Cai Tianfeng’s dismemberment case! Is “abolishing death” promoting civilization or trampling on it?

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The case of Cai Tianfeng’s dismemberment may be the most brutal and terrifying case you have seen online.

She hated her ex-husband’s cruel behavior even more.


This family is not human. They should repeatedly experience Cai Tianfeng’s tragic experience in the 18th floor of hell.

The whole story of this case will not be repeated in this article. I believe you also have a better understanding.

Some netizens said that Cai Tianfeng’s “love brain” (being kind to her ex-husband and offering help) was the hidden danger of her death.

Cai Tianfeng, 28 years old, has remarried and had children (marriage is not registered). She did not help her ex-husband because of the so-called “love brain”. The real reason is her biggest weakness: children.

The two children born to her ex-husband are the biggest factor that the ex-husband family can “catch” her. She wants to help her ex-husband family, so that the children can still feel that they live in a complete family.

This is the greatest weakness of most women in the world, but it is also the greatest advantage of women.

Unfortunately, Cai Tianfeng met a family of demons.

The most gripping thing about this appalling tragedy is that “there is no death penalty in Hong Kong”.

These demons who killed Cai Tianfeng extremely brutally will only be sentenced to life imprisonment. If they are lucky, they can return to society early.

Before 1997, the British people had been touting Hong Kong as a “society ruled by law”. We can often hear this line in Hong Kong movies.

“Abolition of the death penalty” means that Hong Kong has been in line with the western “civilization”, while those places that have not abolished the death penalty need to gradually promote the law of abolishing the death penalty to “promote civilization”.

Looking back today, is “abolishing death” really promoting civilization?

Hong Kong, a tiny place, is likely to rank among the top in the world with a high proportion of such malignant cases as dismemberment and cooking.


There is a kind of film in Hong Kong called “strange case film”. Far from it, since the 1990s, there have been Doctor Lamb, Cha siu bao from the Immortal Hotel, Cook, Mysterious Case of Dissolving Corpses, Butcher of Joy Fair, Lust Devil in Tuen Mun, Skin Diary, Human Head Tofu Soup, Boneless Corpset Cooking, Blooding for Plum

These films are all based on real local cases in Hong Kong. They are picked up and reprocessed into scripts. It can be seen that such cases occur frequently in Hong Kong.

In real life, none of the principal offenders in these cases has been sentenced to death.

Is “abolishing death” really promoting civilization? From the actual effect, isn’t it encouraging the devil?

When the law loses its basic function of punishing evil and promoting good, it is trampling on civilization.

Why did Cai Tianfeng’s ex-husband put such a cruel hand on her? Because her former father-in-law, who had been a police chief, wanted to make the police unable to extract her DNA by dismembering and cooking the body.

The former father-in-law knows Hong Kong law too well. If its plan succeeds, the family may not even be convicted of murder.

However, the sensitivity of the West Kowloon Heavy Case Team led to the failure of the family’s “human evaporation” plan.

At the beginning, the Hong Kong police focused their investigation on murder rather than on the search procedure for missing persons. Otherwise, the police scum Kuang Qiu (resigned due to rape) will have time to succeed.

I don’t know if he was inspired by the HelloKitty autopsy in 1999.


The two films, “Human Head Tofu Soup” and “Cooking the Dead”, are based on the case of Hello Kitty hiding the dead.

Let’s talk about this case.

In 1997, Fan Minyi, a 21-year-old waitress at a nightclub in Hong Kong, borrowed thousands of yuan (usury) from Chen Wenle, the nightclub’s account keeper.

In 1998, she had already paid off the thousands of dollars, but after profiteering, the debt became nearly 100000 Hong Kong dollars.

Then Chen Wenle forced her to prostitution to pay off her debts. Chen Wenle is a small leader of the underworld. He followed her all day with two subordinates (Liang Shengzu in his 20s and Liang Weilun in his 19s), and then stole her flesh money.

Before the Spring Festival in 1999, this debt had made Fan Minyi despair. She began to refuse to answer the phone and changed the rental house.

