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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been reprinted with authorization

Recently, there have been two revelations in Europe, which are worth pondering.

On June 30, at the end of the NATO summit, Erdogan was asked by reporters why he changed his attitude and agreed to Sweden and Finland joining NATO. Erdogan replied that Sweden agreed to extradite 73 terrorists. The implication is that since Turkey has reached its own requirements, why should it interfere with rifen’s entry into the treaty?

Erdogan saved his face through this question and answer, but it caused an uproar in Sweden. Because the commitment made by the Swedish government will inevitably lead to the extradition of some Kurds who have joined Swedish nationality to Turkey. A country like Sweden, which is a model of virgin bitch, will never allow this kind of thing, unless Turkey comes under the siege and drives Sweden to a desperate situation. But it is clear that Turkey will not do so, nor is it able to do so. And just to join NATO, we have to take off the dress of virgin bitch. These virgin bitches in Sweden will never agree.

As a result, fierce opposition broke out in Sweden. They were not opposed to Sweden’s accession to NATO, but opposed that the government should not make such a commitment to Turkey for the sake of NATO. Facing this fierce voice, Swedish Prime Minister Andersen was a little flustered. She did not deny Erdogan’s disclosure, but said strangely, “I have been prime minister for eight years and never mentioned what I said at the negotiating table.” By implication, Erdogan, the president, was unprofessional and even leaked the contents of the negotiations between the two sides. This explanation has some flavor that Wang Er next door didn’t steal. It is obvious that Anderson did promise Erdogan the extradition. But she doesn’t want those Swedish citizens who are like her virgin bitch to know about it.

But as far as Erdogan is concerned, this matter must be said. Whether Europeans are worthy of trust or not, Erdogan is the most qualified judge. After all, Turkey has worked hard for decades to join the EU, and so far there has been no result. How can Erdogan, who has been repeatedly stood up by the European Union, not guard against Andersson? Therefore, just after the NATO summit, he revealed the secret that Sweden would cooperate with extradition. This is not Erdogan’s big mouth, but must be done. Otherwise, relying on the tradition of European politicians refusing to admit after wiping their mouths, Erdogan simply cannot find a place to reason at that time.

Although it will be very difficult to extradite one person from Sweden, let alone 73 people. But after Erdogan broke the news about this matter, he can at least explain it to the Turkish people. It will also leave a crack in the door for Turkey to repent when Raven officially joins NATO in the future. At that time, as long as Sweden fails to fulfill its promise and Turkey has a new choice, Turkey can take Ruidan’s promise as an example. Renegotiate with NATO.

Obviously, Anderson is angry in his heart. What the virgin bitch cares about most is her virgin’s coat. Once this coat is taken off, the essence is clear. So at this time, instead of talking about human rights and democracy, she began to talk about her professionalism as a head of state. He said that he had been the Prime Minister for eight years and was very professional. He would never let the people know what they should not know. On the contrary, Erdogan has also led turkey for nearly two decades, but his professionalism as a head of state is obviously not as good as himself. You see, the strength of Andersson is that she can lead an incident that is completely detrimental to her to her own advantage: Although we are bitches, bitches are very professional….

But what Andersson didn’t expect was that as soon as he showed a professional bitch, macron of France stretched out his hand and tore off the outer packaging of all the virgin bitches in Europe. Because macron did something even more excessive than Erdogan. From the perspective of Anderson’s explanation, macron is not only unprofessional, but simply a villain. God, will Anderson and macron meet again after this? In the future, everyone will be in the NATO circle, but how can we make a unified external voice?

What outrageous thing did macron do? It’s really too much. Because macron broke the news of his phone call with Putin to French television 2. According to Anderson, Erdogan only revealed the result of a negotiation, while macron showed the details of the whole conversation to the world without omission. This’ unprofessional ‘approach can simply resign directly and do not become president of France.


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Why did macron do this? There is also a reason. Because the current situation of the war between Russia and Ukraine is leaning towards Russia. As Lugansk was completely broken by the Russian army, Russia’s pragmatic strategic intention is gradually being realized. The key is that Russia’s steady fighting method makes European countries see no end. It is no longer Europe and the United States that want to end the war before this winter, but depends on Putin’s mood. European countries have also started the traditional coal heating mode. Whether Russia can be defeated is still debated in Europe, but this winter is hard to endure, but a consensus has been reached in Europe.

So, who is to blame for this? Biden dare not blame, Putin is not afraid of blame, then scold your own president or prime minister. If energy stability cannot be restored before this winter, Europe, from ordinary people to industrial capital, will certainly set off an anti ideological trend in Europe. The result of reflection is that the leaders of Germany and France should be responsible for this man-made disaster. Scholz is newly elected and can put the blame on Merkel. Macron is re elected, and he can’t escape this responsibility. Therefore, macron had to prepare for a rainy day and shift the responsibility before he was blamed on himself.

