Born in troubled times, he is the most capable of singing love songs_ Zhang Bi, the poet of “Huajian School” in the late Tang Dynasty_ Legend of Zhang Bi

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Turning to the long scroll of China’s history, Five Dynasties and ten countries are a chaotic era.

Born in troubled times, many people are displaced. For them, life is just a matter of time, without poetry and distance.


However, there is such a “literary youth”:

He was born in the late Tang Dynasty and grew up in the early days of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms;

My life has been bumpy and wandering, I love freedom, but I have never had a decent post;

Almost no one knows his name. There are only a few records of his life and deeds, which are often confused with Zhang Yu, a more famous scholar in the late Tang Dynasty.

As the saying goes: empty negative Lingyun ten thousand ZhangCai, life has not opened the lapel.


He is Zhang Bi, the poet of “Huajian School” in the late Tang Dynasty. He was a “master in love field” when his official career was gloomy and unsuccessful. There is no historical record of how many “confidants” Zhang Bi had. However, he left dozens of love poems that have been handed down through the ages.


If Zhang Bi lives now, maybe he is a “love song Prince” who is famous in the whole Chinese music world?


Lu Xun’s endorsement of “master in love field”

Zhang Bi is well known, thanks to the famous Lu Xun.


In Mr. Lu Xun’s essay “surveillance of the Tang Dynasty”, there is a paragraph like this:

When a modern young master in Shanghai wants to hook up with a modern young lady, the first step is to follow her. The term is “nail tip”… I always thought this was only available in the western market today. Now I see huajianji, but I know that such a thing has happened in the Tang Dynasty.



Part of the Western Chamber of Qiu Ying in the Ming Dynasty

This is what Lu Xun saw in the collection of flowers:

In the evening, I drove into Fengcheng in a fragrant car. The east wind lifted the embroidered curtain gently and slowly returned with charming eyes and smiles.

If you don’t know what to do with the news, you must pretend to be drunk and go with you. It seems that Tao is too crazy.

——Huanxi sand by Zhang Bi


When you read this word, you will see a vivid picture:

The handsome young man on a white horse met a beautiful girl in a car and chased her all the way into the city. The breeze gently brushed the carriage, and the woman smiled at the boy. The amorous young man was so excited that he didn’t know how to get close to the girl. He had to pretend to be drunk and brazenly chase after her. He vaguely heard the girl’s angry blame: “is he crazy?”

Later, what happened to the boy and the girl? We have no way to know, but this beautiful love has been passed down through the ages.


Zhang Mi was born at the end of the Tang Dynasty and had read poetry and books since childhood. There is no detailed historical record of what kind of achievements he has taken and how big an official he has been. The mission of a scholar is to take part in the scientific examination and obtain fame. However, at that time, no one knew where his future lay.




Part of the Western Chamber of Qiu Ying in the Ming Dynasty


In this way, the young man, who was just beginning to fall in love while taking an examination of civil servants, wrote his understanding of love in his words.


In the small atrium outside the blue langgan, the rain is beginning to clear, and the sound of warblers is heard at dawn. Flying catkins and falling flowers, the season is near Qingming. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping in the roller shutter. I’m in no mood.

——Jiangchengzi by Zhang Bi

One song, jiangchengzi, describes a young lady who has been groomed and dressed. She is bored sitting in her boudoir. Everything is boring. Maybe she is waiting for her lover.


Are you familiar with such thoughts?


Thousands of years later, lizongsheng, who can “see through women’s hearts”, also wrote a song about such emotions: on a cloudy day, in a room without lights, when all thoughts precipitate bit by bit, love is just spiritual opium, or a boring pastime at the end of the century


Sure enough, men who can write love songs know women’s hearts best.


What is the meaning of life without love?

Looking through the historical materials, Zhang Bi has a very low sense of existence. No historical materials have been recorded in detail. Later generations often confuse him with Zhang Yu in the era of empress li of the Southern Tang Dynasty.

