Caishaofen’s family returned to Hong Kong and were scolded not to come back to the mainland

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After their marriage, caishaofen and Zhang Jin did not follow Zhang Jin to live in the mainland. Instead, they took their children to live in Hong Kong, and Zhang Jin also ran back and forth between the mainland and Hong Kong. But a few years ago, caishaofen’s family moved to Shanghai to live. Unexpectedly, caishaofen’s family returned to Hong Kong after the end of the epidemic in Shanghai. The caishaofen family’s behavior was also roast by mainland netizens, who shouted that they would not return to the mainland after they left. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Caishaofen’s family returned to Hong Kong

When caishaofen was a guest of variety shows before, she also praised her life in Shanghai for being particularly good, and felt that Shanghai was particularly developed. Everyone thought that caishaofen liked Shanghai very much, but unexpectedly, the epidemic ended. Caishaofen Zhang jinlice returned to Hong Kong with her family. Netizens roast told the public that CAI Shaofen was real. They came to Shanghai to make money. After making enough money, they did not want to be controlled and moved back to Hong Kong.

Xiaobian thinks that these people who scold caishaofen and Zhang Jin are really too much. After the epidemic in Shanghai ended, many people chose to leave Hong Kong to live. No one can stand being sealed up at home for two months, especially if there are three children at home. Many people in the mainland also chose to return to their hometown after the Shanghai epidemic ended. Caishaofen’s hometown is in Hong Kong. It is normal for her to return to Hong Kong.

Caishaofen was scolded not to come back to the mainland

Caishaofen should not be scolded by netizens when she leaves Shanghai because her hometown is not other cities in the mainland. This is very unfair. Moreover, netizens are not qualified to shout that caishaofen should not return to the mainland again. Caishaofen, as a Hong Kong person, is also a Chinese. Why can’t Chinese people return to the mainland? Moreover, caishaofen’s husband Zhang Jin is from the mainland. Zhang Jin is a native of Chongqing. His family also live in Chongqing. So I hope those black fans don’t take the opportunity to slander caishaofen and Zhang Jin.

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