This is why he broke the news that he was talking to Putin.

Not to mention whether this is macron’s unprofessional, just from the perspective of international practice and diplomatic principles. Macron should not disclose the details of this conversation. Like Erdogan, he can say the results of that conversation, or the respective attitudes of himself and Putin in that conversation. But the whole interview record was revealed to the TV station. It’s not just unprofessional, it’s simply jumping over the wall.

I don’t mean to belittle macron by saying so. I mean literally, macron is really in a hurry. His new presidency has just begun, and the next five years will be a difficult five years for macron. And there will never be a good start. Because this winter, the whole European region will complain that Germany and France have done nothing or stupid in Russia and Ukraine. Those Europeans don’t care whether Germany and France have made efforts or not. In fact, the United States is the initiator. They can only blame their European leaders. The reason has been mentioned before. It doesn’t matter to blame Biden and Putin.

This call record is the call between Putin and macron four days before the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war. That was macron’s last effort to prevent the outbreak of war. I read this record in detail. From my personal point of view, Putin is impatient with this talk, because at this time he has made up his mind to do it, but macron still has hope for peace talks. We can also see macron’s helplessness from the conversation. He could only beg Putin and Biden to meet once, and everyone would sit down and have a good talk to see if the matter of Ukraine could be resolved.

However, Putin reminded macron from the side that he should pay attention to the demands of the people in eastern Ukraine, and macron insisted that eastern Ukraine was not qualified to put forward its own interests alone. As a whole, Ukraine, as a whole, could only be decided by the Ukrainian government whether to abide by the Minsk agreement.

Speaking of this, it has actually collapsed. Because Europe insists on not accepting and recognizing the demands of “public opinion” in Wudong region, and if so, Putin really does not need to talk with Europe and the United States. Because at this time, Ukrainian government forces are pressing on the armed forces in eastern Ukraine step by step, and the Asian speed battalion is still doing nothing in eastern Ukraine. Zelensky firmly supported the actions of the Asian speed battalion and the Ukrainian government forces. So talking about it is just providing more time for the Ukrainian government forces to clear and suppress it.

As for how strong the Ukrainian government forces and the Asian speed battalion are in eastern Ukraine, there is no need to cite examples. Just look at how difficult it was for the Russian army to advance in udong in these four months, especially the battle of Mariupol. In other words, if Putin still places his hopes on the negotiations, Russia will no longer have the slightest say on the Ukrainian issue in a few months, because the chips in his hand have been wiped out by the Ukrainian government forces. Next, Russia and Ukraine can only talk about the sovereignty of Crimea. This is absolutely unacceptable to Putin. So war can only break out.

Macron throws out this call record, which can really play a role in exculpating himself. Anyway, he did his best. From a European perspective, from a French perspective. What else can he be blamed for doing this for a third country? Biden and ZELINSKY, who are pressing step by step, are furious with Putin. Why should macron bear responsibility for this?

It seems so. But in fact, as the mainstay of the European Union, Germany and France are responsible for how to coordinate Europe’s overall relations with Russia, how to eliminate the war invisible, and how to lead European countries to stability and prosperity., Otherwise, why are Germany and France in the limelight? But this is only my view, not macron’s view. He needs to get rid of his burden at present. The French government, which led a new bottle of old wine, set sail again. That’s why he made such a bad decision.

This is indeed the worst choice, because Swedish Prime Minister Andersen has said that this kind of behavior is unprofessional and not a professional performance of a president or prime minister. Only a scoundrel like Erdogan would do such a thing. And you macron is the little white face loved by everyone in the EU. But the European people did not seem to blame macron for this. Because they did see traces of Putin’s insistence on waging war from this record, which is in line with the guidance of their virgin bitch mentality. Macron may really get rid of some pots that should have been carried by him. Just doing so made Putin very angry. Where is the great country style? Where is the gentleman’s pie? Can we bite our ears and talk together in the future? Obviously, it can’t, which means that the last remaining trust between Russia and Europe has also disappeared. Next, there is only a life and death struggle. At least before this winter passes, at least before the Europeans are not dead and the Russians are still alive, it is difficult for Russia and Europe to talk well.

It is also revealed that Turkey and France will suffer different treatment. In fact, we are used to this kind of double standard. Even Europeans feel that they are not double standard because they have been playing double standard for a long time.

Well, let’s wait for winter. Putin shrugged.

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