On March 17, 199, Chen Wenle found her residence and took her to a room at 31 Galenway Road, Tsim Sha Tsui in the name of negotiation.

At the age of 19, Liang Weilun kicked her more than 50 feet until she was unconscious.

Every day, Fan Minyi will be subjected to inhuman abuse such as oil splashing on her face, steel pipe tapping, rape and gang rape.

Within a week, Fan Minyi had been disfigured, with blisters and scabs on her face and body, and her whole body was swollen.

Liang Weilun also called his “girlfriend” – A Fang (not her real name), a 15-year-old girl, and asked her to pull her stool in the shoe box and force Fan Minyi to eat it. When the three were tired, they asked Ah Fang to fight with the steel pipe.

In the later court statements, some of the atrocities mentioned by the three people could hardly be restated.

In the middle of April, Fan Minyi died in the room.

In order to avoid the exposure of the crime, the three people dismembered Fan Minyi and cooked her body. In addition to one head, the rest of her body was cooked and thrown into the garbage collection station.

Chen Wenle stuffed the boiled head into a Hello Kitty doll. At that time, two of his subordinates and A Fang were on the side. He also smiled and said to the head, “Honey, don’t move, I will help you dress up”.

Over the next month, Fang often dreamed of a headless woman asking for her head.

On May 24, 1999, Afraid of death, A Fang told the community (Kowloon Circus Girls’ Hospital) about the matter. On the 26th, the police found Hello Kitty at the murder place, which shocked the whole Hong Kong.

Chen Wenle and his wife were arrested at home. Liang Shengzu surrendered himself. Liang Weilun fled to Guangxi and hid until February 14, 2000. He was captured by Guangxi police and sent back to Hong Kong.

Why write this case? Look at the next court trial.

At the hearing on October 9, 2000, the three defendants playfully stated all the details of their abuse of the victims. This is what lawyers guide them to leave an impression of mental abnormality on the jury.

Although they admitted to killing Fan Minyi, in Hong Kong law, this does not mean that the skull is Fan Minyi. Since the only skin and flesh on the skull cannot collect DNA after cooking the corpse, the judge believed that the corpse does not exist.

The jury finally ruled by 6-1 that the three people were not convicted of murder.

However, due to the testimony of the tainted witness A Fang and the crime of disposing of the body admitted by the three people, the court ruled that the three people were convicted of manslaughter, and the judge Ruan Yundao sentenced the three people to life imprisonment.

At that time, Hong Kong society did not understand the court’s judgment, and even murder was not counted.

In 2014, Liang Shengzu appealed, and the court held that he had regret and agreed to return to society (parole).

Such a brutal thug can return to society just because he shows his regret. Then, of course, the other two are also appealing.

The case of HelloKitty hiding the body has no direct connection with Cai Tianfeng, but for the killer Kuang Qiu’s family, they can completely copy the crime of “no body”.

It is easy for them to spend a lot of money to find a “good” lawyer. If the serious case team did not find the village house in time and found the victim’s limbs, the Kuang Qiu family’s murder charge could also be dismissed.

However, even if the police found the evidence, the legal attack has just begun.

Death penalty is impossible. Next, the devil’s family will show regret and strive for a lighter sentence.

In the mainland, there are also some so-called “legal elites”, “media elites”, and experts and scholars advocating “abolishing death”. The reason is also to conform to the West and promote civilization.

But these cases in Hong Kong tell us that if we want to promote civilization by “abolishing death”, the result can only be the opposite. Frankly speaking, “abolishing death” is just the pursuit of values of some “JY” people, because they have converted to the West in spirit.

But does the West really speak of human rights? At the same time, legislation abolishes death, while bombing other countries. What outfit?

Is it too much for those abolitionists to “build a healthy and orderly, just society that punishes evil and promotes good”?

No one can forgive Cai Tianfeng’s ex-husband’s family, and the legislators in Hong Kong should reflect.

If compassion is applied to the perpetrators, it is anti-human and anti-civilized behavior.

When some people want to attack the law, we must be vigilant.

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