British madness!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been reprinted with authorization

Yesterday I wrote about macron’s throwing the pot, but in fact, macron is not the only politician in Europe at present. Moreover, in theory, macron, as the leader of the most important country in the European Union, can’t get rid of this pot, just like Scholz in Germany. At least they have to assume a leadership responsibility. The fact that Russia Europe relations have become as they are now cannot be separated from the fact that Europe follows closely the US policy towards Russia. Without its own security system and diplomatic principles, the United States is the leader in everything. Although it is a chronic disease of the whole Europe, macron and Scholz cannot try to struggle like Merkel. They are truly lying flat in the handling of relations with the United States. Even if the United States brazenly sanctioned German enterprises, even if the United States recklessly robbed France of its arms bill.

They can’t get rid of the pot on their heads, but some people can. For example, the British Chancellor of the exchequer and the Minister of health. Yesterday, the British health secretary said Javed announced his resignation. Javed not only dropped the blame, but also stabbed Prime Minister Johnson in his resignation letter. He said, “it’s a great honor to play this role, but I’m sorry I can’t continue to work with conscience.” The implication is that if you do this job again, you will be unconscionable. So, all of you who are still in the Johnson administration, do you want to touch your conscience?

As soon as he said this, someone immediately began to touch his’ conscience ‘and found that it was indeed unconscionable to work in this government again. So he immediately submitted his resignation. This is the British Chancellor of the exchequer, Richie sunak. Within one day, the main leaders of the two governments resigned, which is definitely not a good thing for the Johnson administration. But Johnson has basically fully trained himself in the invincible Kung Fu of the world, so he didn’t care. With little delay, he reappointed the new Chancellor of the exchequer and the new minister of health. Three legged toads are hard to find, and two legged people are everywhere. People who want to become senior executives of the British government are everywhere. No matter why these two resigned, it will not prevent the replacement from getting excited first.

This phenomenon reflects two aspects. One is that Britain is not so bad at present, so there are many dares to succeed. We still remember the cabinet crisis in Sri Lanka a few months ago. The position of prime minister was like a hot potato, and basically no one dared to take over. Because the economic crisis in Sri Lanka was very serious at that time, the person who took over could not do it without the support of a large country or a large international consortium, and was likely to become a scapegoat, so it was better not to do it. On the other hand, as I said before, the characteristics of the second generation of officials in Europe and the United States. They were born in peacetime and attached to the powerful power of the west to lead the world. They never felt that the West would really fall apart. Arrogance and prejudice are the biggest characteristics of this generation of European officials. I don’t know the truth of the alternation of the sun and the moon and the rotation of the old and the new. Therefore, many people believe that the crisis in the West will always pass, and the years when Europe and the United States do whatever they want in the world are not old. Therefore, these people do not have a sense of crisis about being an official in the cabinet, but just think that this is an opportunity, an opportunity to become a person, an opportunity to bring glory to the family.

But only those who really take the substantive leadership position understand the difficulties. For example, macron, although the president’s pleasure brought him great satisfaction, didn’t he also learn to throw the pot in advance? Another example is the two British cabinet ministers who resigned a few days ago.

We have noticed that these two cabinet ministers are in important positions. One is in charge of Britain’s epidemic prevention and health care [in the era of epidemic, the health minister will have no less opportunities to show his face than the prime minister], and the other is in charge of Britain’s financial affairs. The two ministers have a very obvious feature, that is, they are mainly in charge of Britain’s domestic affairs. One is in charge of money and the other is in charge of life. At present, the position of British Foreign Secretary in charge of foreign affairs is hot. Zahavi [previously the Minister of education], who has not announced his replacement of sunak as UK Treasury Secretary, haggled with Prime Minister Johnson yesterday, asking Johnson to give him the position of foreign secretary instead of Treasury Secretary [public information]. The position of another defense minister is as stable as a rock. No one resigned and no one coveted [this is the case publicly]

From this, we can draw a conclusion that the current domestic crisis in Britain is already heavy. The workers’ strike not long ago, the Scottish referendum that may be held next year, the contradictions caused by Northern Ireland and the European Union after brexit, and the epidemic of high fever. [not long ago, a British biology expert pointed out that a new epidemic virus will soon break out in the world, and the U.S. government also put forward this statement. Think about it, the British health secretary at this time is a little scratching his head] these need to be handled by domestic affairs processors. And it’s still hard and thankless to do. Because when things are done well, people say you are your own job, but if things are not done well, you are naturally a fool. Although judging from the current western political structure, if you can’t do well, you can just resign, but if it’s not because of your poor skills, but because of the prime minister and the government he leads, and the prime minister still has no hope of correction, those ministers dealing with domestic affairs are indeed frustrated.

