Britain is moving towards division!

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On June 16, 2022, Sky News released a leaked information about the queen of England.


According to the information, if the queen of England dies, the Australian Prime Minister will receive a notice in advance one hour before Buckingham Palace Officially Announces the news. After that, he will wear a black tie and make a prepared statement in Canberra, and then take a Royal Australian Air Force aircraft to London to attend the funeral with 10-12 Australian dignitaries and celebrities.

British Prince Charles will officially ascend the throne at St. James’ Palace at 10 a.m. the next day, and will later be called King Charles III.

Charles is 74 years old. He has been officially crowned heir to the throne since 1969. He has been waiting for 53 years in the position of Prince (subject to the official seal).


The most important job in my life is waiting for the Iron Throne.

Since then, Australia will add a public holiday to commemorate Elizabeth II.

The UK has worked out such a detailed process of the Queen’s death and notified the Australian Prime Minister that they have been mentally prepared, and the Queen’s life is likely to be short.

In April, 2021, the Queen’s wife Prince Philip died. It was said that the Queen’s bones were weak, and she might not last long. In February this year, the 96 year old Elizabeth was infected with the new crown. Since then, the queen rarely went out to walk her corgi dog, and did not attend the annual Commonwealth Day ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

After supporting her participation in Prince Philip’s memorial service this year, the British media said that she “stood in front of the car door and looked back deeply behind her. Her expression was complex and meaningful.” It seems to be quite angry.

This year, Britain also held a grand 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne. However, the queen only made an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and watched the air flight show and military parade for a while. Other celebrations were not attended.

It looks like an anniversary, more like a big farewell event.

All this suggests that the Queen’s death may be approaching.

If Queen Elizabeth does die, there are two possible consequences:

The first is the gradual disintegration of the Commonwealth, and the second is the division of the three British Islands.

It doesn’t mean that Britain is a virtual monarchy. How can the death of the queen have such a great impact?

In fact, Britain is not a complete virtual monarchy system, but it still retains a little real power, such as the right to sue and recall, the right to approve laws, the right to appoint and remove cabinet prime ministers, etc. of course, the queen of England easily doesn’t move these powers. It’s just a matter of signing the documents when they come, just follow the process, and concentrate on being an idol.

In the past 70 years, the only use of the Queen’s identity involves power. In the 1970s, the “Queen’s consent” procedure was used to add an exemption clause to the information transparency act to prevent the Queen’s private assets from being disclosed.

The queen is indeed a mascot, but this mascot comes from the royal family that has ruled Britain for a thousand years. The political significance of this royal family is very important.

After the enactment of the bill of rights in 1689, the king surrendered his power, and the nobles of the house of Lords and Knights of the house of Commons tore back and forth to decide state affairs.

Because the legitimacy of the nobles came from the kingship, the royal family retained it when the king spoke for them.

Nobles and knights were tearing and tearing. The industrial revolution came, and the house of Commons became the world of capitalists. After five reform decrees, the old nobles’ power became smaller and smaller, and they basically had no real power. According to reason, the capitalists also wanted to kill the king. However, the king saw the rise of new forces, and kept conferring titles on the capitalists, so that everyone was embarrassed to deal with him. The king’s position was stabilized.

To put it simply, the king handed over his power, gave back the honors of the old and the new, and asked for a rich man’s life, and everyone would satisfy him.

In addition to being good at stirring excrement, the British are also skilled in compromise. Domestic compromise makes their royal family land safely, while foreign compromise makes their colonies withdraw without paying the bloody price of their own land.

The royal family, which survived through compromise, is doing more and more in favor of cultural and spiritual significance. In addition, the cultural company owned by the old aristocracy has repeatedly packaged the royal family in the global media. Now the queen of England mainly plays a role of rallying people, and is a tool for Britain to strengthen national cohesion internally and reluctantly maintain overseas power externally.

