Bulletproof Youth League will suspend group activities and their solo groups will not be dissolved

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The bulletproof Youth League should be the most popular men’s League in Korea at present. Whether in Korea or internationally, the bulletproof Youth League has many fans and is the representative of the Korean men’s League. Recently, however, it was reported that the bulletproof Youth League would suspend its group activities and its members would be solo, but the group would not be dissolved. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Bulletproof Youth League will suspend group activities

The bulletproof Youth League will be the men’s league that made its debut in 2013, with a total of 7 members, including Jin Nanjun, Jin shuozhen, min Minqi, Zheng Haoxi, park Zhimin, Jin Taiheng and Tian Minguo. This year, the regiment has been established for seven years, which is a barrier for many Korean men’s regiments. Many men’s regiments were dissolved after seven years. Recently, bighit entertainment, a company affiliated to the bulletproof Youth League, announced that members will pass “ peoof” Live broadcast with fans, and release the contents of the new album through the tubing.

In addition to the new songs released this time, “proof”, the album of the bulletproof Youth League, also includes some works that have not been published before. This album, judging from the current situation, should be the last group album of the bulletproof Youth League. Because bighit entertainment has announced that group activities will be suspended after the publicity of the last expert. The company said that the members have experienced a lot in recent years. In a short time, they will focus on their personal solo activities. After that, the members should release their own solo albums.

Bullet proof Youth League solo but not disbanded

However, the company once again stressed that the bulletproof youth regiment flies alone but does not disband. Although the company said so, everyone can see that it is difficult for the bulletproof Youth League to carry out collective activities in the future. The so-called solo flight without dissolution is just a decent separation chosen by everyone. In addition, some members have decided not to renew the contract with bighit entertainment. It should be nothing for Weifen to fly solo without disbanding, but it is really cruel for Tuanfen.

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