Broker accuses chenzhipeng of defaulting on commission chenzhipeng assistant denies evidence

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As a member of the little tigers, chenzhipeng is obviously unable to keep up with the development of the other two members in the entertainment circle (Su Youpeng and wuqilong), but even so, chenzhipeng is still working hard in the entertainment circle. Even if he was ridiculed by the crowd for various strange costumes, he has not given up his acting career. The broker accused chenzhipeng of defaulting on the Commission. Chenzhipeng’s assistant also exposed the evidence and denied the broker’s complaint. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Broker accuses chenzhipeng of defaulting on commission

William, chenzhipeng’s agent, sent a document using the official account of chenzhipeng’s studio, saying that he had terminated the partnership with artist chenzhipeng. William wrote that he would step down as chenzhipeng’s agent from now on. He has been working with chenzhipeng since 2008. However, chenzhipeng had no choice but to leave because he was in arrears with his commission for a long time.

As soon as chenzhipeng’s agent came out to complain, many netizens began to follow suit and scold chenzhipeng angrily. Chenzhipeng’s assistant also sent a document in response to this, accusing William of not discrediting chenzhipeng. The assistant said that chenzhipeng had always paid William a commission. A screenshot was also posted. The latest payment made by chenzhipeng to William was in May this year. However, since December last year, William has not recommended any projects to chenzhipeng.

Assistant chenzhipeng denied the evidence

According to the documents sent by chenzhipeng’s agent and assistant, the high probability is that William feels that there is a big gap between the money chenzhipeng pays himself and the money he deserves. Chenzhipeng conveniently thinks that it’s OK to give William a fixed salary, but William thinks he should also get a certain percentage of commission in addition to the salary, that is, to introduce chenzhipeng to the work. In this matter, do you support chenzhipeng or his agent William?

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