For example, the British Commonwealth, which has little sense of existence now, is that the British Empire knows that it can no longer control the colonies. In order to withdraw from the original colonial system with dignity, it accepted the suggestions of Shi Wanzi and no longer directly manage the original colonies. Since 1931, you have been autonomy in succession. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa are playing their own game. Everyone takes a step back. As long as you recognize the British king, Just a nominal monarch and head of state.

Note that it is the British king, not the British Prime Minister, that is why the king is really useful. It is the best buffer card for Britain to integrate international resources.

The loose Commonwealth of 54 countries is a trace left in world history after the gradual decline of the British Empire.

Like the skin shed by a snake, it proves that it has existed, but there is no threat.

Therefore, the Commonwealth is of little use at ordinary times. We should fight and swear at each other.

Note that there are two concepts of “Commonwealth kingdom” and “Commonwealth”. The names are very similar, but they are not the same thing.

The Commonwealth Kingdom refers to the special name of the 15 countries with the British royal family as the head of state.

The Commonwealth refers to the loose international gangs formed by former British colonies or protectors.

As you can understand it, “the Commonwealth” refers to Britain’s confidants, and “the Commonwealth” refers to the little brother and confidant in the past.

For example, Barbados withdrew from the Commonwealth kingdom in 2021, but it is still in the Commonwealth, which shows that Barbados doesn’t want to be your confidant. Barbados is now at most a little brother with no real name, leaving you some face at last.

In the Commonwealth, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the four countries with Anglo Saxons as the main body, are called the four pillar countries, which are the four ruling classes in gangs. Other small countries are all ruled classes.

The four pillar countries plus the United States are the well-known five eye alliance.

But this loose alliance may not be able to survive.

When Britain’s Prince William and Princess Kate visited Jamaica in March this year, the Jamaican Prime Minister directly told them that we were going through the process of reforming the Jamaican constitution, preparing to withdraw from the Commonwealth, abolish the Queen’s status as head of state in Jamaica and change to a republic.

Not only did they have to quit, but the British government also had to pay a loss, saying that they enslaved the Jamaicans when they were colonized. They once transported 600000 Africans to Jamaica, where they worked as black slaves to grow sugar cane and bananas for them. They had to pay a loss of 7.6 billion pounds.

In addition to losing money, 100 Jamaican leaders from all walks of life also wrote a joint letter accusing the queen and her descendants of “continuing the greatest human rights tragedy in human history.”

In his speech on slavery in Jamaica, Prince William said he felt deep sorrow, but did not make any apology.

Jamaica is a marginal member of the Commonwealth and has no sense of existence. Just quit. But Australia, one of the four pillar countries, says it wants to quit. The Commonwealth is really over.

The governor of Australia said in an interview at this year’s Queen’s celebration that as long as the queen dies, Australia will secede from the Commonwealth.

The governor of Australia is nominated by the prime minister and appointed by the queen of England. At the same time, he holds the title of commander in chief of the Australian national defense force. He is a symbolic agent of the queen of England. He does not actually interfere with the administration. Even if he says such words, it can only show that Australia has made up its mind to go.

In fact, the ruling Labor Party in Australia has been issuing the relevant declaration of “independence after the Queen’s death”, saying that Australia and Britain have long been unequal relations between colonial powers and colonies. This time, it is determined to leave.

Since World War II, Australia has been much closer to the United States. In the 1950s, Britain opened its market to Europe, reduced trade with Commonwealth countries, and Australia was more focused on doing business with the United States. Now the United States has deeply penetrated into Australia in both economic and political aspects. In fact, they have changed their speakers long ago, but have been paying homage to the old man. When the queen appointed the governor of Australia in 2018, The Labour Party said it hoped this man would be the last governor.

This time I wanted to leave the group after the Queen’s death, just to find an appropriate excuse.

Just like your ex boyfriend who wants to break up with you, he always finds a legitimate reason, but he won’t tear his face when he leaves.

The governor of Australia spoke like that, but he had accepted his fate.

Waiting for the Queen’s death is not only Jamaica and Australia outside the UK, but also Northern Ireland and Scotland within the UK.

This is the key point of the British National Games.

