took the initiative to apply for marriage and married Hun Hu Hanxie Chanyu. As one of the few “volunteers”, she was set as an example of beauty in all dynasties. A Jiangnan woman who was born in the spring rain of apricot blossoms took the initiative to ask for a strange frontier, which is usually not out of the yearning for the white horse autumn wind to plug the frontier, but mostly has other hidden feelings.

In other words, there are often many compelling reasons behind “voluntary”. Individually, Wang Zhaojun is changing her fate, but she doesn’t know that her fate has changed due to a complex political background: the Huns and the Central Plains have chips on her, and the Huns proposed to show that they listened to the words of the Central Plains and would always be a vassal state; The purpose of marrying the princess far away in the Central Plains is to show the friendship of the Central Plains to the Huns, appease them, and seek the peace of the Han Dynasty.

This is a typical oriental story of “body for peace”. It is similar to the story in Arabian myth Arabian Nights. These gentle women, whose beautiful bodies are the most beautiful shields in the world, are used to calm a man’s manic ambitions and resist the king and the war behind him. As my favorite female writer zhouxiaofeng said: “There are many ways to change the division of territory, which can make soldiers bleed, and sometimes with the help of a stunning beauty’s bed waist skill. A similar scene may have been hidden in history textbooks, where bright fingernails are signing contracts on the back of lovers instead of leaders. This woman is a real pacifist. She saves discarded weapons, the floor area of graves and the possibility of thousands of widows remarrying. She omits or even occurs only in books The death of. “

Poor Zhaojun, when emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty dreamed of maintaining peace in the western regions, he would not go through fire and water, but needed a woman like her to turn fighting into friendship with beauty and family affection. How can she shoulder such a mission with the shoulders of a weak woman? Besides, she is not a princess. In this deception and true lies, who can give her some promise to rely on? After Wang Zhaojun entered the frontier, the relationship between the Central Plains and the western regions was in a rare state of peace in history. Hu Hanxie would no longer cause trouble in the Central Plains, thus winning the peace and tranquility of the border between the four Koreas for nearly 60 years. In this regard, whether Zhaojun is active or passive, her credit is commendable. On the one hand, she advised Hu Han Xie Shan Yu not to fight with other Hun tribes at will because of the backing of big men; On the other hand, he also constantly introduced Han culture to Hu Hanxie Chanyu and other ministers, and talked about the history and interests of the friendly coexistence between Hu and Han nationalities. As historians said when commenting on Wang Zhaojun’s entry into the frontier, “as a concubine in the yeting court of the Yuan emperor, Wang Zhaojun is just a grain of sand trampled under the feet of the feudal autocratic emperor. But as a girl selected by the Han Dynasty to go to the Huns and relatives, she symbolizes an empire and a nation, and undertakes the political mission entrusted to her by this dynasty, Empire and nation.”

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