Burning lanterns is really & ldquo; The ancestor of Ten Thousand Buddhas & rdquo; Really? Why is there no one to worship the ancient Buddha with lanterns?

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Today, the editor of China story network brings you the story of the origin of the ancient Buddha who lit the lamp. I hope it can help you.

It’s actually interesting to talk about the ancient Buddha burning lanterns. After all, he is the most powerful in the Buddhist world. But I don’t know whether you have found it. That is, the ancient Buddha burning lanterns does not have its own Taoist temple, and no one comes to worship him. So some people want to ask why? Let’s analyze this issue together to see what the specific reason is. Interested netizens should not miss it!


The question why there is no one to supply the ancient lanterns Buddha can be easily solved. The person who raised this question should be very short of Buddhist knowledge. In fact, the ancient lanterns Buddha is worshipped. Generally, the third generation Buddha is worshipped in temples. From the right to the right, there are the ancient lanterns Buddha, Sakyamuni and Maitreya Buddha. In some small temples, there are few temples dedicated to the ancient Buddha of lanterns, and there is only one temple dedicated to the ancient Buddha of lanterns in China, namely the lanterns temple in Xixia temple mountain. Today, the incense in the lanterns temple is still relatively prosperous. The birds and flowers in the lanterns temple are fragrant, and the scene is a peaceful scene. It is said that the original intention of the burning lamp ancient Buddha is not to be supported. He has passed on the position of the Lord of Ten Thousand Buddhas to Sakyamuni and has passed away. He himself has transcended all things in the world and reached a realm of selflessness, immeasurability and invisibility.

Is the burning lamp ancient Buddha really the “ancestor of Ten Thousand Buddhas”? The first Buddha in ancient times?

A friend once asked qiyejun, “why is the burning lamp Buddha called the ‘ancestor of Ten Thousand Buddhas’? Did he not have a Buddha before?” This question is very interesting. It involves two aspects: first, is there an origin in the Buddhist world view? Who was the first Buddha? 2? What is the mode of inheritance of the Buddhas? That is to say, does the Buddha have to have a Grandmaster to “get the Buddha’s teaching records”? Let’s discuss it one by one.

I. is there an origin in the Buddhist world view?

We know that there is no “creation theory” in Buddhism, and Buddha is not the creator. In the great compassion Sutra Brahman’s works, the Buddha explicitly denied Brahman’s status as the creator. Since Buddha denied the creation of the world, how did the world come about? Does the world have an origin, or origin? Is there an end to time?

In the miscellaneous treasure Sutra, the Buddha said to the demon Bo Xun: Bo Xun became the great demon king because he had a meal to support the Pizhi Buddha in his previous life and built another temple. With this merit, he was reincarnated as the great demon king. What about the Buddha himself? Three monks only robbed the time. How long has it been? A disaster lasts for about 1.344 billion years. A monk is only 10 million million (don’t count it wrong, 8 million).

According to the Sutra of the great convenience Buddha, all Buddhas and three monks only rob and practice Bodhisattvas Not only does Sakyamuni Buddha have to practice for so long, but all Buddhas have to practice for so long.

Then, what about the Buddha who lit the lamp? According to the records of Prince Ruiying’s book of origin, Sakyamuni Buddha used five lotus stems to support the burning lamp Buddha, and was granted a record by the burning lamp Buddha. After the ninety-one disaster, this virtuous person became a Buddha for Sakyamuni. That is to say, the age of the burning lamp Buddha was 91 years ago.

There are endless years before the burning Buddha. Is there no Buddha? If there is a Buddha, who is the true “ancestor of Ten Thousand Buddhas”? According to the Thousand Buddhas, a Thousand Buddhas will be born in every disaster. If there is no end to time, there will be boundless Thousand Buddhas. How can there be the “ancestor of Ten Thousand Buddhas”, that is, the first Buddha?

2. What is the mode of inheritance of the Buddhas?

Why does the Buddha recognize such a “ancestor” when he abandons the five human relations? In other words, does the Buddha have to have a master, who has to be “taught by the former Buddha”?

As we know, Sakyamuni was taught by the burning lamp Buddha and became a Buddha in this world. After that, Maitreya Bodhisattva was given a record by Buddha and will become the next Buddha in this Saha world. In addition, the Thousand Buddhas who have been robbed and even any Bodhisattva who has become a Buddha have corresponding Buddhist teachings.

Then, who taught the ancient Buddha of burning lanterns? According to the book of wisdom and ignorance, before the 91 ~ (st) century, when the Buddha lit the lamp, he was a monk named “alimiro”. He lit the lamp every day to support the Buddha. Therefore, he was awarded the title of “being able to be a Buddha of light” as “the Tathagata of light”. When he was born, everything around him was as bright as a lamp, so he was called “burning Buddha”. In other words, there was a Buddha before the burning lamp Buddha. He was not the first Buddha in ancient times.

So how did the name of “the ancestor of Ten Thousand Buddhas” come from? It is said in the theory of the great vipassa that “the Buddha only robbed 77000 Buddhas in the third monk, and the first of them was the burning Buddha.” It is clearly recorded that the burning lamp Buddha is not the “ancestor of Ten Thousand Buddhas”, but only the leader of the 77000 Buddhas who was robbed by the third monk who Sakya Buddha had seen. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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