Both shuide Xingjun and the Dragon King are in charge of water. Is there any relationship between shuide Xingjun and the Dragon King?

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What is the relationship between shuide Xingjun and the Dragon King? Let’s have a look with the editor of China story network!

When it comes to shuide Xingjun, I don’t know when he is very popular. The reason for saying so is very simple. That is, he is really powerful. A broken bowl can hold all the water of the Yellow River. This is very interesting. Recently, many people want to ask, who is the superior of shuide Xingjun? Because the Dragon King seems to be in charge of water, and who is the son of shuide Xingjun? Let’s continue to analyze and see!

Theoretically, the superior of shuide Xingjun is the Jade Emperor, or the Tathagata. Although it is not a department, it feels that the Tathagata can still call shuide Xingjun. The Jade Emperor is in charge of heavenly affairs, while shuide Xingjun is in charge of all rivers and lakes. Theoretically, it is under the management of the Jade Emperor.

As for the question of whose son is shuide Xingjun, it is complicated because it is really hard to determine. I only know that shuide Xingjun has a master, but I really don’t know the truth. I hope you can tell me if you have an answer.

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Who has more water, the water virtuous Xingjun, the Dragon King of the four seas, and the Guanyin Bodhisattva?

The Dragon King of the four seas only has private rain, and Guanyin Bodhisattva does not return the borrowed water. Who is the one who has the most?

The foothold of journey to the west is still the ancient society. Under the small-scale peasant economy, most people depend on heaven for food, so the word “good weather and good weather” is particularly important.

Especially in Xiniu Hezhou.

The three demons in Chechi country are skilled in the authentic five thunder method. They can ask for rain, so they have a title of national teacher in Chechi country;

Tongtianhe goldfish essence can ensure that Chenjiazhuang has a bumper harvest, and the people of Chenjiazhuang are willing to contribute a pair of virgins every year;

The fire of Flaming Mountain is not extinguished, and the plantain fan can extinguish the fire and rain, so people call Luocha female the iron fan fairy.

Therefore, it is the same truth that milk is mother, and water is grandpa!


The three demons of Chechi state, goldfish essence and Princess Iron Fan, in fact, they don’t have water, and the rain is all from begging.

In fact, there are not many fairies with water.

After all, water has weight. How much water can you carry from all over the world by relying on your own brute force? Therefore, we need a magic weapon to hold water, but this kind of magic weapon is very unorthodox. With so much water, fighting is useless and eggs are useless!

Let’s take a look at who has more water in journey to the West?

Of course, the first to appear are the Dragon Kings of the four seas. As the masters of the four seas, all the rivers in the world flow into the sea. The Dragon Kings of the rivers and rivers are somewhat related to the Dragon Kings of the four seas. What’s more, their duty is still to provide the clouds and rain. According to theory, there are many water thieves among the four brothers.

However, this water is not under the control of the Dragon King.

When the Dragon King rains, the process is divided into three steps: the Jade Emperor gives an order ? thunder, lightning, wind ? rain.

The order cannot be wrong, and the rules cannot be broken.

The Dragon King of Jinghe River privately changed the number of hours when it rained. The jade emperor made an example and ordered Cao Wei to kill him.

The Dragon King of the four seas can’t move the water of the four seas, but they still have “private rain”, which is normal.

When Sun Wukong met red boy, he couldn’t figure out the true fire of Samadhi. He came up with a way to conquer fire with water. He begged the Dragon King of the East China Sea. The Dragon King of the East China Sea was very generous. He called three brothers and took private rain to help him.

The Dragon King brother, the handsome aquarium, looks at the goblin fire spraying rain—— Journey to the West Chapter 41

This time, the Dragon King of the four seas jumped over the Jade Emperor.

It can be seen that the Dragon Kings of the four seas have been running the four seas for many years and have accumulated some money.


Next is Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Guanyin’s ashram is located in Putuo Mountain in the South China Sea. The main road is hydrophilic. Her clean bottle is filled with nectar. She used it once to cure ginseng fruit trees. The private rain of the Dragon King of the four seas could not extinguish the true fire of samadhi of red boy. Sun Wukong had no choice but to find Guanyin. Guanyin took advantage of the situation and bottled a bottle of water.

The Bodhisattva said: “it used to be an empty bottle, but now it is a clean bottle thrown into the sea. At this time, it has turned around three rivers and five lakes, eight seas and four blasphemies, and borrowed a total of seawater from the source of the river, the pool and the cave.”—— Journey to the west, chapter 42

Only a sea of water can fill a clean bottle.

When following Sun Wukong to subdue red boy, Guanyin poured out some water. Will she return the rest? I don’t think so. In the journey to the west, Guanyin likes to eat cards. If the Tathagata gives her three hoops, she can hold two. It’s not easy to take this opportunity to fill a clean bottle of water. If you return it, won’t you be busy in vain?


Finally, it is shuide Xingjun.

Shuide Xingjun lives in the Wuhao palace in Tianting. He has a large number of immortals under his hands, who are in charge of the “four seas and five lakes, eight rivers and four blasphemies, and three rivers and nine sects.” specifically, wherever there is water, he has a backup here.

The old gentleman’s Mount, the blue bull spirit, was causing trouble in the lower world. The king of the monkey king went to invite the water star, and the water star recommended his yellow river water uncle.

There is a white jade bowl in the Yellow River, which is similar to Guanyin’s pure bottle.

Shuibo said, “don’t hide from the great sage. My cup is the water of the Yellow River. Half a cup is half a river, and one cup is a river.”—— Journey to the West Chapter 51

The Yellow River water uncle has this guy. Presumably, his colleagues have similar things. They all obey the orders of the water virtue star.

The Dragon King of the four seas governs the four seas, but he cannot use them at will; The pure bottle of Guanyin can contain at most one sea water.

It seems that shuide Xingjun has the most water.

But shuide Xingjun works in Tianting. If it’s his, why isn’t it the Jade Emperor’s? Therefore, this is the capital of the Jade Emperor. The water in the world is all in the Tianting. Anyone who doesn’t listen and doesn’t rain is a good example. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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