Britain is playing tricks again, and worse still lies ahead!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin


Not surprisingly, Britain began to cheat again.

They kept saying that they would abide by international law, but before the ink on the brexit agreement was dry, Britain tore up the Northern Ireland protocol in the agreement. The European Union is furious, Brit. You are so unruly that you have to take legal action against Britain.

What happens next?

1. The EU vowed not to compromise in the legal battle.

2. Public opinion war, various refutations by the British.

3. Trade war, EU will sanction Britain.

4. The war of peace may lead to another unrest in Northern Ireland.

In a war of brexit, Britain had three prime ministers. It’s not easy to reach an agreement. How can there be another moth?

The death of an old sheep in June is a long story. It can be said from 1998.

Ireland was the earliest colony of England and was oppressed by the Anglo Saxons. It was not until 1921 after the first world war that the southern part of the island of Ireland finally became independent from Britain. However, the six counties in Northern Ireland were forced to stay in the British map because of many British immigrants.

Therefore, the current name of the United Kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

However, the Northern Ireland Republican Army is very dissatisfied. In order to secede from Britain, the Northern Ireland Republican Army has engaged in destructive activities such as bombing and assassination. Finally, with the mediation of the United States and other countries, the parties reached the Northern Ireland peace agreement (Belfast agreement) in 1998. Northern Ireland belongs to Britain and the Republican Army gives up armed struggle. However, Northern Ireland and Ireland must maintain smooth borders and trade.

Great relief Britain, naturally agreed. Moreover, at that time, Ireland and Britain were both EU countries. The EU was a unified big market with smooth trade. Naturally, it was not a problem.

But who knows, 20 years later, Britain staged a farce of brexit.

If we leave Europe by force, Northern Ireland and Ireland will be completely cut off, which will definitely violate the Northern Ireland peace agreement, and then the Northern Ireland Republican Army will make a comeback.

It may be that after seeing the success of “one country, two systems” in Hong Kong, the British government finally took care of it, and we also “one country, two systems”. Britain is an independent customs territory, and Northern Ireland applies EU rules.

In other words, EU products can enter Ireland and Northern Ireland freely, but there is no customs anyway; However, the entry of British products into Northern Ireland is equivalent to entry into the EU market, and they must go through customs.

The agreement was signed in black and white, but the British soon regretted it. In this way, Britain is not a unified country? The pro British faction in Northern Ireland is very dissatisfied. How can you do this?


Soon, a “sausage war” broke out between Britain and France. At an international conference, angry British Prime Minister Johnson suddenly asked French President macron: how would you feel if your Toulouse sausages were prohibited from being transported to Paris?

Johnson’s meaning is very clear. It’s outrageous that British sausage, now entering Northern Ireland, should comply with your EU standards.

Macron was stunned for a moment, and then replied: your analogy is not appropriate, because Paris and Toulouse belong to the same country.

what do you mean?

Oh, Paris and Toulouse belong to one country, that is to say, Northern Ireland is another country, not Britain.

Johnson was furious and immediately responded: EU leaders should be aware that Northern Ireland and Britain belong to the same country.

The two parted unhappily.

“One country, two systems” was not learned, and the British began to play tricks. What brexit agreement? If I don’t comply, I will build a green channel. In the future, British goods must enter Northern Ireland unimpeded.

EU Rage: Britain, do you still have a little spirit of contract? You seriously violate international law.

German Chancellor Scholz criticized that the British move was very regrettable and violated all the agreements between the EU and the UK.

Sinn Fein party objected with “the strongest wording” and believed that Britain was too disreputable. The EU is very tough, stressing that it will not renegotiate and will take legal action against Britain.



The most interesting thing is that the British have their own reasons.

The reasons are set by set. For example, the UK has always wanted to negotiate a settlement, but the EU does not agree with you. It is estimated that the EU is out of sorts. This is an international agreement. I also issued a revision proposal in October last year, which you flatly rejected.

Britain also believes that I have not violated international law, but only minor changes. The EU does not need to make a mountain out of a molehill. It is estimated that the EU is foolish to tear up the agreement in this way. Is it not a violation of international law?

Considering that the Northern Ireland protocol is closely related to the 1998 Northern Ireland peace agreement, the United States is also a little anxious. After all, the United States is the guarantor of the Northern Ireland peace agreement.

Seeing that the U.S. government has expressed its position, urging Britain and the European Union to resolve the dispute, and stressing that the primary task of the United States is to protect the achievements of the Northern Ireland peace agreement and maintain the peace, stability and prosperity of the people of Northern Ireland.

Because tearing up the Northern Ireland protocol, to some extent, is tearing up the Northern Ireland peace agreement.

Don’t make war again, Britain!

Finally, what do you think?

Let’s go for three.

First, Britain has never learned the essence of “one country, two systems”.

To tell the truth, “one country, two systems” is not that easy to learn. The British system is not really “one country, two systems”, let alone learn the essence.

In other words, Britain is a dog like a tiger. It signed an agreement with the EU in black and white, but it was less than two years ago. It immediately regretted it and tore up the agreement.

Northern Ireland was surprised to see that the United States is big and the European Union is hot: Britain, what about your spirit of contract? Is that how you abide by international law?

Second, the world has seen the way the British eat. It’s really ugly.

Say one thing, do another, and criticize other countries. Britain is right. Well, as long as the skin is thick enough, others are embarrassed.

What about international credibility?

Seeing a commentary in the times, he warned that the British government’s doing so “may damage Britain’s international reputation and bring new uncertainties to enterprises at the time of unprecedented economic challenges. The best result is that the government’s doing so has laid the groundwork for years of fierce legal disputes; the worst result is that they risk a devastating trade war.”

Will the EU give up? To tell the truth, I am tired of the ups and downs in Britain.

The consequences are serious, and worse still lies ahead, waiting for Britain.


Third, the most troubling thing is Britain. Let’s continue to do so.

Among the world’s great powers, the most troubling feeling is Britain. In the past few years, apart from brexit, Britain seems to have done nothing important. In order to leave Europe, three prime ministers have been replaced. Now, a new round of tossing and turning has begun.

However, this time it involves Northern Ireland, national sentiment and the cycle of violence, which still makes people feel cold sweat.

When I saw an Englishman, I sighed:

The British government has really stirred up a hornet’s nest this time because of the act of tearing up the agreement

1. Violation of international law;

2. Violating the Northern Ireland peace agreement;

3. It may have ended the peace there;

4. Start a trade war with the EU,

All this is because of brexit. So far, no one should really benefit from brexit.

But Britain likes this, so let’s continue to toss.

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