Britain came up with a clever plan, but Turkey was in a hurry!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

I have to admit that the British have many ideas. And if one plan fails, another plan will come into being.

What’s the trick?

Send all those pesky refugees to Turkey.

It was Liz trass, the British Foreign Secretary, who proposed this wonderful plan, who was running for prime minister.

Originally, this task, which does not need Turkey, was contracted by Rwanda, a small African country.

On April 14 this year, the British government signed an agreement with Rwanda to send all illegal immigrants who have arrived in Britain since this year to this African country.

Britain can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Because there are 15000 refugees every year, the British people have a headache. Opening their arms to accept them means that it will cost a lot of money. The daily rental fee is estimated to cost millions of pounds, and the British people are reluctant to part with it; Without accepting them, these refugees are often killed at sea, and the British are scolded by the European Union and the world, completely regardless of others’ lives and deaths.

Send it to Rwanda, and it’s all settled.

Of course, Rwanda does not suffer. As an initial cost, Britain has prepaid 120million pounds (about 1billion yuan) to Rwanda, and will make additional payments according to the number of deportees.

According to British media reports, Rwanda will receive an additional 20000 to 30000 pounds (about 200000 yuan) for every additional smuggler transferred from Britain.

The refugee problem could have been transferred. The whole world was shocked when the incident was revealed.

See the UNHCR issued a public statement, four words: strongly opposed.

The reason is very simple. By doing so, Britain is completely transferring its asylum responsibility and evading international obligations, increasing the risk of immigration, and violating the provisions and spirit of the Refugee Convention.

But Britain is Britain. The United Nations’ opposition is invalid, and Britain continues to push forward. On June 14, Britain launched the first “refugee charter plane”, but it was very dramatic that at the last moment before the charter plane took off for Rwanda, the ruling of the European Court of human rights arrived: everyone get off the plane.


The European Court of human rights found that there was evidence that these refugees could not obtain fair and effective application procedures in Rwanda, and the British High Court also recognized that there were serious problems in whether Rwanda could be correctly assessed as a safe third country, so the United Kingdom was prohibited from expelling the refugees.

British government officials got off the plane unhappily. According to the disclosure, in addition to 120million pounds in advance, 500000 pounds had been paid in advance for the flight.

Now, it’s all gone.

Sure enough, it was a British coup to settle the world. After losing his wife, he lost his army.


But if one plan fails, another plan arises. This time, Britain came up with the idea of Turkey.

According to the British media, the transfer of refugees to a third country is a public decision of the conservative party. No matter who becomes the new prime minister, it is estimated that it will not change greatly. As the foreign secretary of the UK, trass is more obsessed with the “Rwanda plan”. Since Rwanda can’t, what about Turkey?

According to her proposal, Britain will negotiate with Turkey to reach a similar “Rwanda plan”. The African country Rwanda is not satisfied. Turkey, which actively applies to join the European Union, can rest assured.

Turkey, be relieved, and I won’t let you suffer.

But Turkey was in a hurry. A few hours after the British media disclosed TRAS’ claims, Turkey issued a statement with the central meaning of one word: no!

In the statement, the spokesman of the Turkish Ministry of foreign affairs birgiz said:

“We hope that the statements about Ms. TRAS reported by the media are groundless. In the past eight years, Turkey has hosted the largest number of refugees in the world, so it is impossible for Turkey to bear more burden or participate in an initiative that is inconsistent with international regulations on the right to asylum at the request of a third country”.

Birgiz also said that Turkmenistan “invites all countries to fulfil their international obligations and bear equal responsibilities on the issue of immigration”.

Turkey is very unhappy. I have a population of 85million and have received 3.7 million refugees, the largest in the world; The economy of our country is in recession, and the people are already very unhappy. You are not interested in Britain, and you have just accepted a few refugees, but you want to transfer these people to me.

After the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, a large number of refugees fled to Turkey. Turkey was really overwhelmed, so that every time it quarreled with the European Union, Turkey threatened to force me to open the border and let these refugees go to Europe freely

Poland, Germany and France have all experienced the power of Turkey. Only Britain wants to add weight to Turkey.

In the eyes of the British, Turkey has more lice than itch and debt than worry. Anyway, it’s more than 3 million, and it’s nothing to add another 10000; But in Turkey’s view, Britons, you can really imagine that we are not your sewers. You really think of us as a country like Rwanda.


Finally, what do you think?

Shallow three points.

First, the British are really good at it.

British selfishness is indeed famous all over the world. Germany is silently accepting refugees, while Poland is troubled by refugees. The British are better off, so they hurry to find a third place to accept the offer, first to Rwanda, and then to Turkey. The international community opposes, and the opposition is null and void. See, next, if you don’t rule out Britain’s withdrawal from the European Court of human rights and dare to stop the British from throwing the pot, then withdraw from the group.

Second, Turkey is not good either.

Turkey is certainly worthy of its reputation. Turkey is upset that the British are so aloof. Of course, it does not rule out that Britain and Turkey have a tacit understanding. One is trying to sound out, the other is asking too much. Finally, both sides can take a shot. International politics, the money is in place, not to mention the 180 degree turn, 1800 degree super arc, that is also some, especially among the old enemies of Britain and Turkey.

Third, poor homeless refugees.

The good country is broken and the family is destroyed, and the miserable road of life and death. Many drowned in the vast sea, finally arrived in Britain, and were driven to an unknown third country. We should also know that the main reason why they fled was the evil result made by the West. What international obligations? If you want to use English cheese, you can’t do anything. Alas, Britain, don’t send Rwanda and Turkey, you can’t send them to Australia anymore

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