Britain chose a “new Iron Lady”?

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Original: Shen Peng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

On September 5, Elizabeth truss, the current British Foreign Secretary, defeated Rishi sunak, the former chancellor of the exchequer, and was elected as the head of the new Conservative Party, becoming the new prime minister and the third female prime minister.

I would say that it would be great for truss to be Prime Minister of Britain. After all, she is a crazy woman who boasts that “if you hold the nuclear button, you will press it without hesitation”.

Probably because the British people feel that there are not enough lunatics, liars and psychoses on the world stage today, and they want to have some fun for the whole world, they choose a nonsense and schizophrenic Thatcher low-quality imitator to come to power. With the continuous decline of the economies of developed countries, their “democracy” will choose more and more exotic politicians to meet the “public opinion”… It seems that the West no longer needs politicians, only actors.

In fact, truss is a standard “chameleon” in the political arena. She is not the “loyal conservative party” she has always claimed. Her parents are supporters of the labor party, and she was a “liberal” when she was young. During her study, truss was one of the activists of the Liberal Democratic party in the University, serving as the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Oxford University and a member of the National Executive Committee of the Liberal Democratic Party’s youth and students (ldys), And he has publicized many propositions that tend to the left-wing socialist position, such as “emancipating marijuana” and “Abolishing the monarchy”. She even launched a campaign against the criminal justice and Public Order Act 1994, which was vigorously promoted by the conservative government at that time.

However, after graduating from college, truss quickly fell to the right. In a later interview, she stated that her political views were “deeply influenced by Thatcher”. However, truss joined the Conservative Party in 1996, and Margaret Thatcher stepped down in 1990. There is a full six-year gap between them. It seems that the influence of “Margaret Thatcher” is still delayed… But truss has always regarded himself as a fan and successor of Margaret Thatcher, imitating Thatcher’s clothes and style everywhere. It seems that as long as he dares to be cruel, he can be “Thatcher’s appendage”.

At the beginning of her parliamentary career, truss actively promoted to the outside world her political image (complete economic liberalism) similar to that of Margaret Thatcher, including a series of right-wing policies such as tax reduction, privatization, suppression of trade unions, and reduction of social welfare; In 2012, truss co authored a book entitled “liberated Britain” with four members of the group, whose core ideas are economic liberalism and anti-government intervention. However, the book describes British workers as “the worst slackers in the world”, “the British economy is not good because British workers are too lazy”.

During the three years of Johnson’s administration as the “worst British Prime Minister”, truss has been a firm supporter of him. During her tenure as secretary of state for international trade, she made great contributions to Johnson’s efforts in promoting brexit affairs and reaching a number of trade agreements with various countries; Later, she became foreign secretary by virtue of this battle and played an important role in the negotiations between the UK and the EU on post brexit Affairs… But what is interesting is that before that, truss was actually an “anti brexiteer”. Therefore, this crazy woman actually had a “flexible political bottom line”.

Truss’s coming to power has nothing to do with her political ability, governance level and who she imitates. Her ultimate victory is mainly due to her extreme Anti China and anti Russia. Her violent theory in three days and madness in five days incited the British right-wing to climax one after another, as if the head of state had been reborn in London… Isn’t this the “British war mother”?

Following Johnson, truss also took a tough stance toward Russia. She once issued a statement at the end of July this year, claiming that she would be Ukraine’s “best friend” and promising to provide more weapons and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine together with her allies.

At the first television debate of prime minister candidates held by the BBC, truss and sunak, another candidate, had a war of words over China relations. They accused each other of not being tough enough with China. In the debate, truss explicitly proposed to suppress Chinese funded companies and restrict the type and quantity of technology exported to the so-called “authoritarian” regime. You see, “Anti China” has become their wealth code. When choosing the prime minister and President, they don’t need to consider their own country’s economic development and people’s life. They just need to compete who is more anti China and who is more thorough.

Truss once threatened that “China and Russia threaten the whole world” and advocated “NATO globalization” to safeguard the so-called “regional security”.

In fact, her predecessor Boris Johnson is also in this way, pretending to be a “Hawk”, pretending to be a “tough” and making appraisals as an “ally” (vassal) of the United States, and taking anti China and anti Russia as the first priority. Truss is only more “radical”…. recall that from Trump and Pompeo in the United States, Johnson and truss in the United Kingdom, and Morrison, the former Prime Minister of Australia, which one does not pretend to be an anti China pioneer? The “great and ordinary” national character of Anglo Saxons determines that they like to talk about “freedom, democracy and human rights” and sell universal values when things are going well; When development stagnates and it is difficult to move forward, bandits and hoodlums can’t help showing their rogue and bandit Crusaders’ faces, talking about fleets and closing their mouths about nuclear bombs.

However, when these people are full of threats, they never think about how many cards they still have in their hands? How many nails are there in your empire?

Britain’s trouble is not in the Russian Ukrainian battlefield, nor in the Western Pacific, but in its own three British Islands.

At present, the prices of natural gas and electricity in the United Kingdom and Europe are constantly hitting new record highs. Boosted by energy bills, the UK’s inflation rate in July reached 10.1%, the highest since 1982, and the highest among the group of seven (G7). The UK natural gas and electricity market office announced that from October 1 this year, the energy price limit for each British household using dual fuels will be raised from 1971 pounds to 3549 pounds per year, an increase of up to 80%. In this regard, truss announced that he would solve the energy problem within a week.

Soaring prices have led to a rapid decline in people’s real income, which has further intensified labor relations. Recently, practitioners in many industries, including British Railways and ports, have staged strikes to demand higher wages. Since June this year, workers of the British railway and subway systems have held many strikes to protest against low wages, poor working conditions and layoffs. In September, criminal lawyers and postal employees also planned to join the strike… In this regard, truss said that “we should teach the aggressive trade union a lesson”.

In my opinion, instead of electing an “Iron Lady” prime minister, Britain has hired a fairy who can spread beans into soldiers.

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