Map of the three British Islands, unknown source

Unfolding the map of Britain, you can see that the British mainland is composed of England + Wales + Scotland + Northern Ireland. In terms of area, England is the largest, accounting for 53% of the territory, Scotland accounts for 32%, and Wales and Northern Ireland are very small, accounting for only 15% combined.

In terms of population, England has geographical advantages accounting for 84%, Scotland only 8%, Wales 5% and Northern Ireland only 3%

There are too few people in other regions. We usually meet English people. The large number of English people is due to geographical reasons. From a look at the topographic map, we can see that most of the plains in England are more suitable for human survival. All the good places have been taken away by them. There are too many mountains in the other three places, making it difficult to build cities. English people are in an absolute advantage in Britain, and their GDP accounts for 87%.


There is no contradiction in the above data, but from the perspective of race, it would be troublesome. The English belong to the angles, and the Scots, Welsh and Irish belong to the Celts.

In fact, the Anglo Saxons and the Celts did not deal with each other. The original owners of the three British islands were the Celts, who settled here in 2000 BC. The Anglo Saxons crossed the sea to the three British islands from the late Roman period, killed or ran away the Celts, and became their slaves alive.

8% of Celts have red hair, and a small part of them have green eyes, which is very easy to distinguish. While the angles have blond hair or light hair, the Chinese may think red hair is cool, but the angles deliberately belittle the Celts’ red hair and call them “Ginger head”, which means ginger head. In Britain, 90% of red haired men will be bullied on campus. The underlying logic is that the angles are conquerors and the Celts are conquered, It is the reflection of the society that the angles oppressed the Celts.

This disdain is still very serious. Prince Harry has been laughed at by his relatives and friends from time to time because of his red hair. He is also suspected to be Diana’s illegitimate son. It was not until a paternity test that the rumor was stopped. (personally, I don’t believe this appraisal)

Britain is also a country with very strict social strata. In fact, the so-called absolute equality does not exist.

The Celts, who were beaten away by the Anglo Saxons, have been running for their lives in the northwest. They are the ancestors of today’s Scottish, Irish and Welsh people.

So the Anglo and Celtic actually had a feud in their ancestry! So Scotland and Northern Ireland have always looked down upon the English.

My grandfather’s uncle was hacked to death by your grandfather’s nephew. You also robbed our land, burned our house, and beat our family to the mountains to suffer. We Celts always remember this account.

Among the Celts of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Wales is close to England, so England can live in a small town all the year round – but in fact, they still discriminate against Welsh people, and usually like to joke about the indescribable relationship between Welsh people and sheep.

The other two Scots and Irishmen, the Englishmen, can’t live in town and come to trouble every day or two.

The famous film brave heart tells the story of the Scots’ resistance to the invasion of England. This story is widely spread, which shows that the Scots can remember what happened that year.

While fighting, the two countries talked. When they fought, they swung axes. When they talked, they married. The queen of England died. The closest relative was King James I of Scotland. Only then did the two countries have a common king, but the integration was not smooth. After James I’s son became king, he was killed by the English.

In order to prevent Scotland from forming an alliance with France and fighting a trade war against Scotland, all Scottish goods entering England and its colonies will be subject to high tariffs. In order to make more money, Scotland was forced to agree to be incorporated into England in 1707. After that, it received a wave of dividends along the east wind of the British Empire. It has not been troubled for 300 years.

Northern Ireland is the most troublesome.

In 1169, Clare led an army to invade Ireland under the order of the British king. From then on, Ireland became a colony of England. England exploited the Irish people by winning over the Irish nobility and squeezing the Irish civilians. It successfully ruled for about 700 years. Until 1845, the Irish famine caused by the reduction of potato production, which we repeatedly mentioned.

When the great famine occurred, Britain was the world’s most powerful country, and it was easy to relieve the disaster. However, in order to weaken Ireland and rule here for generations, England deliberately refused to save it, and also prevented other countries from saving Ireland. As a result, at least millions of Irish people died, so they had to flee to countries all over the world, mainly to the United States as Untouchables. Another group of Irish died in the process of escaping.