In order to find a job, Zhang Bi used to live in the capital Chang’an all the year round. Writing for a living was probably the “freelancer” of that time. In the days of doing nothing, he was still affectionate. Love was an indispensable part of his life. The beautiful girl gave him unlimited inspiration for creation.


Narrow Luo shirt, thin Luo skirt, small waist, new evening makeup. When it comes to flowers, growth is not suitable for spring. He had no strength in his own family, and was even more pitied by Iraq.

——Jiangchengzi by Zhang Bi


This poem describes a girl in a light skirt. She has a graceful figure and a little makeup, but she can only fall in love with each other. She does not win the favor of the proud. The girl’s sadness was written on her face, so she had to sigh: “I have paid my youth for you for so many years. When I say thank you for your success…”

I just don’t know if Zhang Bi is the lover who doesn’t understand amorous feelings?




Part of the Western Chamber of Qiu Ying in the Ming Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty eventually perished.


Zhang Bi began to be displaced. Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou all left his footprints of “job hunting”. Finally, he found a job of “sacrificing people” in Sichuan before the new regime in Chengdu, which is similar to the present literal secretary. Therefore, the world also calls him “Zhang Sheren”.


Sichuan women are affectionate. Zhang Mi, who lives in Sichuan, obviously has experienced unforgettable love for a long time before leaving more love words:


Greasy pink Qiong makeup shows through the blue yarn, and snow doesn’t boast. Jinfeng scratched her head and dropped her temples, with overlapping hair.

Leaning on the cloud screen, I sleep and dream and laugh. There are some pillow flowers hidden in the red cheeks.

——Willow branch by Zhang Mi


A piece of “willow branch”, a young Jasper in love, leaps onto the paper. If Zhang Bi lives in modern times, will she write a love song like “when the breeze blows your long hair”?


If life is not satisfactory, pursue poetry and distance

Zhang Mi’s life was a bumpy one. No one knows where he went and where he ended up.

Perhaps he returned to Chang’an, the “place where the dream began”.


When the guest leaves the solitary hall, the lamp is broken, and the prison falls on the Milky way to dawn. Before the chickens sing, they write to the valley moon, and the wild geese sing to the new level of Baling smoke. The floating life has realized Zhuang Zhou butterfly, but the ambition is still defeated by Zu ti’s whip. What’s the matter? I have worked hard for years.

——Zhang Bi’s early and middle journey on Chang’an Road


This song “early departure on the Chang’an Road” has no affection for children, but it tells us the bitterness of displacement.

Perhaps, he went all the way south to Guizhou, a distant place.


The warm wind and fragrant grass are tender and tender, and the sick and worried young man is in danger. Weak willows are not better than cold food and rain, and good flowers are competing for the sunset. Looking for pictures by the stream, the warblers in the forest sound like orchestral strings. It’s unique to leave people with tears, and even cry with a glass of wine.

——Zhang Bi’s spring day trip to boguizhou


The song “a trip to Guizhou in spring” expresses the faint sadness in my heart. I can’t help crying when I want to go to the sad place.

Zhang Bi, who has been pursuing love all her life, doesn’t know whose long hair she will eventually tell and who she will wear the wedding dress for?


The water in the empty pond is green and the spring rain is slight. The east wind is scattered and the willows fly. The dream of Yiyi Nanpu is still alive, and the pulse is high, and the clouds of Tang Dynasty do not return. There are many fragrant grasses at the end of the river, and the sad smoke is quiet. Across the river, a bright red apricot branch looks like a beautiful jade lady overlooking the clear marsh. Hugh looks back at the spring terrace. He is enchanted by melancholy since ancient times. The Milky way and the blue sea are merciless, and the wind and waves rise in two places.

——Thoughts by Zhang Bi


This poem is entitled “thoughts”. Perhaps this is his thoughts on life and love when he is quiet!

Zhang Bi is the one who has been forgotten by history. However, his love songs have been handed down to this day. The “love song Prince” at the end of the Tang Dynasty disappeared in the long river of history.

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