Therefore, we further draw a conclusion that the main business of the British government is diplomacy rather than internal affairs, although the internal affairs have been in a mess, and may even face the risk of collapse. However, the Johnson administration is still committed to the diplomatic direction.

This is why the position of foreign secretary in Britain is so tight. People’s little beauty trass is working hard on it, but someone is going to rob it blatantly below. Moreover, in the face of such a serious cabinet crisis, Johnson did not seem to care. Just at the moment of the resignation of his two important cabinet ministers, he was still talking to Ukrainian President Zelensky, saying that he would increase military support for Ukraine to defeat Russia’s “aggression”.

This allows us to find the pivot of the problem. Defeating Russia is the only goal of the Johnson administration at present. On the issue of Ukraine, Britain has no direct conflict of interest, but the United States has huge interests in this matter. Other European countries in central and Eastern Europe hope to defeat Russia completely, or let NATO form a confrontation with the U.S. military and Russia. In this way, Eastern European countries will have less fear of Russia. Western European countries are completely kidnapped, and they are one of the biggest victims of this war. But why does Britain, like Eastern European countries, have to kill Russia? Can the current crisis in Britain be saved by killing Russia?

The answer is impossible. But Johnson may think so. Even if Russia is dismembered again, there is not enough nutrients for the Western powers to absorb. Unlike the collapse of the former Soviet Union, today’s Russia can retain its core interests even if it is defeated. Because at present, Russia is still the second largest nuclear power in the world. His core interest is that the United States dare not touch it. The biggest benefit of defeating Russia to the west is that it may allow the western system of world domination to continue for a period of time. However, this will be achieved only when China continues to swallow it. Once China is intensified into the second Russia, China’s combat effectiveness and confrontation ability are not comparable to Russia. Therefore, the result of Britain and the United States doing so is basically a self righteous hard attack. As a follower of the United States, Britain will not get any benefits. The current practice of the Johnson administration can only be understood as madness.

Of course, there is another reason why Johnson desperately hopes to kill Russia. That is the huge assets of Russians in Britain. Abramovich, as we know him, once spent a lot of money to buy Chelsea Football Club in England. This is just a drop in the bucket of Russian oligarchs’ assets in Britain. Not long ago, Canada announced that it would confiscate Russian assets in Canada. This makes the British envy very much. After all, the Russian assets in Canada are nothing compared with their assets in Britain. If these assets are eventually plundered by some British or American capital, it may be a matter of disrepute for Britain, but for those who obtain capital, it is a windfall. There may be Johnson’s honey, Taras’ lover and so on. Of course, there must be Biden’s son. Johnson and trass deserve to work hard for the United States just by this way of undermining public interests. Therefore, Johnson and trass are the most determined hardliners against Russia in the current British government. Trass did say that he would confiscate Russian property in Britain.

This is logical. As we said before, if the United States wants to control and influence a country’s government, it doesn’t need to buy it all, just pick up a few important bribes. If it wants to affect your country’s internal affairs, buy those domestic speakers. If it wants to use your diplomatic power, buy those foreign policy makers. Therefore, we can see why the position of foreign secretary is so popular in the current UK. Because this is a good position to participate in the distribution of stolen goods.

Whether the war can be won or not is still unknown, but this time the spoils can be shared, because the Russian assets are in Britain, and Johnson can plunder Russian assets as long as he pulls the iron curtain between Britain and Russia. Within the iron curtain, the Russians have nothing to do. So we can see that even though the oil and gas project of Sakhalin No. 2 in Russia is profitable and has stable income, British shell, which accounts for 27.49% of the shares, chose to exit. Because if they don’t quit, once the British begin to plunder Russian assets in the UK, the Russians can also tit for tat. However, if the British withdraw their assets in Russia in advance, no matter how sharp Russia’s teeth are, they can only chew stones.

From this, we can draw another conclusion that the possibility of compromise between the United States and Britain and Russia this time is very small. Britain, which is ready to plunder Russian assets, can only change the direction of British policy towards Russia unless there is a major internal change. But how likely is Britain, which has been bound by the United States, to change?

Another result that is not worth mentioning is that even if the British plunder Russian assets this time, they are not expected to get a share, because the two who resigned a few days ago were both strong supporters of Johnson. Part of the reason for their resignation is that they don’t have much to share, and it’s not worth their lifetime reputation or even their lifetime political life for this stolen money. The United States is the biggest distributor of the loot.

For this reason, the Johnson administration is quite sad.

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