Ireland therefore hated England to the bone. It started an uprising in 1916, and has been fighting guerrillas with the British, which caused the nervous breakdown of the English people. Only in 1922 could Ireland be recognized as independent. However, the six northern counties, mainly of British descent and Protestants, refused to be independent and stayed in Britain. This is what we often hear about “Northern Ireland” in TV news.

However, not all Irish people agree that Northern Ireland should be separated. Some Irish veterans and young people set up an “Irish Republican Army” and continued to shoot cold shots at the English in Northern Ireland. They continued to carry out terrorist attacks. In 1979, they killed Mountbatten, who was fishing at sea. In 1984, they almost killed Margaret Thatcher in a hotel, killing 3600 people.

The British people are particularly aware of current affairs. As long as they see that the general trend is far away, they will immediately compromise with the colonies and Ireland. In order to appease the IRA, they invited the United States to mediate. In 2005, the IRA laid down its arms and mainly joined Sinn Fein party to continue its political struggle.

If you can’t remember the above content for a long time, you just need to remember that Wales is all right for the time being, while Scotland and Ireland are not kindred with England at all, but are feuds with blood debts for several generations.

The hate value for England is Ireland > Scotland > Wales.

If you meet a Scot, don’t simply call them English. They think they are Scots. They have their own language, clothing and music. They are Celts. They have been bullied by the Anglo Americans in England for thousands of years and are not the same as them.

When Britain was strong and prosperous, by opening up the market to Scotland and forcefully suppressing Ireland, it could also suppress the domestic opposition forces.

However, Britain is now in a declining stage. In particular, brexit has caused a very bad economic impact, and the situation is gradually out of control.

Sinn Fein party has not been the ruling party in Northern Ireland since the armistice in Northern Ireland. However, Sinn Fein party won the general election on May 5 this year and became the ruling party. As soon as it came up, it was ready to do something to complete the great cause of Ireland’s reunification.

The first to congratulate Sinn Fein party was another Scotland that wanted independence from Britain. Their chief minister Stephen sturgeon congratulated MacDonald, chairman of Sinn Fein party, saying that this was a truly historic result.

Sinn Fein party decided to hold a referendum when it came to power, and immediately called on the British and Irish governments to set a date for the referendum, which will be held within a “five-year framework”.

According to the 1998 Belfast agreement, the Minister for Northern Ireland can hold a referendum at any time, which is justified.

It is not just Northern Ireland that wants a referendum. Scotland also wants a referendum.

A referendum was held in Scotland in 2014. However, because the British economy was good at that time, people still wanted to stay in the UK to earn dividends. Only 45% of the people were in favor of independence, and the referendum failed.

But this time the situation is different. Northern Ireland and Scotland dare to hold another referendum because of brexit.

The brexit of the United Kingdom has greatly affected the economies of Northern Ireland and Scotland. It is the fuse for the referendum of Northern Ireland and Scotland again. We don’t want to play with the English anymore.

Originally, I had a bad relationship, but now I don’t give money. Scum man, break up.

Scots are the first to be upset about brexit.

The United States began to deindustrialize in 1965, while the United Kingdom followed the pace of the United States and began to industrialize in the 1970s. As a result, Scottish mines and docks supporting British industry closed down, and Scots were very angry.

It happened that in the 1970s, Scotland discovered a large number of oil and gas fields on the North Sea continental shelf, with an estimated reserves of 24billion barrels. Scotland had hoped to make a windfall, but these oil went to England, contributing three quarters of England’s oil revenue of 11.6 billion a year. Scotland, which did not get the money, became more and more angry.

In order to appease Scotland, after Britain joined the European Union, Scotland received preferential treatment from the European Union. It exported a large number of products to the European Union in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, as well as subsidies from the European Union. If life was good, it would be quiet.

But now that Britain has left the EU, the good things are taken by England, and the bad things are all piled up in Scotland. Who will live with you?

Look at the Norwegians, how happy they are with Beihai oil field. We should do the same!

Our fate in the British Empire is over. Let’s stop here.

If Scotland becomes independent, although Britain has only 8% fewer people, it will lose 32% of its land, 95% of its oil fields, 60% of its gas fields, 50% of its animal husbandry and optoelectronics industries, two-thirds of its fisheries, and its nuclear submarine base in Scotland.

As long as Scotland succeeds in independence, it will soon be able to live a high-quality life for Norwegians due to its small population and large resources, as well as its access to the sea from Russia and Germany, and its mastery of the strategic area on the edge of Eurasia.

The independence of Northern Ireland is also due to brexit.

It’s complicated. I’ll try to keep it simple.

The IRA initially promised not to make trouble in Northern Ireland, but signed a Belfast agreement, which stipulated that the border and trade between Ireland and Northern Ireland were smooth.

When Britain was in the EU, Ireland was also there. Everyone was a big family and was in peace. The implementation of this agreement was no problem.

However, the United Kingdom has left the European Union, and Ireland is still in the European Union. After the separation, EU goods will enter Northern Ireland. How should the tariff be calculated?

This requires a “border” between Northern Ireland and Ireland. However, the former “border” does not exist, which violates the Belfast agreement. The English people think about it, patch it with the EU, and sign a Northern Ireland protocol. EU products are free to enter Ireland and Northern Ireland. However, British products entering Northern Ireland are equivalent to entering the EU, and must undergo customs and border inspection.

In short, let Northern Ireland continue to take advantage of the EU, and let Britain suffer a little.

However, after the contract was signed, the British side reneged. Many people inside felt that we had suffered a loss and had to sign it again. The European Union was very angry, and Northern Ireland was also very angry.

It is that Scotland and Northern Ireland originally stayed in the EU, which was good for them, but now that the UK has left the EU, they have suffered great economic losses. In addition, they have old grievances with England, so these two places want to vote for independence.

But the probability of a successful referendum in Scotland should be higher than that in Northern Ireland.

Doesn’t it mean that the Irish hate England more than Scotland? How can Scotland have a higher success rate?

Because after years of population changes in Northern Ireland, the main ethnic group is no longer Irish, but Scots.

It is very close from Scotland to Northern Ireland. Over the past few hundred years, many Scots have moved to Northern Ireland, which has changed the population structure here. Scots believe in Protestantism and Ireland believes in Catholicism. Therefore, Scots have a higher sense of closeness to Britain when making choices.

So Sinn Fein party, a political party that advocates the reunification of Ireland, has not been in power for so many years. If the main ethnic group in Northern Ireland is Irish, they will step down in the morning.

The main reason for coming to power now is the economy, and the reunification of Ireland is still a secondary reason.

It is not easy to stabilize such a small place, which is mixed with the three major contradictions of nationality, religion and history.

At the current pace, if Scotland is bent on holding a referendum, it may not be completed until the end of 2024.

It will take Northern Ireland about five years to complete the referendum, but from their motivation, the referendum is more like a threat. As long as England agrees to their condition of staying in the EU, the probability of success of the referendum in Northern Ireland is low.

Finally, conclusion:

The Commonwealth will gradually disintegrate in the next decade or so. Australia and Jamaica will take the lead, and other countries will join in succession.

In the British mainland, Scotland is very likely to become independent by the end of 2024, because it really doesn’t want to. However, Northern Ireland is actually playing the coquetry of England, and their independence is unlikely.

The dividing line of all this is most likely to occur after the death of Elizabeth II.

In history, the British Empire has invaded 90% of the countries and regions in the world. Just drawing the line between India and Pakistan has caused the death of millions of innocent civilians. They continue to cause geopolitical conflicts in the world and deliberately cause the division of various countries to balance the interests of Britain.

Now, the retribution of the British Empire has finally come. Whether it is the external Commonwealth or the internal Scotland, the first shot of the disintegration of the British Empire will be fired.

At present, the English people can only pray that Elizabeth II is healthy and can last for a few more years, so that the sunset in Britain can stay for a short time.

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